Fortress Siege - 1.78b

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Fortress Siege current version 1.78b

Defence of the fortress from orc invasion.

-Now with 12 Heroes and one secret hero
-3 optional quests

Version 1.44
-Heroes have now fixed abilities
-Fixed issues at the inner gate
-Fixed issues with dragon stupidity
-Balanced units
-added new unit models

Version 1.45
-Colored Text
-Removed Cameras
-Secret Merchant
-New unit models
-New and updated abilities

Version 1.51
-Fixed Revive trigger
-the game now begin immediately when all players choose a hero (no more wait for initial timer).
-Leaderboard now shows only players that are playing
-Dragon is not invincible while flying
-Friendly units will no longer stack on the ladders
-Units of the leaving player can be controlled by other players
-Changed some hero abilities
-changed some minor issues and balances

Version 1.52
-Fixed some bugs from previous version
-added siege towers

Version 1.53
-Fixed orc grouping at outer wall

Version 1.54
-Chaged abilities to warrior, paladin and priest
-Aded music themes in certain situations

Version 1.55
-Added new hero "Snapshooter"
-added new camera zoom options

Version 1.6
-Assassins are not invisible anymore
-Removed orc hero stun ability
-Raghnarosh proves more chalenging now
-Raghnarosh cannot be attacked from affar

Version 1.61
-Assassins are now able to destroy the lever
-Kings archmage have now better abilities

Version 1.62
-changed some abilities
-Assassin hero is changed to Warden hero with better abilities

Version 1.63
-changed some abilities
-melee hero mana now regenerate when is attacked

Version 1.7
-Added new hero - Sage
-Max level is now 30
-changed Hero abilities like in Defence Of Uthragon
-added new orc units
-Abilities now knockback units

Version 1.71
-added new unit - grand mage
-added new orc unit - Fel Orc Marauder
-Changed abilities for warrior and rogue to more powerfull ones.

Version 1.72
-Added new heroes and abilities

Version 1.72a
-Fixed Warrior hero revival
-Retextured the nature cliffs to snow ones.
-lowered assassin health
-decreased ogre damage

Version 1.72b
-fixed some abilities(holy light new with area effect, prayer of divinity, mountain might)
-some grammatical ( annoying ) texts ( sorry if i missed something)
-some unit abilities

Version 1.72c
-added fell orc ladderman so ladders doesn't rise out of nothing
-fixed some abilities (blast of light, hammer of justice, stone skin, mountain might..)
-added missing staff of teleportation to sage hero

Version 1.73
removed the warden hero and repleaced with assassin hero with new abilities
changed abilities:
Rogue binding knife repleaced with spike trap
Guardian restrain replaced with disarm
Sage earthquake replaced with petrify
Snapshoter field of disruption repleaced with barrage, and stunning shotd with smoke burst
Each hero has now additional lesser ability
Balanced some hero stats

Version 1.74
Added new hero - Berserker
Removed unit aura effects
Changed some units
Assassins Crimson Wrath replaced with Shadow Execution which is area effect ability
Rogue Manifold Strike replaced with Spurious Image
Paladin Holy Light spell fixed

Version 1.75
Sage hero renamed to geomancer
Added new hero - Sage
Changed some unit hero and effect models

Version 1.76
Dragon now doesn't stuck on the ground, instead it trample and damage units.
Trebuchets have now usable siege blast ability
Ballistae have now usable aerial strike ability
Fixed some ability bugs.

Version 1.77
Fel Orc Necrolites now cast the healing totem ability
Taskmaster hero renamed to thane
Sorceress frost strike ability changed to frost attack which
adds a slow effect instead of freezing
Sorceress frost nova slow effect changed to freezing effect
Wizard lightning nova now adds a slow effect
Geomancer petrify ability is targeted as an area

Version 1.78
Redesigned unit and spell models
Tweaked some ability values
Warrior mighty rage ability changed to demoralizing shout
Paladin resurrection ability replaced with righteous wrath
Guardian force crush ability replaced with guardian standard
Rogue severe ability replaced with blade swarm
Rogue spurious image ability replaced with mayhem
Pyromancer fire shield ability replaced with summon fire elemental

Version 1.78a
Reduced some of the models size
Fixed the priest smite ability so that it deals far less damage

Version 1.78b
Ensnare ability now cannot target heroes
Mayhem ability now has a greater range of effect
Repulsion rune has now a greater range of effect but lesser damage and duration
Righteous wrath has now a revive effect instead healing and
deals less damage to enemy units
Siege tower has now a trample ability

There is new reworked Fortress Siege map called the Defence Of Uthragon
with many new things and new terrain. Here is the link:

Map is protected

Fortress, siege, stronghold, castle, defence, battle, keep, wall.

Fortress Siege - 1.78b (Map)

12:17, 11th Jun 2008 Not to step on other moderator's toes, but I strongly disagree with the last review. This is among the best castle siege/helms deep genre maps out there in my opinion. Unique scripted events to throw interesting variety of...



Level 22
Apr 12, 2008
O RLY? But he still needs an lvl 4 ability and Staff of Teleportation. Also, 2 of his spells are the same of the ranger lol...

And, after some tinking, I realized that the Fortress is of the humans, right? Then why the druid is a night elf? You can use this skin along with the Furion model:


I think is for the Druid of the Talon, but at least it's human...
Level 20
Feb 1, 2008
O RLY? But he still needs an lvl 4 ability and Staff of Teleportation. Also, 2 of his spells are the same of the ranger lol...

And, after some tinking, I realized that the Fortress is of the humans, right? Then why the druid is a night elf? You can use this skin along with the Furion model:


I think is for the Druid of the Talon, but at least it's human...

I have added ranger spells to snapshooter because it' more suitable for him.
Ranger has now changed spells to impaling bolt and silence. I have better skin for him but there are two more night elf heroes.
Level 1
Jan 31, 2009
Single Player Mode Review

4.5 / 5

1. The Pitlord Boss can only move out of a certain range , thus Ballistas / Catapults can easily kill him .

1. It is hard to prevent assassins from hitting the lever , especially when there is an opening for them to open it , could use a gate or compartment to hide it safely .

1. Orc Hero at the Southeast and Southwest Bases stuns too much , even though they have limited mana . Hammer and Slam both stuns .

This is a Single Player Review
Hope this Helps ; Thanks .



Level 5
Mar 19, 2009
I played this single player, and it was overall pretty good. There were some things like you had to wait for a ladder not being pushed down too go to the ground. And the dragon is really tough to beat, as I can't find him on the minimap, I have to scroll across the entire map and what happens if only 1 or 2 players choose long range heroes? And why have it so you can't go beat the orc boss until (1) Dragon comes, and (2) Dragon is dead. The dragon only lands once and you can't find in time too kill it. But the game has a fun gameplay and challenge too it, so I give it a 4/5:aa:



Level 22
Apr 12, 2008
If you chose a melee hero, buy a orb, this works.

Also, as Viscer said, it's really easy to kill Raghnarosh using Ballistas and Catapults. Last week, I made this and took a screenshot.


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Level 22
Apr 12, 2008
He made it for his own project...

Finnaly a new version, but, why the assassins are visible now? That strategy of putting some rangers on the eastern main gate was one of the good points...

Also, maybe it's already time of a improved AI. The AI's basic commands are just staying on the walls, when the main gate breaches, 2 random units move to the entrance, and to defeat the boss after the dragon is killed.

You can make the AI accomplish the 2 sidequests by using the same method of the Boss one.
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Level 1
Oct 19, 2008
I agree with HFR, I don't know why the assassins aren't the assassins invisible anymore.

Also, you should make a way to leave the throne room if you acidentaly teleport into it.
Maybe some mechanism to open/close the doors.
Level 5
Apr 8, 2006
It's a fun game but could do with some additions:
-More custom items
-The assassins that attack the East gate lever are just killed because they are invisible, it should be destroyed at a set time instead of by assassins, or the assasins should spawn near the lever.

But other than a few minor things it's a great map, 4.5/5
Level 3
Apr 15, 2009
Tranquil,can i say secret hero code for all users watching? :xxd:
Because,we with friends completed this map,and we all know code for Secret Hero =)
Level 3
Apr 15, 2009
I just see people dieing and when they are about to revive their game crashes and their hero sits at spawn the rest of the game. I think it has something to do with the spawning because people are still responding until their hero spawns. I haven't come close to beating this yet because after three people die, its hard to keep king alive.
I didn't had this problem,because noone died whole game :xxd:
They were just sitting in the Fortress and killing units from Fortress walls(because everybody taked ranged hero :eekani: )
Only to end we all in one group stormed final boss and killed them :mwahaha:
So,that's my story which i call "The Completion Of One Map"
Good job on map,but some think,that map triggers are too simple,like:
  • Unit - Create something at (Attack Bridge) region
  • Wait 3 seconds
  • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to attack Врата демонов 0037
and something like that,but it's not true,right?Because,i don't believe them.Even I can't make units attack something(can you teach me? =) )
P.S Sorry about my English
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Level 3
Jun 17, 2008
Can you increase the range of the Wizard's Water Elementals; their attack range is really low for this map (300?!) Also, I had a problem late-game where the reinforcements began to get stuck in the area immediatley to the left of the main gate. Aside from that, I still think this is an awesome map :) Keep the updates with new stuff coming please!
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Level 1
Jan 8, 2009
Hey man,nice map i really like it but,can you make the max lv higher? Cauz im playing with pyromancer on single player and its fucking hard to defend just with AI...To defeat the main boss?? OMG,i really doubt that i can do this alone
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
Downloading and testing...

EDIT: Hmm... Maybe add some custom abilities? It's nice overall.. Might get boring after a while.
I think you should increase the level cap also.

Second Edit >.<: The enemies can't pass the drawbridge at eastern gate...
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Level 3
Jun 17, 2008
More secret stuff would be nice. Also, can you fix the prices on some items? Maybe make some a little cheaper like Crown of the Deathlord (It's not that great and yet it costs a fortune)? By the way the orcs get stuck in the area bewtween the main gate and the southeast section of the fortress.
Level 5
Apr 19, 2009
to me it seams like orcs just run back and forth on walls and dont go up ladders much just begging to die -.- kinda makes it too easy XD exept when they go for gates then it balances out XDXD but lmao at sucing orcs
Level 1
Oct 19, 2008
to me it seams like orcs just run back and forth on walls and dont go up ladders much just begging to die -.- kinda makes it too easy XD exept when they go for gates then it balances out XDXD but lmao at sucing orcs

Strangely, that never happened to me.Are you sure this happen a lot with you?
Level 1
Apr 20, 2009
i played this map once with computer bots but it was impossible to lose and to win because they didnt help me destroying the boss and even when i tryed killing allies the enemy didnt go to the king they just kept fighting the reviving heros
Level 1
Aug 13, 2009
One of my favourite maps on The Hive Workshop - I really like how you designed it... might be slightly better if you created more shops with better items, and fill in some places that seem a bit 'empty' with more buildings, doodads, etc. Overall, this map was extremely enjoyable.. Also, could you modify the AI script for the computers? They don't really do much... xD

Great work~! :D
Level 2
Apr 7, 2009
Played the map few months ago and I like it, until... it comes to end...

After Dragon attack (which is great btw) and you hit around level 10, you can easily outrun all enemy waves and kill Pitlord... His base is small, no real guard and enemy towers fall down easily. That was kinda disappointing, I expected some big fight (or at least cool) with Pitlord. Anyway, mini-boss Heroes were great idea, I almost got killed once by Hellscream, didn't even notice him among endless waves of Orcs. lol

Castle was done great, heroes are also great (but maybe you could increase max level?)
Horns are also good idea, I like it. btw, could you add some custom items for the next version? (and please, lower the price a bit, items are too expensive and gold gain is low :sad: )

possible bugs: Fountain in the castle would heal enemies... oh and King is an as$***e ...
Level 6
Jun 8, 2008
Very good map, there's constant action and you're kept interested until the end.
One thing I'd like to see is more of bosses like the dragon, where you have to chase and kill it, and less of the heroes that just come at random times and are just slightly annoying, I'd like them to be able to withstand some damage, maybe add it to the hardest mode, or make a new mode?
Level 3
Nov 8, 2008
Ten Things to hopefully help your Map:

Ten Things to hopefully help your Map:

Love your map and here are some ideas to hopefully improve it

1). You can get into the circle top right where you pick your heroes!! The opening is up the top left of the tree wall! This probably isn’t planned :S

2). Limit the number of orcs on the map! What has happened a few times while playing this map is that there become too many orcs on the map and it becomes too laggy. Sometimes there is a bug and the orcs pile up at one of the gates or ladders but don’t come in.

What I’m guessing could be good is if there is more than a reasonable amount of orcs on the map is make them upgrade their current orcs on the map rather than sending more! However checking the number of orcs on the map could also maybe make it laggy so your choice.

3). an Idea could be before the king dies maybe 10% life left he goes invulnerable (uses potion of invulnerability) lasts maybe for 20 seconds or so and calls all the heroes to him i.e. teleport them and you make a last stand This would be because it is very easy to get absorbed guarding a gate or whatever and not read the warnings that your king is getting attacked

4). (end game) Another idea could that could be cool! Towards the end the Manaroth guy says to his vice general that he wants the castle to fall and the vice general says he will lead the attack personally! But instead of a huge attack the orcs stop sending troops for a little while and when the castle is devoid of orc troops and humans think that they have won and then vision expands a little and defenders can see the whole outside of the map is full of troops! Idea could be that the vice general is a Tauran and him and his guard of Taurens lead a charge off all the troops towards the castle!! Then if the defenders beat that they have to go outside and verse the enemy general and his elite body guards (Manaroth guy)! Everyone bar the king in the castle should help out with the task but because the enemy and his body guards should be super strong they should die quickly and only the heroes are left! If the enemy manaroth guy manages to kill all the heroes then he should start to make his way towards the castle and the alone king! The heroes should resporn from dying with just enough time to take out manaroth before he kills the king!

5). Increasing the max hero level would be cool as well as 15 is a bit low 20 I reckon would be better! And maybe add some powers so that when they reach max level they get a new ability

6). (END GAME) I reckon the general guy should be a normal orc hero type guy but reasonably big one! But when he gets down to maybe 1/2 health he uses metamorphosis and lets a demon into his soul changing him to Manaroth! Or maybe after he dies he comes back pretty soon and kills all the heroes when he comes back! Sky could turn purple and water red something cool like that and maybe the camera shakes for a little while! Map is engulfed in fire! AND BBBOOOOO YEEEAAAAHHH A DEAMON MARAROTH IS THERE INSTEAD!!!

7). Another side quest would be nice! (for early mid game) An idea could be that there is a really powerful magician who’s help the king would like! He has a small shine to the north area (where the secret shop is) and you fight your way too him and hell help you in the battle! Also at his shrine you can heal and buy magical items! Which is where you should put the secret store! And make the bandits along the road to his shrine! You need to be of an appropriate level to be able to kill the bandits and therefore get to the shrine to buy the high level items and release the magicians help.

8). Another idea/ side quest (mid game) in the orc camp the orcs are summoning a daemon! Make some type of pentagram and use the undead peasant things (i forget the name) You have been made aware of it by scouts and you know you have a timeline to fight your way into the base and kill the summoners! Else if you fail this daemon (maybe ilidin daemon model) kills that section of the orc base and attacks the castle and you have to kill it! It attacks both orc and human so set it to a different team but it makes its way towards the castle!! Needless to say it drops a cool item! don’t know what maybe a daemon blade!! +40 damage or something!

9). More items or joining of items together is always nice XD probs have some way of telling new players that the people up the top are shops!! it isnt immediately obvious! Floating text is all it takes or something similar!

10). If u want a short general short story could be cool with optional cinematic! Tells of why the fortress is getting attacked or something!
Level 1
Feb 20, 2010
To the people whose drawbrdige keeps falling down, assassins have stealth.....
aka get rangers (it was like this b4 v1.5 where he removed it. glad he readded it in.)
The 1.7 version has a couple bugs. compared to the 1.6 one
1) I was sage and I didn't respawn at all (stayed for 2 hrs so yea....)
2) corpses have health and take up food. (enemy and me). For example) I had two elite guards and one died and his corpse remained w/ full hp and resistant skin. the other died and disappeared. So I now only had 5 food useable.
3) sorcerer's spell stuns them indefitantly.
4) spawns stop after a certain time.
5) King can't die at least I can't get him to die... o_O
6) King runs outside w/ his wizzard and clerics but the other troops get left behind.
Level 9
Oct 31, 2009

Please Note

This map review set-up is based on that created and used by Tank Commander,

I review maps that look interesting or promising. If you wish for me to review your map, or if notable changes have occured to a map I have already reviewed, then you may message me with a link to your map and I will review it within the next week.

Review Breakdown

(5 marks) - Terraining/Environment
(5 marks) - Triggering
(15 marks) - Gameplay
(10 marks) - Innovation/Originality
(5 marks) - Interface/Object Editor Work

Mark System

1-7 marks = (1) Poor quality map, unfit for the Hive (usually a beginners map)

8-14 marks = (2) The beginnings of a map are there, but it still needs work and is likely unfinished.

15-21 marks = (3) An adequate map, is fun for a game or two and functions.

22-28 marks = (4) Shows promise and has some interesting features; playability is high.

29-35 marks = (5) A fine example of Hive-quality; will keep you entertained for several games at least and updates are looked forward to.

35+ marks = (6) A simply brilliant warcraft map. Features are flawlessly implemented, code is legit, game is fun, and the constraints of
Warcraft 3 are challenged.

Subsection Review

Terraining (3/5) - On the one hand, the castle is epic with tons of ramparts, walls, and entrances. On the other hand, the outside environment is a plain snow-swept terrain with little to do doodads or texture variation.

Triggering (N/A) - Map is protected, thus this section will be discounted.

Gameplay (9/15) - The "siege" part of the game is epic. Hordes of enemies using a plethora of siege vehicles to take over a castle filled with countless different defenders, trebuchets, ballistas, hero-type units, siege doors, and much more. That, coupled with the multitude of special events, gives this map an entirely "epic" feel. While all that is true, however, the lack of any custom-made items and virtually no triggered spells whatsoever seriously brings down gameplay. If you made your own items and had some more custom-made and interesting spells this category could easily be 15/15.

Innovation/Originality (10/10) - Entirely original. Brings a whole new standard upon the siege map genre.

Interface/Object Editor Work (1/5) - Grammer and spelling mistakes spread around this map like a plague. The loading screen, hero descriptions, message alerts, spell details, and item tooltips all contain language problems.

Errors and Suggestions

- I died as the Warrior and never revived (timer never even appeared).
- I would highly reccomend getting somebody who speaks english well to go through your map and fix all the grammer/spelling errors (I would be willing to do this myself if you send me a copy of the latest version you are working).
- You really need to include some custom-made items and maybe some sort of item "system" such as recipies.
- Include custom triggered spells! Playing a hero with just object-editor manipulated spells is boring and uniteresting.

Final Review

Final Marking - (28/40)
Rating - (4)
Voted for - Approval
Rep Given? - No, although I disagree with the 2/5 moderator rating, this map most certainly needs some more work

Highest Rated Maps

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