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Diablo 3 - Monk for WC3 - WIP

Level 16
Jun 25, 2008
well in the .gif, it seems like from under the waist he's completely still?
Ah, I though you ment the belly.... ok now I see it, you are right, maybe I can fix this, ... well just a little :grin:

I got a question, if I want to make the weapon seperate, what requirements does it need ?
I mean, what direction do I need to model it, pointing to the front, up, etc.
do I need to add an animation ?


how do I test it ?

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i love the model, but please keep it with the quality it has right now.
if anyone is to even Use this model in a map, that map deserves to have other awesome imported models.

so please just keep working in this quality.

i do have some C or C

The run.
seems more like a jog down the street, or a slow paced run to a classroom. not really a running toward action type thing.
but its still fine.
i just see him as a fast type, as seen in the trailers, sprinting toward his enemies.

stand 1.
i think its almost perfect, maybe just a TAD bit too much movement, but perfectly the diablo standing style.
plus people do not consider that other stand animations will be randomly occuring, so it wont look as weird just looking at that one stand animation.

stand 2.
the feet problem as issued.
i think he should take a step back, stretch his back, as he is viewing the landscape.
a tiny step, just to have some movement,
then at the end of the animation, the step back into his original stand 1 position or w.e/

the model.
the back of the head only bothers me a tiny bit,
just maybe increase the size of the back of his head --> a bit more.

i do hope you make those other Diablo3 models in your style,
so that they will all fit together, replacing those other ones.

you are very talented.
Level 14
Jun 13, 2007
it is based on the first one, but starts from the new stand ready animation


ATTACk - 2

( the actual speed of both animations is faster, especially the first one )

C&C plz

Faster then that? That's a tad to much methinks especially on the second one becouse you can't really tell what he's doing
Saved and viewed it with Windows Explorer, is slooooow. But a nice animation.
I did the same thing now. Such great anims, ignoring speed, that appeared too slow now.
Speed should be a factor to be ignored when judging these anims, Taylor_Mouse knows with what speed it will look good. The motion itself is awesome.
Level 3
Aug 23, 2008
Even more ?, I already lowered it twice, but ok, when I look at it for a while, you are right

btw thnx Dan :cool:

Uppercuts aren't mainly excuted by the strenght of your arm. The power comes from the movement of your hip and your upper body - you bend down, rotate a little and in the last bit, while you're bending up again, right before the actual hit you kind of "discharge" the power with a sudden movement of your arm. Your arm/hand doesn't move above your own/the enemies head at all, as it's shown in the current animation. The maximum altitude might be right before his own face.
EDIT: As "Maker" said, the uppercut should reach its target. You do that by bending towards your target a bit while bending down ;)

You should really change it. You don't have to make it look 100% realistic, of course. No offense, but it looks ridiculous to anyone who knows how to fight.

Anyways, good job so far.