DvO's Mario-type Models showing off...

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have now a WIP of Wario (modified from Luigi). As you see now, the body and head are seperate, but that's because the body is the player model and the head is the portrait model. They will be merged (geoset speaken) when Wario is done.

I'm only going to make the original Wario version, and NOT the WarioWare Inc. version. But I might make a Waluigi when Wario is finished.

Since this is a WIP, useful feedbacks are appreciated (though I am pretty aware that I have more stuffs to do with him).


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WIP update.

- Made Wario more rounder.
- More facelift done (almost like the original).
- Ears bigger and more pointy.
- A few bone arrangements.
- Merged his head with the body.
- Wario's deathsound is The Lost Ones (Wc3 Draenai).
- Removed Mountain King attack sounds.

I tried to make his legs more smaller and shorter, but they gone wonky in walk animations (not even bone arranging on the legs didn't help).

I also tested him in-game (no screenshots for the moment) with success.

I use this pic as reference.


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A few updates:

- Head a bit smaller. I will not make it smaller now because the original Wario has a big head. I have actually compared the size of the head of the original and my model.
- Body a little more rounder.

Any more feedbacks before I consider it finished so I can make a Waluigi?


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Will he have a firepower texture like Mario and Luigi?

Looks great!

I have never seen any Wario games that have a Wario with a firepower suit, so no.
He may have eaten a fireflower in Super Mario Land 2, but I couldn't notice any suit color changes.

Thanks for the comment anyway. =)

I got a few feedbacks from wc3c so I'll try to work more on him.
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Jun 18, 2004
He needs to look more evil, Wario is always angry. He should actually have an animation of him getting all angry and jumping up and down, like in the good old Wario Land #1. Like when he just lost all his money.

He looks pretty angry. And I'm pretty sure DvO can't animate, either, because I think he got Chriz. to do the custom ones or something.
The para-goomba looks great, but what is different about the Micro-goomba other than a scaled down goomba? Some sort of ribbon blur?

It uses the CryptFiendMissile animation, so It would be a good missile for the Para-Goomba (plus as a negative buff for the target unit).
If you have played Super Mario Bros. 3, you know what I mean.
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Feb 22, 2006
Didn't the Yoshi model got ignored in the Hive Database?

@Pyritie: I did noticed that in your Pyritie campaign, but It's ok for me. ;)

A chain chomp wouldn't be that difficult to create. Though I think it will need scratch animations, and I haven't learn that yet.
Create the mesh, and sometime in the near future (I have a lot of things going on) I'll animate it for you. It should be simple indeed.
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Jan 15, 2008


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Mar 6, 2008
DvO whats ur W.I.P atm?
it would be well cool if u make a skeleton bowser
because your making mario models does that mean ur making donkey kong etc
btw exellent models:wink::thumbs_up:
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