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Footman Pack

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Based on:Footman, Captain, and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Skin for stromgarde is from Galen Trollbane by Cloudwolf
Skin for Scarlet Crusade are Scarlet Knight, Scarlet High Commander, Scarlet Oracle, Scarlet Captain and Scarlet Huntsman by Heinvers

Thanks for optimalizations to RexusMax52

I know that is the simple changes, but I think that it can be useful. And I do not know more. Because of that, do not wanna me made for these models new animations, fix bones or other stuff, because I have literaly zero idea how do such thing.

More of my work you can find here: Edited and changed work of Ujimasa hojo by Ilya Alaric

If you yourself want use these models for own work or projects, you are absolutly free to do it.



Black Legion

Blood Elf





Scarlet Crusade





Aliance Captain (Model)

AlianceLordearonSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

AlianceLordearonStormwindFootman(Icon) (Icon)

AlianceLordearonStormwindGuardsman(Icon) (Icon)

AlteracCaptain(Icon) (Icon)

AlteracFootman(Icon) (Icon)

AlteracGuardsman(Icon) (Icon)

AlteracSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

BanditCaptain(Icon) (Icon)

BanditFootman(Icon) (Icon)

BanditSergean(Icon) (Icon)

Blood Footman (Model)

Blood Lieutenant (Model)

Blood Sergeant (Model)

BloodFootman(Icon (Icon)

BloodLieutenant(Icon) (Icon)

BloodSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

Dalaran Captain BloodElf (Model)

Dalaran Captain HighElf (Model)

Dalaran Footman BloodElf (Model)

Dalaran Footman HighElf (Model)

Dalaran Guardsman BloodElf (Model)

Dalaran Guardsman HighElf (Model)

Dalaran Sergeant BloodElf (Model)

Dalaran Sergeant HighElf (Model)

DalaranCaptain(Icon) (Icon)

DalaranFootman(Icon) (Icon)

DalaranGuardsman(Icon) (Icon)

DalaranSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

GilneasCaptain(Icon) (Icon)

GilneasFootman(Icon) (Icon)

GilneasGuardsman(Icon) (Icon)

GilneasSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

KulTirasCaptain(Icon) (Icon)

KulTirasFootman(Icon) (Icon)

KulTirasGuardsman(Icon) (Icon)

KulTirasSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

Scarlet Captain (Model)

Scarlet Footman (Model)

Scarlet Guardsman (Model)

Scarlet Sergeant (Model)

Silvermoon Footman (Model)

Silvermoon Lieutenant (Model)

Silvermoon Sergeant (Model)

StormwindCaptain(Icon) (Icon)

StormwindSergeant(Icon) (Icon)

Stromgarde Captain (Model)

Stromgarde Footman (Model)

Stromgarde Guardsman (Model)

Stromgarde Sergeant (Model)

Bandit Captain With Footman Face (Model)

Bandit Footman With Footman Face (Model)

Bandit Sergeant With Footman Face (Model)

Aliance Footman (Model)

Aliance Guardsman (Model)

Aliance Sergeant (Model)

Alterac Captain (Model)

Alterac Footman (Model)

Alterac Guardsman (Model)

Alterac Sergeant (Model)

Bandit Captain (Model)

Bandit Footman (Model)

Bandit Sergeant (Model)

Black Legion Captain (Model)

Black Legion Footman (Model)

Black Legion Guardsman (Model)

Black Legion Sergeant (Model)

Dalaran Captain (Model)

Dalaran Footman (Model)

Dalaran Guardsman (Model)

Dalaran Sergeant (Model)

Gilneas Captain (Model)

Gilneas Footman (Model)

Gilneas Guardsman (Model)

Gilneas Sergeant (Model)

KulTiras Captain (Model)

KulTiras Footman (Model)

KulTiras Guardsman (Model)

KulTiras Sergeant (Model)

Lordearon Captain (Model)

Lordearon Footman (Model)

Lordearon Guardsman (Model)

Lordearon Sergeant (Model)

Silverhand Captain (Model)

Silverhand Footman (Model)

Silverhand Guardsman (Model)

Silverhand Sergeant (Model)

Stormwind Captain (Model)

Stormwind Footman (Model)

Stormwind Guardsman (Model)

Stormwind Sergeant (Model)

General Frank
Might be useful for some people.
Level 39
Oct 11, 2019
Good pack!
These models are just amazing.
This is good.
What have you done!!!
i love it. live it, love it.
I've never seen such a derivative models in HIVE!
Such a big variety of footmen 👍 I hope you dive even deeper into modeling someday, because you definitely have taste, well done friend!
Good pack.
Glad you like it folks
Level 12
Feb 13, 2012
can you pleass do an undead verstion of the footman and the captain with there arms and legs boneish like in wow for refrense the pic below


  • 1674492821227.png
    1.3 MB · Views: 27
Level 4
Dec 3, 2022
Your models are amazing since I saw them last year, especially the knights and footmen 😊❤ I hope you make more alliance models like mortar teams and griffon riders because I'm really looking forward to them.
Level 8
Dec 27, 2016
The Silverhand, Black Legion, and Silvermoon could use some icons, you know?
Also, if you can make a variant of the Bandit unit with Axes, think that will be great
Level 22
Dec 6, 2022
The biggest and most colorful work from my favorite designer, all the infantrymen, captains, sergeants were a success!The main thing now would be for you to add another 83 pieces of models in the form of zombies in the armor of your soldiers, then this set can be considered divine and complete!!!xD
Level 6
Aug 7, 2022
Hi. A campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged called "Chronicles of the Second War" was recently released. I would like you to add warhammers to the Stromgarde soldiers, as they did.


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