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HD Modeling Contest #3 - Poll

Which contestant's entry should win the contest?

  • Vendro the Wind Mage

    Votes: 10 9.6%
  • vindorei

    Votes: 32 30.8%
  • liptonite

    Votes: 11 10.6%
  • Fugrim

    Votes: 13 12.5%
  • Symphoneum

    Votes: 9 8.7%
  • Raddazong

    Votes: 8 7.7%
  • Mr Ogre man

    Votes: 33 31.7%
  • Bagysta

    Votes: 19 18.3%
  • Barorque

    Votes: 42 40.4%
  • ChangAn

    Votes: 8 7.7%
  • Superfrycook

    Votes: 7 6.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Jan 1, 2006



Contestants were to create a HD model that is related to an Undead theme; that is, not necessarily the Undead race from Warcraft, but any Undead entity e.g. humanoid, creature, entity, a combination of mech and dead flesh etc. The key element is that your entry pertain to the Undead theme i.e. reanimation, either by the powers of light, darkness or science.


  • Trying to manipulate the poll in any form is not allowed.
    If you're aware of ip-sharing with any voter, for any reason, you should contact the staff.
  • Harassment towards others to influence the result will lead to punishment.
    A neutral recommendation to take part at the poll isn't problematic, though.
  • Voting for yourself is not allowed, and will lead to a malus by 5%.
  • Participating in the poll does not explicitly safe one from being disqualified.
  • Judges are not allowed to vote.
You are very welcome to make a short statement what you like the most, so contestants get a bit of public feedback!


  • 1st place: 750 experience points
  • 2nd place: 600 experience points
  • 3rd place: 450 experience points
  • Entry: 150 experience points
  • Judge: 25 experience points per entry
The three winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.




Vendro the Wind Mage






Mr Ogre man






MeshHow does the mesh look? How are the balance and scale? How coherent is polygon distribution? Do the shapes complement the model's theme?/15
SkinDoes the model have custom diffuses, ORMs and/or Normals? How good is the wrap? Are the textures appealing, or do they look blurry/stretched from the default game camera and portrait? Do the tones go well together? Is there sufficient contrast? Do the Normals and ORMs create proper lighting for the model?/15
AnimationsDoes the model have custom animations? How natural, smooth, and appropriate are the animations? Do they have character/personality? How well are they executed? Does the model have enough animations to function properly?/15
How well does the model work in-game? Does it feature the necessary attachments, footprints, sounds, and collisions? Does it have a working FaceFX? Is it optimised for minimal disk usage? Does it have enough Team Colour?/15
ThemeHow well does the model follow the contest theme?/15
EffectsDoes the model make use of emmissives, effects, ribbons, or additional custom models (i.e. projectiles/spells)? How well are they implemented? Does the model make use of fresnel, visibility or other .mdl edits?/5
CreativityHow original is the general idea? How inventive is the execution? How distinct is the model from the original assets?/20

  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
FinalScore = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)


The poll shall conclude on 25 Sep, 2022 GMT (day is included).

Assigned Staff: @Archian

Contest Thread | Results
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Oct 25, 2006
Honestly, the quality standards for this contest are through the roof.

Choosing 3 models was heartbreaking as I feel like each of them has a fine visual design and implementation (and lots of different maps can benefit from them).

Thanks a lot gentlemen (and ladies maybe?) for these wonderful additions to the Reforged custom model roster, it definitely helps keeping Warcraft 3 and the Reforged map making motivation alive.

Love you all <3
The most well-executed technically model of the bunch is the Tauren Death Knight.
But I vote for The Green Knight because it is most loyal to the undead theme, while standing out as having a style most divergent from the WC3:R style shared by the rest, but doesn't deviate significantly from WC3:R art style, so it still fits in a map well.
Level 49
Apr 18, 2008
This is the hardest vote I've ever made in a contest on the Hive in my 14 years here. All of these entries are balls-to-the-wall FANTASTIC, and choosing just 3 should be considered a crime. Seriously, everyone did a fantastic job here and I do NOT envy the judges. Huge apropos to all contestants!
I ended up going with Barorque's Dreadbull, liptonite's Countessa Bloodletter and Symphoneum's Green Knight. I wish you all luck and I thank you for your contributions to the community, keeping Warcraft 3 alive. :thumbs_up:


HD Model Reviewer
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Jun 22, 2013
The poll is now closed. Thanks everyone for participating.

The results will be posted once the judges are done voting.

@Ardenaso @VictorZ
I was off for two days and when I came back a super typhoon came in and no electricity for like the rest of the day

I'm just starting again for the last 3 I told you 😭😭😭
Level 7
Sep 3, 2020
Those models are insane. Congratulations to all the contestants who did an amazing job, giving us their time and showing us their talent ! Well played ! :)
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