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Hive 3 Remoosed BETA - NOW LIVE. Go check it out at BETA Hive Workshop! Post your feedback in this new forum BETA Feedback.
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Feedback for Hive Remoosed (Beta)

Discussion in 'Remoosed BETA Feedback' started by Storm Knight, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Storm Knight

    Storm Knight

    Nov 12, 2016
    No specific order:

    1 - Model viewer going full screen is a strange decision. because previously you were able to scroll around the page while doing so. and the viewer itself was nice and neat as it was imo.

    Suggestion: If you're going to make the viewer big, atleast take advantage of the space there, for models who have the portrait togather in one model file, in the current Hive it showes a split screen between it which is odd. and considering it makes the overall space to view too small for comfort, with the viewer taking your entire screen however the portrait can instead take a small position at the bottom left corner.

    (Alternate suggestion consider allowing people to drag and resize the viewer alltogather.)

    2 - Forums is fine for the most part, i love the "New Posts" added especially with that little lightning mark.

    Feature Suggestion: Like how the filters work in "Resource" section a longer term goal for the site can be to add forum specific filters and tags posts. i'd reckon would be quite the undertaking but its worth it. not for release though.

    3 - I like the media section with no major feedbacks but since we're talking about "Media" i'll point out something, the Notice bar from current Hive is just perfect as it is, and its missing in Beta, if its planning to get added on launch then 11/10 but if not please re-consider adding it. good short quick view through latest news with just the right UI element and color choices when it comes to darker/brighter.

    4 - I think the tiny quick navigation menu icon should be Remoosed and exclusively guide people to the "Help" area. just realized it is available at the Veeeery bottom of any given page but it would be really nice to have it up top aswell. not the entire bar just something special for help :D

    4.5 - Upon seeing the lack of a Rules and Information area in Remoosed Beta right on the front page i
    think that, and Help can all be merged in one neat small button put right there.

    5 - I think the overview section of the Members area is confusing, it was nice that it started with one of the available categories then the rest was right beside to click on. this might be the only "confusing" thing i found really.

    6 - I was about to post a big screenshot regarding the whole front page and the big icons there. but now that i beated the ever breathing life out of the bush wondering about how to redesign and show an example myself. i noticed something and thought to just run with it.

    Link back to a page which i gave my initial thoughts on the topic, it provides some context, MAINLY talking about the image, you can ignore the text since i have better things to say in this post.
    HIVE 3 Remoosed Beta

    Honestly, in Remoosed when you scroll down and that entire area minimizes alongside your profile, notifications, search and so forth and follows you is SUCH a good feature that i think the entire thing should permanently be like this.

    And also i still SERIOUSLY think that the Discord/Twitter/Facebook/Youtube button arts should be colorful not just orange. preferably either the gold of the old Hive to stick out or have their own color like i showed an example in my screenshot available in the link above. oh and adding back the gifthand for paypal would be nice right beside the rest ^_^. :D

    Elsewise if that suggestion is unacceptable, i think the very small icons of media, menu and stream should get bigger, but the overall big icons should get smaller, in a way that at the end all are of same size and nicely fit on the entire section there because it feels like something is missing.

    Also generally, consider adding 4 season backgrounds for that specific area.


    7 - When you click on a resource section, like icons lets say, Remoosed is improved over Current however, to the right of the "Ported Icons" and "Reforged Icons" in current hive, there is a darker background piece with white borders that have information in it.

    I think for Remoosed the Bundle, Comments, and the rest of the minor information should be entirely covered by this darker background and white border. its just an eye effect thing that makes it more distinguishable imo.

    I'll make a "Feedback for Hive Remoosed (Beta) 2.0" whenever i get more time/chance to dig into the Beta. and ask some friends around. since i shared a giant post regarding a call to come test Remoosed Beta on 3 Discord servers.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2021
  2. Ralle



    Oct 6, 2004
    Thanks a lot Storm Knight :)