Forgotten Fortress

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Once a great fortified city in a mountain where many citizens and refugees had place to life in safety but nowadays the fortress is abandoned and once caught beasts rule this sacred place. Explorers may defeat these beasts and take the glorius treasures.

Players suggested: 3v3, 2v2

In a 3v3 or 2v2 match one player's base is hidden behind the bases of his allies so this one player in the team is protected the most. On this map a team should work close together to creep the red marked camps to take powerful items. The portal in the middle brings the players to a chamber with a guarded Fountain of Life(the chamber can only be reached by the portal in the mid). The other portal is located in the east and it brings the players to a vault with orange and red camps. There are 4 additional goldmines(2 on each site) which can easily be creeped.


-6x Green Camps
-10x Orange Camps, +6x at each Start Position
-7x Red Camps
Neutral Buildings

-6x Starting Goldmine, +4 Goldmine
-3x Tavern
-2x Goblin Shop
-2x Fountain of Mana
-1x Market
-4x Portal
-1x Fountain of Life





Created by LordDelicaboy 30.12.2015

Forgotten Fortress (Map)

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