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How to Be a Rogue

How to Be a Rogue



Hello Everyone,
It's been a bit - but after watching some of Nikola's movies I wanted to make one of my own!

Here are some specs on what you'll be seein' this evening:
Run Time: approximately 10 minutes.
Music: the movie contains HD exportable music. (more info at bottom)
Voice Acting: this cinematic has nice quality voice acting.
Fun Guarantee: you should be pleased with your 10 minutes ;)

Basic Plot: In essence you have been inducted into "The Roguish Brotherhood" and it's your first day of training, you'll spend it watching a professional rogue show you how it's done as he weaves through a lavishing city using tricks, combat expertise and stealth to complete his contract. Keep a close eye on him! One day it'll be your turn.

Bonus: There is an extra scene after the credits.


R.A.N.G.I.T - Creator of Halduron Brightwing (model of main character)
Mr Bob. - Creator of the amazing building pack
Hive Conglomerate - Ultimate Terrain Map
You guys - Improving my map with suggestions like: "add a skybox" and other things to come.

Much of the music used in this cinematic is from a video game artist: Jesper Kyd. You can find this music on his website: www.Jesperkyd.com and listen to it for free! Go explore some of the beautiful compositions in his portfolio!

Also, I claim this map as a fully open resource. You may re-use any part of it for anything you like!

rogue, dark, quest, test, assassin, brotherhood, stealth, night, city, forest, romance, school, training, how to, mission, contract, goal, noob, arche

How to Be a Rogue (Map)

StoPCampinGn00b 23:48, 9th Feb 2015 Map Moderated - How to Be a Rogue Review Post(s) - Shadow Fury's Review, Chaosy's Review, Heinver's Review-ish[tr] Verdict - Approved, Not Rated
Level 21
Jul 6, 2014
You need to improve your description.Add some screenshots,map info,features etc
Using different colors and sizes will also make it look better but is optional


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
I will certainly watch it. Will review it too.

edit: this was better than expected.

Map Name: How to Be a Rogue
Version: 1.0
Author: Veronnis

Terrtain wasn't too amazing, but it was certainly good enough for me to enjoy it. In general I think there was a lack of decorations.

cinematic = no gameplay

Meh. The story is ok but since the cinematic is well.. not exactly story focused, that's fine.

Very unique map.I didn't really find anything that I felt 'Oh, not this again"

This was a really good cinematic, this is worth the time for anyone to watch. Some of the effects are pretty well made, for example the dancers and the jump tricks. However something that isn't well done, is the camera work, the camera pass through multiple items during the cinematic which is kind of bad. The voice acting was pretty good too, even though you could've changed the pitch when acting as a female.
Also, while I understood 90%+ of what was said, I still think adding text would be useful incase you didn't hear correctly or whatever. And the plot was not too interesting, but never the less, entertaining. Needless to say I vote for approval.

-Improve the camera so it doesn't go through items.

Reviewed by[r]
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Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
The map may be as good as Chaosy says; however, as Archimonde Supreme stated, the map's description is lacking. Well, it's only slightly lacking. It isn't necessary to have a description with a lot of information and multimedia for cinematic maps, but it's still a little short, bland, and unorganized.

I'll keep it pending for a day or two. If it isn't fixed I'll set it to await update / needs fix.
Please avoid using Blizz cliffs in cinematics, it's unnatural looking and it's appalling to the eyes (no offense).
I would've understood if it was for playable.

Nobody does that for cinematics these days.

I'd advice you to dramatically improve your terrain for this.
Remember that by improving that you can get an extra point in reviews and rates.


Okay so here we go, first of all the music was a tad too high for me to the point where you couldn't make up what the characters were saying (don't get me wrong it was nice).
Second the terrain needs serious brush, rocks and shrubs work (shrubs make everything better if handled carefully).

I liked the whole ninja-like moves of that rogue but it could've been more tedious and looked out for, it felt a bit forced tbh.
The camera swings need more work, you've forced it a bit too much and looked robotics in some places (look for the digging of the camera near the roads, it punched right through the ground in places....careful with that), fog man, FOG, the place looked naked without it (either apply a dark blue or near black one to fit the night themed environments out there).

The voice over was rather fine but a bit high pitched I must say (good work though).
Overall I found the cinematic to be rather funny (was it meant to be like that?) and fast paced in places.


Happy map making.
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Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
A great and original cinematic at last yet I found some issues:

- Remember that not all people on the hive are native speakers of English (like me after all) so not everyone is able to understand just by listening. I, by myself, could understand most of the dialogues (with some difficulty though) but I guess that many other people might not even understand a lot. You should really let the characters speak via cinematic transmission or any other creative way to display the dialogue
- Camera usage was fantastic but it was really laggy and annoying sometimes. Bear in mind that when you use the camera to target a very large area, the chance of lagging increases tremendously and that ruins the cinematic (I would like to remind people that my pc is NOT a wooden one so that you can say it's my pc's problem)
- No sky when the rogue entered the city? Why that? It could've been midnight (or I guess it was midnight) so the sky had to be almost completely black but a sky will always create a marvellous effect in any cinematic. Then, that black fog you put wasn't really attractive. Kinda gloomy and faint... A dark blue fog (as Heinvers suggested) plus a sky like Fogged Sky will really make the atmosphere look awesome
- Terrain was also pleasant to see but the tiles' usage could've been better in some places, especially when you used round tiles in an excessive way for the paths and grass for the gardens. Talking about the gardens, there weren't flowers, shurbs or bushes which are the main things to put in green areas. Then, the internal areas were not done really well. For me, the tiles you used were not the best ones you could've opted for. The walls and the tiles seem to come from different worlds. A lighter wooden tile would fit better (just try it and see the difference)

But don't feel down! There are some things I really appreciated like the story, the overall execution of the cinematic and especially the fight scenes, very very unique.

So, time to end my review. The cinematic is well done and deserves 3.5/5 plus my vote for APPROVAL!
Thanks Shadowfury, I'll definitely look at sky options again. My original reason for not including one is that on the larger camera pans the sky would start cutting off the world whereas a black sky with black fog just "fades out" the world. But maybe there is a way I can make it work.

Large Scale Camera Shots: Yeah, that's actually the reason why I didn't go back and beef up the plant life after I'd finished, is because on my computer the number of objects already gets it close to lagging and I didn't want it to ruin a trigger timing operation. Maybe I'll see if I can throw in some simple billboard brushes.
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Code Reviewer
Level 29
May 9, 2006
This was a cute (albeit cheesy) story that's worth watching for any cinematic fans. I didn't love it but it's certainly well made.

Some personal opinions:

* The lyrics and vocals during the singing segment were quite weak, and the humor a bit adolescent.
* There was an unfortunate lack of consideration for how the narrative follows two characters (a teacher and a student) in most scenes. There's an uncomfortable disjunction regarding which camera angles belong to the student and which ones omniscient.
* Clipping the camera, be it far-z or near-z, never looks good.
* I found everything regarding the bartender over-the-top cheesy.
* Not having subtitles led to many cases where the music overpowered the narrative.

However, despite these minor issues, your individual scenes are unarguably creative and the result is leaps and bounds better than the average.

I look forward to your next cinematic, and hope to see you improve!
Level 9
Jul 16, 2012
Will review later,have to wait 2 god damn hours . . .
EDIT:I watched the cinemaic and yeah ill be alittle harsh for some thing but all to all the cinematic is worth watching

Ill start off With The Things I liked:
1.I liked the somewhat combat you done there,all the jumping and all.
2.Some areas were a "nice" build,or should i say enviremental build,note these areas are so feww.
3.Its nice to that there was voice acting done in it sertenly add + to cinematics
4.I saw that you tryed to add some humor in the cinematic aswell as flirt with the rogue chick,but seriuslly I stole that horse?lol
And Now,bad things
1.WHERES THE DAMN SKYBOX?!i mean really what kind of a cinematic doesn't have a skybox?its like the cinematic goes on and i see no skybox,you know you got a moon with stars skybox here on hive model.
2.I really apprichiate voice acting in a cinematic,but you cant always understand what is a person saying..so is there any good reason for you not adding text to the speech?
3.Camera goes throuth objects,but the hit was when the rogue was leaving his horse to the guard saying thanks,camera goes under the groundd..
4.Small tile variation used,like in the palace at the sunwell you can add more city tiles to make it atleast more "pretty" also at the road theres no road tile instead you used rock tile,not apprichiate it,but its your taste not arguing about it.
5.Throuth the cinematic was fun enough to make it approved there is just too "few" doodats in multiple areas,like the last scene at the camp its a forest but if there was a skybox im quite sure i would be able to seen WE bounds,or at the road theres no doodats,enviromental,structuric or propic,work on decorations.
6.At the very start of the cinematic the "game" goes on this could be fixed you used
  • Time - Elapsed game time is 0.01 seconds
but you should use
  • Map initialization
and you have no problems.
7.And as for the Cliffs,never use Cliffs they are discusting,always go with raise,lower,platau,smooth,noise they are the masters of terrain build
All to all ill have to give it 2.5 you need more work on optimizing the camera so it wont go thouth objects,tile variationing,enviromantal build,skybox,speech text

Note that im not hating im just pointing in where your mistakes are.
I myself am a cinematic maker the crap i was making a year ago is a long pass,i learned allot making a cinematic. :)
and yeah btw you deserve a cookie.

nope your not rude,i apologize for your eyes btw.
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Level 9
Jul 16, 2012
It really does make it look a lot better.

It does,doesn't it?
Try Adding more Doodats in your map,check every scene and add more.
The Cinematic does have allot of potential you just have to work on it more :)
And for god sake please add transmissions,and yeah Make a credit list(even thouth there are in game)its really important(rules huh)that credits list is added in The Map and On Hive
Level 8
Mar 17, 2009

How to be a Rogue

This cinematic was (+)quite interesting, the (+)description of the map compelled me to download and view it. Unfortunately its hype did (-)not stand to my expectations of the map. The reason is basically its (-)lack of interactive dialogue and (-)absence of subtitles. Coupled with some (-)rough camera work that really needs a lot of polishing and the (-)(-)lack of a sky. On the bright side, the map has some very (+)solid ideas and concepts, such as the frequent breaking of the 4th wall. It's (+)animations, although not extreme, still amazed me and the freaky bar chick added some (+)good comic elements.
Concluding, the cinematic is very amusing and fun to watch (except for non English speakers who would like to at least read the English). I do in fact recommend watching it.
Last edited:
Level 17
Dec 11, 2014
Bad points: Not Having subtitles is a major problem. The Camera also needs some work. The sky was a little wierd. What's the story? Like, Which is Which? The Tavern Girl also Needed a Better model. A Warden?

Good points: The Voice acting is good by itself. I liked the first scene: that they hit you by a Piece of wood. The terrain wasn't amazing, but Good. (Altough the Sunwell-thing needed Work) the Tavern was amazing. The Terrain, People dancing and people Sitting. the Music was nice too. The Main Character had a Fitting model.

Suggestions: Work on your Cameras. Have some Subtitles. Improve the skies. Give the Tavern girl a Better Model.

Overall, The Cinematic deserves a 3/5.

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