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Epic Warfare V1.26

Submitted by mitch12294
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
A unique strategy/builder/rpg were u will have to not only command vast armies against your enemies but crusade as a hero leading your people finding items and gold in dungeons fighting unforgettable bosses. sending your hero to fight in the arena. Destroy all who stand in your way!

Advancing Units
- All players start the game with using basic units. as a player upgrades they're Town hall, Great hall, Hall of the dead, or tree of life they will be able to build advanced buildings eventually spawning advanced, and even epic units. advanced units = 3x bass units, epic units = 2x advanced units.
- The mercenary camp is a building were you can higher units to fight for you the units in the mercenary camps range from around 1.5 - 2.5x the power of basic units these units are trained quicker than advanced units. But be warned units from the mercenary camp are much more expensive than all other units.

- You will need to select from a vast selection of heroes at the beginning of the game.
- There are currently 16 heroes to select from.
Heroes have many purposes
- When your hero achieves level 5 send your hero to dungeons were your skill with him will be tested in unforgettable boss fights. some dungeons also tell the story of the game in dungeons u will encounter music and vocals. dungeons award experience, gold, and important items.
- The Arena is a place were you can send your hero every 10 minutes of the game is a place were heroes can do battle with enemy heroes for gold and lumber. A victory will bring 6000G and 2000L to your resources. However losing in the arena will cause you to loose 2000G and 1000L.
- Your hero will prove to be an important part of your army.
-Heroes can level to level 30.

Other info
-You can change the distance your camera is set at, at any point in time. default is set at -medium. u can change the camera to your liking by using - close, -medium, or -far.
- You can read any story by typing -stories
- If you require any further assistance you can type in -help witch will give you a set of commands.

Creator of Epic Warefare!
- mitch12294
Testers of Epic warfare!
- rangerofredmont
- retardkiller999
Custom models provided by
- General Frank
- Pyramidhe@d
- Dionesiist
- SuPa-
- Jigrael - Animated the War priest originally named battle priest
- Norinrad - Created the War priest originally named battle priest
- Dan van Ohllus & Cavman
- Trollschnitzel
- General Frank
- Deep Sea Kraken
- CloudWolf
- TheReaper
- horusrogue
- Garshilan
- FrIkY
- Grodosh
- Dionesiist
Custom spells/abilities provided by
- Rmx - Learn GUI MUI, Guide v2.0 [RMX]
- Asgard_Ragna
- Paladon - GUI Knockback System [Paladon] v.1.60
- Trollschnitzel
Custom sounds/voices provided by
- mitch12294 - voice of king Kargarath Hellblazer, mikasuma, karsear
- world of warcraft - voice of kael
- super smash bros melee - music from ?? used in boss fights
- 50 cent - get up instrumental - sped up
- super Mario legend of the seven stars - Nintendo 64

Game/Hero stories created by
- mitch12294
- Pyramidhe@d - Glacial Destroyer story

- much improved terrain
- some new spells
- no intro!! that u need to watch
- and more

A big thanks to all the people who provided my map "Epic Warfare" with some of the custom units and spells also a big thanks testers and advice givers and thank you to the people who provide some of the sounds and voices to the game. You guys are awesome!!!

Epic Warfare, mitch12294, epic, builder, war, warfare, strategy, different, hero, dungeons, warcraft, miscellaneous.

Epic Warfare V1.26 (Map)

10:49, 9th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected
  1. 10:49, 9th Dec 2009
    ap0calypse: Rejected
  2. Kl3sk


    Aug 3, 2009
    ...*cough*... Stating the obvious : *Type (make up your mind) ; *Category : ? ; *Map size : 0x256 (6.23 MB) - Please make an effort and fix these small issues.
    Also : I've seen this map uploaded once about a month ago, same name,everything...wouldn't you consider this a double upload?...
    Please talk to our HiveWorkshop admins / moderators about your project, for permission on this upload. Thank you!
  3. ap0calypse


    Jan 26, 2007
    Thank you for noticing this
    It is ineed a multi-upload, the previous version was rejected (because of your review ^^).

    Rejected (again), -1 rep (as a warning).