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Tinkering with some model edits on two wc3 models.

An experimental model where I tried to apply two naga building textures (Coral Bed and Altar of Depths) on it, plus some edits to make it look a little different from Myrmidon and Royal Guard.
I have no ideas for a class though. And even if I did, the choices of wc3 snake people animations are very limited.

Those who remember my April Fools Joke in 2009 will recognize the mesh on this model's head. I wanted to reuse it in a little more serious matter, and made a younger male villager (not teenager, but more of a 25-30 year old adult).
This model will be more likely to become finished than the naga model.

NOTE: Don't mind the weird black borders you notice on these models. They will vanish once the alpha channel effects will be applied when the models are exported to mdx.