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Fortress Builder V1.95o

Submitted by Arcmage
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Fortress builder is a unique builder map inspired by the original Empire builder map.

Fortress builder contains an extensive array of units making for diverse gameplay. It also has several unique systems such as a sophisticated supply and demand based commodities economy. Unlike many other builder maps which allow players to attain virtually unlimited resources and endless armies, Fortress Builder forces players to make meaningful strategic choices with a limited supply of income.

The map is actively developed and suggestions are always welcome.



• Large selection of units
• Explosives
• Stealth units
• Sophisticated economic system
• Empire Types
• Empire Powers
• Many siege strategies
• Techtree
• Anti-unit spam systems


Load Screen




Loading screen art by Blizzard modified by Triptick
Wraith Lord by donut3.5
Demon Tower by HappyTauren
Angel by expresso
DemonTownhall by pWn3d
Rifleman Elite by TurieL
Cannons by paulH
Comet, sparks explosion and Massive exposion by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Royal Captain and King by Tranquil
Dark Summoner by pandarian
Laboratory - Acid Lab By Scythy Dervish
Fire nova and Earth nova by Jetfanginferno
Ghoul skin by saikann
Nightmare by Juice F
Zombie by Darklord
Debourer by antihero
Cuthulu by pins
Lurker Behemoth by killst4r
Megapod model and icon by tee.dubs
Gondor soldier, Elven swordman, Elven shieldman and Elven spearman by Elenai
Ninja Icon and model by Sopho
Thief by ket
Assassin by soulreaver6
ChinaTown, Acadamy Workshp and Library by Mr.Bob
Blight area terrain by Kagedviper
Farm and Crossbowman by Kitabatake
Engineer by Ampharos_222
Mr Steampunk, Steampunk soldier, and clockerk giant by The Weird Human
Mech tower by Nex
BTNFireSwordBlue By 67chrome
LandDragon by MC
Giant worm by Sephiroth_VII
City Building 1 by Happy Tauren
Diseased One By -Grendel
Archer by Pike
Ambush and Multishot icons by Mr.Goblin
Succubus True Sight by Darkfang
Overqueen by dickxunder
Prime Matron by dickxunder
BTNWraith2 by donut3.5
BTNScythe by KingB00ker
BTNANADarkEnergy by Anachron
If I forgot your name on something I am very sorry and will add it immediately if you contact me on hiveworkshop or email me at arcmagex@gmail.com

I thank you all for your great models (I found all these models on hiveworkshop.com)


Added several capturable buildings
Added mentor ability to generals
Added arbitrary zoom cmd

Altered the way the economy system works to use abilities.
Added experience system.
Slowed repair of pristine citadel and emerald glade.
Made mana generator produce 14,000 mana instead of 12,000

Rebuilt ally/unally system
Fixed tower limits
Fixed several bugs
Added a new fort

Fixed a major bug in demon income
Made it so cannon towers don't use wood
Fixed a bug where fear the reaper worked on allies.

Altered terrain (tell me if its better or worse!)
Raised price of towers
Added cannon tower
Made towers require technology
Made high level towers use 1 food
Fixed a bug where Emerald Palace and Prestine citadel could not revive heros.
Made it so demons gain curruption when players leave or are defeated. (they gain more if they kill the player themselves)
Fixed a bug where altars could be removed when a player left.
Fixed a bug where demon players where removed when they left.
Made it so curruption is doubled when a demon player leaves.
Reduced price of some demon units and upgrades.
Made some of Cult lords abilities stronger.

Fixed several bugs
Debuffed demon slayers somewhat
Fixed Emerald Glade and Pristine Citadel

Added pristine citadels and Emerald Glades
Changed a few tooltips to better reflect gameplay
Made alters give food instead or requiring it
Removed a glitch where some demons had holy type armor
Debuffed Rad auras damage from 20 dps to 10 dps

Added alters for demons
Fixed some broken tooltips
Added alters command
Added start cinemtic for demons

Fixed a bug where player 1 could get unlimited homunculi
Fixed a bug where Broodmothers cost 15,000 instead of 150,000
Increased armor of Red dragons, giant worms and broodmothers
Reduced Tower limit from 20 to 15
Debuffed all towers (Significantly debuffed Lightning conduct)
Made sanctified guard towers properly register in towerlimit
Increased price of Clockwerk legionnaire from 800 to 1200
Decreased price of demon slayer from 1000 to 800
Added a 90% spell resistance to leaders.

Nerfed many demon units and raised prices and build times.
Nerfed wraith lord
Significantly raised price of demon tech upgrades
Fixed devouring lifeform ability
Reduced Broodmothers cost from 200,000 to 150,000
Buffed Broodmother and Giant Worms Attack
Added Deadly Venom ability to Broodmothers
Fixed Breath of Magma’s tooltip
Fixed demonic disease spread
Reduced merchant bonus
Reduced barbarian penalty

Removed holy armor type from a bunch of things which shouldn’t have had it.
Removed possession from creeps who had it.
Added vitality drain ability to succubus and changed their stats to fit
Added new load screen
Added Homunculus hero to Artificial Magic tier 3
Added Warp Guard to Artificial Magic tier 3
Added Brood Mother to Wild Magic tier 3
Added Wraith Lord hero to demons
Increased AOE of probes remote viewing ability from 600 to 900

Removed book of the dead
Fixed Sway of the Temptress so that It cannot target buildings or very high level units.
Fixed several Typos.
Altered start cinematic for readability
Changed some UI constants to make game functionality more obvious.
Made it so units are removed when a player is executed.
Added Succubus to demons
Added Dark Agent to demons
Added Cultist Ballista to demons

Fixed Gate system
Added timer for income system
Fixed a bug where human players started with 5 food (economy points) used.
Updated Start Cinematic
Altered several UI constants to make economy points system more obvious.

Added first of three new demon heros Succubus Queen
Fixed a bug where Light Blue recived no income
Income Time changed from 120 to 80 to increase game speed.
Increased Megapod price.

Changed how demon economy works
Changed demon start location
Changed demon heros
Added more demon units
Altered balance between humans and demons
Rebalanced many demon units
Added Probes
Added Rangers
Fixed a few small bugs
New economy system for demons

More bugfixes
Added an attack to citadels.

Many bugfixes
Income system standardized somewhat.

Fixed prices of Steel golem and Worm
Added abilities to Sythmage and Druid
Misc bugfixes

Fixed more bugs
Added an attack to Ancient Citadels and Imperial Palace
Added Mana Generators

Many bug fixes
Lots of balancing
New economy buildings
Switched Holy Crusader out for General

Several bug fixes

Landmines for combat engineers
New econ system fixed.
Added the start of T6 (more to come latter)
Fixed many bugs.

Emergency bugfix.

Added camera command.
Added in second agent tier.
Added combat enginers
Complex new economy system :)
Removed rally army ability.
Removed outdated random events.

Debuffed barbarian bonus from 100% Attack speed to 80%
Rebalanced terrain.
Fixed several bugs

Bug fixes
Added spaces in cinematic
Added tavern and assassin

Debuffed Araj's ability
Added ransoms
Limited towers
Removed lag from fire towers.
Buffed Bosses
More Bug fixes
Tower Limit
Optional Unit Limit
Brief tutorial Cinematic
minor balances
bug fixes
Expanded and debuged empire powers
Strengthened demonic fotresses defense
Debuffed Greater demons
Fixed varius bugs
Rebalanced income
Debuffed demons slightly
fixed small but critical bug
Added in 4 Culture Types.
Fixed income somewhat (Shold help lag).
Various Bug fixes and balances (Lots of minor and major so I don't want to list)
Buffed bombs helth making them easyer to build
Fixed rename
Terrain changes to blight area by kaged viper
Added in -open and -close
Debuffed divine damage
Removed Demon lords spell imunity
Made Demon lord invuln untell rescued to avoid exploit
Fixed exploit wich gave you infinent gold
Made is so demons can't but human bases
Fixed midnight even so that It will activate every midnight not just the first
Added in several new chat commands
Added specal bomb builders to barracks
Fixed several gliches in triggers
Prevented demon towers from stacking
Changed demon terrain slighly
Alowed human players to take other human players they defeat as vassals or simply to execute them.
Fixed bug where metorite always hit the same spt
Fixed bug where the repair item could not be picked up
Limited forts to one per player
redid forts terrain and changed tile for demon base
added new demon slayer units
fixed some bugs with demon units
added some slight balances
removed unused upgrades from units (like defend)
Repaired minimap image (it no longer messes up ingame minimap)
Added Puppet masters, Devouers, Megapods, and nightmares for demons
Balanced demons somewhat
Added walls for humans
Buffed Slayers
Gave Holy Crusaders Holy type attack
Removed several upgrads that wernt in use
Added minimap image (ty to Triptick)
Added imps
Added Demonic mortal and holy armor/damage types
Added demon slayers
Added holy towers
Added Floating text for bomb timers + fixed some bugs with bombs
Added bombs! :)
Added bomb defusers
Fixed leaks in the metorite trigger
Debuffed magic towers again (and limited it to 5 per player)
Fixed a leak
balanced units slighly
fixed several bugs
Fixed zombie triggers (Again)
debuffed human income
debuffed magic towers
incresed price for greater demons
fixed bug where you could use any item to repair a fort
Locked Player settings
Debuffed Devine Sheild
Changed the icons/descriptions for lumber and gold to be more game related
fixed a bug with the zombie triggers
Massivly decresed income
Balanced several units (towers arnt insane anymore)
Caped demon income at 10
Removed several abiltys that arnt part of the game
Changed barracks's and units to have more relistic names
Fixed several tooltips
Fixed several broken abiltys
Removed several icons for upgrades that do not exist
Fixed several tooltips
Massive leak reduction (shold help with lag)
Some Terrain Modifications
Demon income system redone
Fixed glich where version 1.4 would apear as 1.3
Demonic soldier now has a cost
Demonic cultist now costs much more

Ally/unally system fixed
Cd on rally army raised
Demons Buffed
Removed things that arnt part of the game(defend reserch ect)
Fixed Forces so there names would apear in the lobby
Removed the cost for Archmage
added this changelog

added Archmage and the Arcane tier
fixed a few of the ghosly Archmages abiltys
several bugfixes

empire builder, empire, fort builder, fort, fortress, fortress builder, builder, village builder

Fortress Builder V1.95o (Map)

04:19, 27th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. 04:19, 27th Dec 2009
    ap0calypse: Approved
  2. wereguy2

    Oct 1, 2008
    Glitches glitches glitches and bugs!
    For example, when summoning with the Leader, both spells are used!
    It was also incredible imbalanced, why would I pay 1000 for a tower that is weaker than before!
    There was lots of typos and bad tooltips.
    But despite all these things, the map could get very fun with some work, there were a lot of different units (though you should change their icons) and this has potential!
    But for now...
  3. Tha Flamestorm

    Tha Flamestorm
    Apr 16, 2008
    Maybe some more good looking terrain aswell would do?
  4. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009
    Thank you for your help I fixed the bugs you mentioned i'm afraid its hard for me to test my map as testing single player is both boring an inefficent and i cant host so i can only test online if a friend is willing to host it for me. I would be thankful if you posted any bugs you see on this form or send them to me at arcmagex@gmail.com
  5. wereguy2

    Oct 1, 2008
    I test offline
  6. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009
    I did do some offline testing but its not as efficent as online testing because 12 people are more likely to find a bug then 1 person also i'm sort of new to testing and map making so I missed quite a few bugs anyway thanks for you help and comments and please message me if you find bugs.
  7. wereguy2

    Oct 1, 2008
    Well in my experience, more than a few of those 12 people cant be bothered to tell me about bugs and just quit... -.-
  8. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009
    It just matters who those people are I usually test with my friends who tend to be patient with my map but when I have joined other peoples tests I do see lots of people who say "this map sucks!" then just quit
  9. Tha Flamestorm

    Tha Flamestorm
    Apr 16, 2008
    This map is incredibly boring, no offense but it needs more things added to it or even better, do a new one!
  10. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009
    I have been adding more content to the map with each release (orignaly there where 3 tiers of units now there are 5 as well as additional creeps and items) also I have plans to add more content to the map more balances in next version as well as a new hero lich which will be an upgrade to archmage
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2009
  11. Septimus

    May 3, 2008
    set those changelog into hidden tag, they are not consider as part of the description.

    and saying this is your first map would not help at all, elaborate the part of your map.
  12. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009
    this probably sound's noobish but how exactly do you put it into a hidden tag?
  13. ap0calypse

    Jan 26, 2007
    First of all, read my tutorial (in my signature).
    After you've done that, here are some BB-codes that may be useful:

    The BB-codes (remove the space in between the square brackets)

    [ hidden="How it looks"]

    [ simpletable=Your Map]

    [ center][ h1]Header 1[/h1][/center]
    [ indent][ h2]Header 2[/h2][/indent]
    [ h3]Header 3[/h3]


    [ list]

    [*]Note 1

    [*]Note 2



    [ hr]500[/hr]

    [ box=Extra Info]

    [ list=1]

    [*]Note 1

    [*]Note 2



    [ list=a]


    [*]Another thing

    [ /hidden]

    How it looks

    Your Map

    Header 1

    Header 2

    Header 3

    Here you can type whatever you want, the basic gameplay, the story, ...
    • Note 1
    • Note 2
    • ...

    Extra Info

    1. Note 1
    2. Note 2
    3. ....

    • Something
    • Another thing

    That's about it I guess... once you're used to it, it's really easy.
  14. DrazharLn

    Nov 29, 2007
    You mean tiers, probably.

    I'll edit this when I've played the game.
    EDIT: I never got round to playing your game, sorry about that
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2009
  15. Aesthetics

    May 30, 2009
    Sorry, but is this another clone of "Village Builder"? :\
  16. ShadowDemonLord

    Sep 7, 2008
    Wow arc, your going through updates pretty quick, got people to help ya or something? Lol, perhaps they could help me out on Kingdom Wars. Anywho, looks pretty cool on the preview, I'll play it when I get back home from the hospital today.
  17. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009
    No its a clone of Empire Builder which predates Village builder I think And it has the added bonus of Imported models, random events, custom ability's, and zombie invasions!

    When I played created this map Id never even played Village builder (although I had played Empire builder) I'm not trying to claim this is incredibly original but I definitely think it has some unique features and Unlike village builder your not likely to archive a virtually unlimited amount of money and unit spam.
  18. Aesthetics

    May 30, 2009
    Well put. :p
  19. Arcmage

    Jan 31, 2009

    Well as has been brought to my attention there are quite a few "Builder maps" I aim to make mine more than just a bunch of spam units. I would like to add some original ideas to the map, already I plan on a system of bomb planters and defuses (bombs being high damage after delay weapons used to take out forts/army's and defusers being special units that can deactivate them) But I would greatly appreciate it if anyone posted a practical way to make this map more unique. Feel free to post any idea that comes to your head but I don't promise I will implement it.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2009