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Bloodtide Regiment Pack

"Dread the Sea. Fear the Coast. For the Blood Cursed and the Undying rule these waves.
The living does not belong in the shores nor in these waters, but who shalt ever dare will reap the cold grasp of death
Or the eternal suffering of Undeath. Darkness and Woe is upon these blood soaked shores."

...But these sands, gulfs, islands and coves may contain the treasures hoarded by these Eternal Tormentors.

Contains: Countessa Bloodletter
One of the First Coven
High Count of the Brethren Court


Cove Ghouls

Vile Deckhands

Embedded Portraits

Contest Entry

I'm still currently sick may or may not update in the near time.

Bloodtide Regiment Pack (Model)

Cove Ghoul (Model)

Vile Deckhand (Model)

In accordance with the reviews, I'll have this APPROVED.
Level 17
Oct 25, 2006
Really impressive work.

Gives me Caribbean Pirate "Flying Dutchman" vibes.

Useful addition to the Undead roster as it really stands out from the regular "ground scourge" theme.
Level 6
Mar 11, 2018
Hey i just noticed what is that shy knight in the background looking out over the bridge?