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Fortress Siege - 1.78b

Submitted by Tranquil
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Fortress Siege current version 1.78b

Defence of the fortress from orc invasion.

-Now with 12 Heroes and one secret hero
-3 optional quests

Version 1.44
-Heroes have now fixed abilities
-Fixed issues at the inner gate
-Fixed issues with dragon stupidity
-Balanced units
-added new unit models

Version 1.45
-Colored Text
-Removed Cameras
-Secret Merchant
-New unit models
-New and updated abilities

Version 1.51
-Fixed Revive trigger
-the game now begin immediately when all players choose a hero (no more wait for initial timer).
-Leaderboard now shows only players that are playing
-Dragon is not invincible while flying
-Friendly units will no longer stack on the ladders
-Units of the leaving player can be controlled by other players
-Changed some hero abilities
-changed some minor issues and balances

Version 1.52
-Fixed some bugs from previous version
-added siege towers

Version 1.53
-Fixed orc grouping at outer wall

Version 1.54
-Chaged abilities to warrior, paladin and priest
-Aded music themes in certain situations

Version 1.55
-Added new hero "Snapshooter"
-added new camera zoom options

Version 1.6
-Assassins are not invisible anymore
-Removed orc hero stun ability
-Raghnarosh proves more chalenging now
-Raghnarosh cannot be attacked from affar

Version 1.61
-Assassins are now able to destroy the lever
-Kings archmage have now better abilities

Version 1.62
-changed some abilities
-Assassin hero is changed to Warden hero with better abilities

Version 1.63
-changed some abilities
-melee hero mana now regenerate when is attacked

Version 1.7
-Added new hero - Sage
-Max level is now 30
-changed Hero abilities like in Defence Of Uthragon
-added new orc units
-Abilities now knockback units

Version 1.71
-added new unit - grand mage
-added new orc unit - Fel Orc Marauder
-Changed abilities for warrior and rogue to more powerfull ones.

Version 1.72
-Added new heroes and abilities

Version 1.72a
-Fixed Warrior hero revival
-Retextured the nature cliffs to snow ones.
-lowered assassin health
-decreased ogre damage

Version 1.72b
-fixed some abilities(holy light new with area effect, prayer of divinity, mountain might)
-some grammatical ( annoying ) texts ( sorry if i missed something)
-some unit abilities

Version 1.72c
-added fell orc ladderman so ladders doesn't rise out of nothing
-fixed some abilities (blast of light, hammer of justice, stone skin, mountain might..)
-added missing staff of teleportation to sage hero

Version 1.73
removed the warden hero and repleaced with assassin hero with new abilities
changed abilities:
Rogue binding knife repleaced with spike trap
Guardian restrain replaced with disarm
Sage earthquake replaced with petrify
Snapshoter field of disruption repleaced with barrage, and stunning shotd with smoke burst
Each hero has now additional lesser ability
Balanced some hero stats

Version 1.74
Added new hero - Berserker
Removed unit aura effects
Changed some units
Assassins Crimson Wrath replaced with Shadow Execution which is area effect ability
Rogue Manifold Strike replaced with Spurious Image
Paladin Holy Light spell fixed

Version 1.75
Sage hero renamed to geomancer
Added new hero - Sage
Changed some unit hero and effect models

Version 1.76
Dragon now doesn't stuck on the ground, instead it trample and damage units.
Trebuchets have now usable siege blast ability
Ballistae have now usable aerial strike ability
Fixed some ability bugs.

Version 1.77
Fel Orc Necrolites now cast the healing totem ability
Taskmaster hero renamed to thane
Sorceress frost strike ability changed to frost attack which
adds a slow effect instead of freezing
Sorceress frost nova slow effect changed to freezing effect
Wizard lightning nova now adds a slow effect
Geomancer petrify ability is targeted as an area

Version 1.78
Redesigned unit and spell models
Tweaked some ability values
Warrior mighty rage ability changed to demoralizing shout
Paladin resurrection ability replaced with righteous wrath
Guardian force crush ability replaced with guardian standard
Rogue severe ability replaced with blade swarm
Rogue spurious image ability replaced with mayhem
Pyromancer fire shield ability replaced with summon fire elemental

Version 1.78a
Reduced some of the models size
Fixed the priest smite ability so that it deals far less damage

Version 1.78b
Ensnare ability now cannot target heroes
Mayhem ability now has a greater range of effect
Repulsion rune has now a greater range of effect but lesser damage and duration
Righteous wrath has now a revive effect instead healing and
deals less damage to enemy units
Siege tower has now a trample ability

There is new reworked Fortress Siege map called the Defence Of Uthragon
with many new things and new terrain. Here is the link:


Map is protected

Fortress, siege, stronghold, castle, defence, battle, keep, wall.

Fortress Siege - 1.78b (Map)

12:17, 11th Jun 2008 Not to step on other moderator's toes, but I strongly disagree with the last review. This is among the best castle siege/helms deep genre maps out there in my opinion. Unique scripted events to throw interesting variety of...
  1. 12:17, 11th Jun 2008
    Not to step on other moderator's toes, but I strongly disagree with the last review. This is among the best castle siege/helms deep genre maps out there in my opinion. Unique scripted events to throw interesting variety of calamity into the mix, balanced game play that makes even losing matches fun. The feeling that you really are fighting it out over every last inch of territory, well made heroes complete with working AI for solo/offline play and space-fillers for online play, good terrain....and yes, the dragon was awesome. My only gripe is that when the time comes to rally players to fight the boss, the enemies are often in the keep and no one can really afford to leave the castle...
  2. yakonshus


    May 9, 2008
    Pretty nice map for quick fun, but hard if you're not so many, atlast computer can play, and thats very nice, i recommend this map, gave me and my friend nice fun for some time :D
  3. Tranquil


    Feb 1, 2008
    I am glad that you like it.
    If you notice some bugs please reply.

    There will be new version soon.
  4. Darkenneko_003


    Dec 10, 2006
    This is a really, Nice map,
    I enjoyed defending the castle with all computers,
    but, some things I didn't like. How come the AI was so dumb? It disturbed me as they really didn't help much.
    The Dragon once got stuck on the ground, it went to ground form, and stood there stuck on a cliff, being bombarded by a catapult.
    Great Map!
    Keep Up the Awesome Work!
  5. Tranquil


    Feb 1, 2008
    I will see to fix these bugs in the next update. Thanks for posting the bugs.
  6. Gipfel


    Jan 31, 2008
    i think there should be a higher max level and a timer for the attack of the lever.
    the ai was really dumb but betteer then without ai.
    i didn´t seen any bugs

    Keep up the good work
  7. Khaine


    Apr 17, 2008
    This WarcraftIII mod is very good, too. I like castle defense, but i think there should be a little bit more buyable items!
    To kill the Orc boss in order to win is very good idea, but i think that you can add more quests for example rescue the knights(neutral) and if you had rescue them they will help you to defeat the orcs!
  8. Ash



    Aug 27, 2005
    I really looked forward to this map, after downloading it; I couldn't play it for a while because I was busy with other things. But, it seems that I was slightly let down when it came to the hilt.

    The game began and my eyes begun to bleed. Please, re-write the loading screen and use some good English, or get somebody to help you. Anyway, the hero selection system was fun to use, compared to some generic 'STAND HERE FOR ME' styled selectors.

    After finally getting into the action, I loved the first part. Although the whole 'A DRAGON IS ATTACKING!' thing is widely overused, you managed to pull it off with style. The showdown/s that you have are classics. And the enemy AI was quite cool too. I especially liked the way they built ladders to scale the walls, and how the battering ram attacked. But I didn't really understand how/why the drawbridge suddenly falls, maybe a explanation why it comes down is needed?

    However, that's practically it for the things I did like. After the dragon was defeated and the dragon told us to move on things fell downhill. There was no real story linking us to why we had to move on -- as with most of the game -- other than 'someone told us too'. Which swiftly moves me onto my next point; why on earth are we fighting anyway? Oh yeah, some Orcs attacked. Like we haven't seen that one before. Spice it up a bit, yeah?

    Then on top of that, there is masses and masses of unused land on the map. The Pitlord's base is minuscule compared to everything else, and he was such a push over. The ending really, really spoils the game.

    But, we can't all be perfect and I guess this game's only in the beginning of it's development, so it gets the thumbs up from me. Please try to improve the map, though.

    2/5 - I thought about my final rating for a while, the defenses playability alone got you 2, if only the rest hadn't been as it is. If the rest of the map was as good as the beginning, you would've got a high 3, or a medium 4.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2008
  9. Tranquil


    Feb 1, 2008
    At first i didn't want to make story, only fast and large castle defence.
    the story parts apeared after i added some issues as dragon or catapulting orcs on the tower...
    Maybe too much story telling will ruin map playability.

    Drawbridge is lowered when nearby lever is destroyed.
    Lever is usualy destroyed by orc assasin (which is invisible while moving)
    because other units don't manage to get the lever.

    Invisible assasins can be spotted by rangers (Which you can buy near the starting position) because they have true sight.
    Last edited: May 12, 2008
  10. Rhollu


    Apr 16, 2008
    i love the dragon
    maybe you can add some more stuff
  11. Gipfel


    Jan 31, 2008
    the computer ai is better then in previous versions but i can´t find these reinforcement quests.
  12. Tranquil


    Feb 1, 2008
    Reinforcement quest is triggered when east gate is destroyed.
  13. Hero17


    Apr 27, 2008
    Fun map, but when I play with other people, they crash when they are killed. :(
  14. Tranquil


    Feb 1, 2008
    I will se to fix it. What exactly is the problem.
  15. Hero17


    Apr 27, 2008
    I just see people dieing and when they are about to revive their game crashes and their hero sits at spawn the rest of the game. I think it has something to do with the spawning because people are still responding until their hero spawns. I haven't come close to beating this yet because after three people die, its hard to keep king alive.
  16. DrazharLn


    Nov 29, 2007
    I experience the same problem that Hero17 experiences, hero revival does not work, just at the moment they should be revived, they die. I tried to look through your triggers for errors, but alas they were protected. Any chance of an update to fix this problem?


    EDIT: Also, please correct your grammar in the loading screen, please!
    You should also point out the existence of the invisible enemies so that the player know to defend against them.
    I await an update.
  17. Hero17


    Apr 27, 2008
    Also, if you use final judgment next to the merchants, it kills them.
  18. hackhunter


    Oct 28, 2006
    Tell me if this happens to anyone else; Whenever I or anyone else dies they get disconnected, have you done a trigger incorrectly or is it some kind of bug?
  19. Tranquil


    Feb 1, 2008
    I think its a bug. I only use a revieve hero instantly action.