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Last Activity:
Jun 7, 2016
Dec 9, 2005


Heavy drinker.

Matarael was last seen:
Jun 7, 2016
    1. Darkfang
      Hey thanks for the resources, hope you are doing fine in life!
    2. Roland
      Hi! :D I am roland, How're you? :3
    3. NFWar
      Good to know I have one more fan. Thanks.
    4. Narandza
      I got you the 4th gem!
    5. Magtheridon96
      Because people are lazy ^_^
    6. I3lackDeath
      User http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/i3lackdeath/ used to do that with his icons, and he received tons of input... before he was... killed... in his prime... RIP*
      *he's not really dead he just stopped posting resources. .
      Lol, oh god, why would I have been killed? Decisions were made, things were talked about, resolution has arrived.
      I am not dead, never were, yet I stand by my decision to keep my resources deleted and won't upload further resources to the site. It would be out of character and show lack of backbone to do otherwise.
      I have uploaded my resources to my dA account, which I linked in my signature and user title.

      Also, I think I stopped posting big images later in my time here. Since I've been working on PS, I didn't save big images anymore.

      (Oh, and I didn't read the second *, because I thought that actually belonged to your signature... That's what you get for taking in things with one glance only. :grin:)
    7. 67chrome
      I'd rather you didn't modify my skins. Changing the hue/saturation or brightness contrast is fine, but I'm really in favor of people seeing my work knowing that's exactly what I did ;) (Glad you like the skins though). Icons don't take up that much room, but I've tended to stick to bliz stuff for spells and items in my own projects, when there's 1k+ icons you sort of feel compelled too XD
    8. I3lackDeath
      Haha, thanks for pointing out that little error in my signature (and sorry for this late approval)!
      Strange that I never noticed it....
    9. Magtheridon96
    10. Hawkwing
      I'll be sure to tell my sister that! Thanks for the rep. :D
    11. judash137
      Now you can pm me freely, try it now and email me if you still cant pm me!
    12. judash137
      To make blood splatter on unit
      Model Editor > Node manager > Creat Even Object > Even Data:
      - Type: SPL
      - Data: Whatever you want
      > Set time for blood event and Done
    13. Xian
      thanks,i'll use it +rep
    14. Xian
      Mind if i unanimate your Iceshard model?
      so it could be used as an attachment...
    15. Splash16
      Would you want to do project together with me?
    16. Direfury
      Gonna update that model thread?
    17. Splash16
      I tried to find Scorpios by i couldn't.
    18. Splash16
      Can you give me the link of ai you used in your map WiLL?
    19. -Grendel
      oh yeah evangelion! my favorite angel there is sachiel the one with the bird shaped skull
    20. -Grendel
      your name reminds me of something....its an anime but i forgot its name :/
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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