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   Last Stand is a passion side-project that I started for myself and a few close friends over a decade ago. It was a map that we had fun playing together and one that I loved to tinker with in my free time. We kept coming back to it over and over again throughout the years and finally, once Reforged was announced, I decided it was time to put some real effort into it. It is currently still in alpha and has a long roadmap ahead of it! A lot of which is driven by feedback from the community.

While I am currently the only developer on the project, Last Stand wouldn't be anything close to what it is now if it weren't for the very patient quality assurance team supporting it from the get-go. Whyexes, Comus, DavidIsCool, and Bisongun have all contributed massively to the project by playtesting what was a buggy mess of a game for over hundreds of hours. Thank you, guys!

Like with many of the beloved maps that I grew up on; my goal for Last Stand is to create an experience that players like myself and my friends will delight in and be excited to come back to over and over again for years to come. Its success is only made possible by the passionate members of the Last Stand community and, although it is still young, it is growing larger each day. Come join us and help Last Stand reach its full potential!

Finally, it's a great honor to be an officially hosted project on Hive! The Hive community has provided invaluable resources in the development of this project and I'm very proud for Last Stand to be an official part of the site. My hope is that through this project I can give back what little I can to this great community. Thank you, everyone!



Built for both Classic and Reforged, the Last Stand is a multiplayer post-apocalyptic zombie survival game where players build and defend a camp in a large open world.


  Build your camp during the day but make sure you get your defenses up before nightfall! The undead spawn around your camp in vast numbers at night and each night introduces a new Elite undead type to contend with.


  Build solo or with your friends - with no pre-defined building locations you can set up your camp anywhere! Not sure where to build? Use the "-bases" chat command to show recommend spots identified as Green, Yellow and Red spots on the minimap. Green spots are easy to defend solo with only 1 entrance, Yellow spots are hard to defend solo with 2-3 entrances. Red spots are very hard with 4+ entrances to defend and will require working with a friend. With the Builder job a Survivor can cut down trees to expand your camp. Get creative with your bases!


  Assign survivors jobs to give them new skills and abilities. Give a Survivor the Builders Tools to assign them the Builder job unlocking more advanced buildings in the tech tree. Or, give a Survivor the Rusty Sword item to assign them the Militia job to give them an attack to help defend your camp. There are additional jobs: Spearmen, Marksmen, Medics and even more jobs being added in the future.


  Send your hero out to explore the map while your soldiers defend the camp. Loot abandoned buildings, mines, piles of junk, etc to find more resources, exciting items, more Survivors or, if you're unlucky, the undead! Bring items back to your camp to beef up your soldiers.



Watch a playthrough by xWizard to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.




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Jul 17, 2019
Something I regret leaving out of my author notes: this project is being developed in the Wurst language which was written by @Frotty. It's an impressive object oriented language that does a lot of things really well and @Frotty is very quick to respond to comments on github. It's been a great experience so far and I'm glad to recommend it to anyone. Thanks for all of your hard work, @Frotty!
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