Naga Pack

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I have no idea why i wanted to post this, but here we are.

NOTE 1: These models i think aren't that great, could be improved. Just wanted to post them here to see what people think honestly.

NOTE 2: I have a feeling i could've done better, so i'll take any Suggestions/Ideas, or even those pesky bugs in these models.

CREDITS: Credits to both Thuj for the Swamplord Naga Pack Textures and Mr Ogre Man for the Re-Classic Naga Weapon Textures.

WARNING: Clasher's Animation for the Stand Swim 1 actually has a bug with the shoulders disappearing then appearing, i don't know whats causing this issue but i'll try to figure it out at some point.


Clasher (Model)

Clasher_Portrait (Model)

MurgulBrute (Model)

MurgulBrute_Portrait (Model)

PriestessoftheTides (Model)

PriestessoftheTides_Portrait (Model)

TideCrusher (Model)

TideCrusher_Portrait (Model)