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Diablo 3 Monk for Warcraft 3

This is a custom made model based on Blizzard's Monk for Diablo 3

Monk, Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Monk for Warcraft 3 (Model)

Diablo 3 Monk for Warcraft 3 (Model)

04:53, 29th Sep 2009 BlinkBoy: hmm looks quite nice. He's a very nice piece of work. However some issues: First, most animations are way too noisy and lack some reality, most don't have a true hit point like Spell Slam so you could think on fixing...




04:53, 29th Sep 2009
BlinkBoy: hmm looks quite nice. He's a very nice piece of work. However some issues: First, most animations are way too noisy and lack some reality, most don't have a true hit point like Spell Slam so you could think on fixing it. Among other issues: You use way too many geosets; optimize the model, the texture "FX MONK" could be replaced for an inner texture and, finally, you should write animation names on low case letters.

Anyways, approved 5/5.
Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
really awesome, but there are some minor things that could be improved:
attack -1 looks a bit weak, because he moves his weapon a bit too slow. You should speed it up a bit.
You should rename attack -2 to attack slam and create a attack animation similar to attack -1 instead for attack -2, but that's just my personal taste.
dissipate is a bit too fast
he also runs anatomically wrong. you usually would never move your right leg and arm to the front at the same time. It's always left arm+right leg/right arm+ left leg which move to the same direction :>
Level 5
Aug 22, 2009
-Needs a portrait
-buffs dont show in game (for example ,i used Divine Shield and it didn´t showed up )
-This model should be scaled to 1.55 to match the size of other wc3 units
-Also, some animations look a bit erratic (like anarchianbedlam said) and the walk anim feels a little ankward.

Aside from what i said, its a pretty cool model. In the artistic part looks awesome and pretty well-made. In the tecnic part it looks like you exported (and optimized) this model from somewhere else because of the things i pointed out with " - " (minus the walk anim), if thats not the case, you should be able to fix them.

I´ll post a rating and a better review once those details are fixed.
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The mesh is TOTALLY AWESOME, but i have a few things to point out, apart from what anarchiand and the others said.
*If you make the invisible parts of the beard black instead of white, they will alpha much better.
*Stand - Ready animation looks a bit too hula-hula for me.
*In the attack -1 animation, try make the punch move quickest (as in super quick!) the moment before it hits, then slow it down in the end instead.
*Decrease the number of geosets and materials! That would lower the filesize.
*Please, remove that hero glow. It could easily be added using an attatchment.
*His staff slices through his body several times, especially in thad freaky ninja-jump animation!

The stand animations are fantastic though. 5/5.
Level 11
Apr 28, 2008
Don't get me wrong, the model is very well executed, but there are some minor flaws you should AND could fix.

The part below his beard doesn't fit to the rest. It seems it isn't textured at all(see attached image).

Further I don't no if this works as intended, but the animation names are strange. The tag "special" does not exist and can't be read by WC3. That means the monk uses for standard attacking the two "attack" animations and the "attack special"s. I tested it ingame and it turns out like I said. You could fix that by naming them "attack slam" and "attack slam alternate". That will prevent the monk from using them for normal attacks.

By watching the model in magos it appears that the feet are moving while standing. I know that part is annoying to fix if you want to move the upper legs but not the feet. But it can be done. Maybe it is an result of the optimization that cuts out some keyframes to reduce the filesize. In game it won't be visible to the heroglow so this is a really minor issue^^

As I allready said, don't get me wrong. Very good job, exspecially the texture part is supreme. Just wanted to tell some things I discovered.

Greetings Thy


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Level 3
Jun 18, 2006
Definitely voting for its approval, because it's a perfect replica to me. (Well, for warcraft standards. Gotta stick to the necessary basics, eh?)
Also, his face still somehow reminds me of Zale from Enclave. That's just me though.

Also, 5/5 :p
Thnx guys for all these comments, I know it is already approved, and of course thanks everyone, but I'll still check what I can do and I'll post an update as soon as I get to it :)

WALK -> changed the arm versus leg position, now it looks more natural.
OVERALL SIZE -> model is now 50% bigger
HERO GLOW -> lowered the size, made the 3 layers have a different size, lowered the position, so you see the feet a bit better

NOTE : the chages have NOT been uploaded yet

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Level 17
Jun 9, 2007
attachment points are where effects and buffs in warcraft are placed on a unit... examples are origin, head, overhead, hand, weapon, etc....... if it has no attachment points set then no matter how many buffs and effects you put it will not show on the unit...

Yeah, and he only added one attachment point, and that was for the weapon :p
He is a new at using attachment points, i think that he didnt knew what it was before he made this model actually.

Maybe a few tutorials for him and tada, buffable xD
Level 4
Apr 5, 2005
love this model but..

the walk animation is just unnatural and robotic, the arms sway together with their legs, which is supposed to be the opposite

the death is just sloppy, you basically just threw him against the ground

other than that, its pretty good..
Level 1
Aug 9, 2009
Aww this is one very nice model ^^ I've been wondering when something like this would be seen on Hive. 5/5 +rep
Ref points added
Run/walk animation has been corrected


Added the portrait !
The pupils for the eyes have been added here, teeth and inner mounth ( added them to the texture, so it is also updated )
portrait - 2
portrait - talk
portrait - talk - 2
team color in the background

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