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Elf Magi

Blood Mage model. Comes with High Mage variant.

Feel free to use and edit these models, so long as you credit me.

Changed walk, attack, spell and death animations. Toyed with particles. Added ribbon for 'smoke' effect.

Blood Elf, High Elf, Alliance, Human, Blood, Mage, Hero

Elf Magi (Model)

Elf Magi (Model)

21:37, 28th Feb 2015 Misha: nice, nice.. feels very powerful ingame, in both look and animation




21:37, 28th Feb 2015
Misha: nice, nice.. feels very powerful ingame, in both look and animation
If there are any serious design issues, feel free to point them out.

If you are going to make some comment about how you don't like the cape, or the mask, on a cosmetic level, keep in mind, that is personal preference, and this is my model. You are given full permission to edit whatever you please, so I would suggest doing that.

When it comes to personal preference, I submit my vision of a character or archetype.
Hmm, there's nothing overtly Elfish about it, which would be my only criticism but based on your opening post I understand that, and, I think it's quite good because I was looking for a Human-ish mage model with this exact look so it adds to flexibility than detract from theme but some people might've wanted him looking a bit more pointy-eared.
Level 7
Oct 20, 2010
During spell channel, you can sort of see under his shoulderpad. This shouldn't really be noticible in game and it really isn't that big of a deal, but I just wanted to say the only thing I noticed that may be fixable.
I also don't know if this was apart of your design, and if it was just stay true to what you like Direfury :)
Level 3
Sep 9, 2009
No. I deliberately made this Blood Mage as different from Kael as I could, rather than making the mistake that I did with my generic(NotIllidanInAnyWayShapeOrForm) Demon Hunter.

However, it wouldn't be hard to edit a version of this model into Kael'Thas, so post a thread on the Requests section if you want.

If I add ReplaceableColorId and set the filter mode to add alpha, would it give the armor team color?


Arena Moderator
Level 45
Jul 29, 2008
Ooh... You are just moving too fast for me, man.

I like this. I like this because it's a nice re-interpretation of the Blood Mage, but done in a way that belies/enables him to be another race (i.e. Human). I like the effects, the animations are pretty solid as usual... He's pretty blocky/sturdy, but meh.

I think my only complaint would be the abruptness of the fall for his Death, and the fact that his cape looks to be made of lead during Walk (i.e. doesn't move around very much, especially compared to the in-game Blood Mage).

Still, noice work.