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DBZ Tribute Ultra V10b10

Submitted by gotenkz
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Updated 16th May 2010
Play in the world of Dragon Ball Z/GT as 1 of 12 of the characters in the anime series. It works similar to a hero arena map where you train against creeps but also has an RPG element to it where you pass quests, level up and complete extra sagas based on the DBZ/GT series. It can go up to a 6v6 battle between good and evil, but also acts as a free for all somewhat where you don't have to comply with your teammates to win - just become the strongest.

Everyone competes in this to obtain the highest power level from training against creeps and completing quests. The power levels are displayed in the board along with the game mode and saga you are on. If your character is killed you are sent to the afterlife, a place where you can train without the hassles of your enemies attacking you, however it's harder to gain power in the afterlife, which is it's handicap. If everyone is sent to the afterlife on your team, you lose.

There are also side quests you can do, such as register for tournaments, collect the Dragon Balls to make a wish or train in places such as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

The map has well over 70 custom models, about 50 custom skins, custom sounds and custom UI.

This map is a beta so there's probably still a few bugs and balance changes to be done. I also need to fix up some of the grammar and add some new features. Also the terrain isn't 100% finished yet. But everything is finished enough for it to be playable.


This is a beta map so it's still in testing. The following changes are from Beta 9 to Beta 10

- New Pterodactyl creeps
- Bio fighters spawn more slowly
- Demon Boar bash ability replaced with Impale
- Janemba beam weakened
- Cell now has +50 energy and +20 hp
- Bebi now has +1 armor
- FTrunks USS2 speed bug fixed
- New roll command to roll for items
- New unstuck command
- New time command to display elapsed time
- Annin no longer spawns near entrance
- Geti Towers now have 50000hp when building
- New model and pathing for Geti Factory
- Cell's sense androids on easy mode fixed
- Can now IT with dballs
- IT won't work if nearby hero is there
Stuff by Ikcilapmada
- Message added for leaving players
- Death messages for heroes
- Killed heroes now get pinged
The following changes are from Beta 8 to Beta 9

- Saga/tourny items and power wish now more effective on the weakest heroes and less on the strongest heroes (won't work on forbidden fruit, unit bonuses etc as the effectivness is based on the challenge to win however the challenge on these items are static)
- Gohan has Gekiretsu Madan
- Gohan automatically gets FSK at level 30
- Cooler revive bugs fixed
- Cooler units/buildings now have build times
- Cooler IT cooldown now 120 from 180
- Some new models for terrain including King Yama
- Broly can no longer energy punch HFIL's door
- HBTC now harder to destroy
- HBTC now gives vision until it's destroyed
- Late game saga heal nerfed
- Removed terrain deform effects on DS, BBA, DB to reduce lag
- Doubled stat/xp gain from hero battles
- Cell can sense the androids a short distance in normal mode
- Kyodaika now a unit ability
- Invade Vegeta Mind bug fixed
- Increased min aggro range of creeps from 500 to 600
- Future Trunks USS2 now 4.5x str from 5x and 2.5x int/agl from 2x (speed nerf remains)
- More icons added
The following changes are from Beta 7 to Beta 8

- Custom DBZ sounds added (Experimental)
- Geti Star can be rebuilt
- New/Updated creeps, mainly Janemba onwards
- Anyone who has a Majin buff now has an overhead icon
- Babidi can now cast Majin Influence on allies to contribute kills towards releasing Buu
- HBTC balls level 8 from 9
- HBTC not ready until after the Garlic saga has ended, Mr Popo will signal you
- Bebi's CEB AoE now 400 from 300
- Bebi's Tuffle creature now 320 speed from 270
- Cooler IT now 1000 energy from 2000
- Argua/Olibu/Buyon/Pikkon patrols take 1 extra second to come out, 0.1 extras seconds added to patrol time increase, when they are tired take 10+ seconds to come out and have critical/evade skills
- Geti now gets 5 Ore mines from 3 on map
- Geti gets 10000 Ore in mines from 8000
- Some sagas now joint/static sagas to speed up the game
- Board now displays the highest saga powerlevels and displays joint saga names
- Possible spell bugs fixed
- Perfect Cell no longer can go UPC while dead
- Several Lookout Tourney bugs fixed
- SB/FD/RDB crash bug fixed
- Added real player names next to DBZ names so you know who's who
- Fountains now replenish hp/energy and can be destroyed
- SS spamming lag fixed, you can still spam it, but it won't lag
- Goku IT to the afterlife bugs fixed
- HBTC can be blown up
- Dragonballs no longer get stuck in the HBTC
- Several Bebi bodying bugs fixed
- Revive wish ticket and Immortality no longer have a cooldown
- Player heroes now revive with 50% energy from 1000 energy (Excluding android revival)
- Game is no longer paused at the end so people can see statistics at the end of replays
- Multiplayer test mode (See Help/Modes)
The following changes are from Beta 6 to Beta 7

- Ore Mines now blow up about 10 seconds after they've been used up so new Ore Mines can appear
- Patrol circles in the afterlife now go black when they are not ready
- The more you use a patrol circle the longer they take to get ready for another training partner to come out
- If you continue to use a patrol circle after extensive training, your training partner will tell you they are getting tired
- After a while the patrol circles return to their full potential, this should prevent over extensive afterlife training. You may also use another training circle while that one is recovering
- Good Dabura now on the Grand Kai's planet
- If you find Dabura some pretty flowers he resets the patrol circles
- If you kill Annin she resets the patrol circles
- Flowers/Annin respawn after 120 seconds
- Permanent fusion from winning tourny bug fixed
- Fixed up Kyodaika's description
The following changes are from Beta 5 to Beta 6

- Abilities now do 60% from 70% damage to heroes
- Piccolo ending final lookout tourn using multi fixed
- Sagas come out more quickly now
- Fixed up saga hero stats so they are more even
- Fixed up saga hero levels so they are more even
- Sagas get stronger with more players
- Ally bug during tourny fixed
- Saga heal uses up much more mana per hitpoint
- Saga heal has a more noticable visual effect
- Babidi reviving dead Buu from HFIL bug fixed
- World Tournament dead non-invul players bug fixed
- Stage 1 Enter Body now has stronger summons, half xp gain from creeps and energy stats and also needs 50% hp to use from 33%
- Renamed Left Game to -empty- so it's easier to tell who left and who's dead (dead players are blacked out)
- Bebi COE bugs fixed and more fluent
- Bebi stuck bug using Enter Body when maturing fixed
- Gravity training balls come out more quickly
- Fruit/Meat does an extra 10% heal life/energy bonus
- Buu can cast his ball on Fat Janemba now
- Stage 2 Enter Body gives Bebi's host instant +225 stats, and +500 stats if he maintains the body for over a minute
- Monkey Bebi has Fire Breath
- Geti Star can now build Geti Droids
- Geti Droids build Geti Defense Towers and Factories
- Geti Droids/Defense Towers are based on hero stats and automatically update every 11 seconds
- Factories manufacture Droids/Copies
- Coolers scan/sense now detects all Ore Deposits on the map, his Scan for resources ability has consequently been removed
- Ore Deposits must be taken over by touching them with a unit, then up to 3 Droids can harvest from it (Similar to how undead harvest gold except no building required)
- One Ore Deposit starts next to your base, 2 other ones are placed randomly on the map, they keep respawning somewhere new once they are depleted, max 3 mines at any one time. Ore mines also give no vision.
- You get 1 free Geti Droid at the start
- Cooler now has Geti Repair, similar to Buu's Heal except it takes 25% of your life from your energy, and 75% of your life from your resources
- Cooler when revived by the Geti Star now gives Cooler 50% life and minimal energy, meaning if you want to fully restore yourself you have to use Geti Repair (This is to prevent players from just killing themselves over using Repair)
- Metal Cooler has Instant Transmission, except it only teleports to structures and can teleport up to 24 of his units, it won't teleport harvesting Geti Droids
- Cooler gets resources per kill depending on the level of the creep/hero
The following changes are from Beta 4 to Beta 5

- XP is manually triggered so summons do not steal a Heroe's XP
- More bonuses for killing any enemy hero now
- Some new icons
- Gohan can go ss/ss2 without seeing Guru for Potential (Solves the noobs stuck in afterlife issue)
- Dragon Radar available now 1 minute after balls are restored
- Radar can only sense nearby balls, same distance as sense
- Radar has 60 second cooldown
- Radar no longer becomes broken after the first set of balls
- Wish bugs fixed
- Game mode bugs fixed
- Super 13 stat multiplier nerfed
- Most summon moves made stronger
- Separated Bebi's help skills and body skills
- Bebi's Enter Body is auto learned and has 2 stages, first is learned straight away
- Stage 1 Enter Body can take over humans/creeps for Tuffles based on your stats
- Bebi now has Continous Energy Bullets, replacing Saiyan Memories
- Goku's King Kai bonus now only works if you stay there for 2 minutes, bonus also increased
- Bebi and Cell have new bonuses complete with a News team
- Revive tix now have 3 minute cooldown
- Pikkon/Buyon now level 21 from 22
- Bebi, Cell and Cooler have about 50 more initial energy
- Haven't had time to update Cooler, but for now his Clones are much stronger
- To reduce lag, many land deformation effects were removed
The following changes are from Beta 3 to Beta 4

- Board at the end of the game displays statistics (kills, deaths, time elapsed etc).
- After defeat screen, game no longer goes to scoreboard, you can freely move around and see what happened.
- Piccolo cannot use Multi Form when giant
- Tourny entrance/Cooler revive regions expanded to prevent appearance bugs
- Goku Spirit Bomb visuals buffed (WIP)
- Tourny death vision bug fixed
- HBTC greatly nerfed
- Gravity training slightly nerfed
- Weak Demons in HFIL now 400hp from 700hp
- Inc vision to 1000 at night for everyone from 800
- Forbidden Fruit drops again in HFIL
- Fruit/Meat now gives additional % life/energy
- Bio Fighters no longer drop xp items
- Broly can no longer energy punch buildings
- Babidi/Majin Vegeta can now update kills to release Buu by killing afterlife training creeps and also sagas
- Babidi gets 5 kills towards releasing Buu if he kills a Z fighter
The following changes are from Beta 2 to Beta 3

- Camera command added
- Piccolo Kyodaika bugs fixed
- Capsule Corp collisions fixed
- Senzu/Dragon Ball radar purchase bug fixed
- 1800 seconds into game Bulma tells the Z fighters the radar is ready to collect
- Bio-lab stuck bug fixed
- Dragon Fist/Burning Attack bugs fixed
- Androids/Cell hotkeys fixed
- Vision death bug fixed
- Bosses cannot enter/exit the lookout
- Crazy camera lookout bugs fixed
- Hero battles give live stats/xp for a set time, it slowly diminishes over time, and needs a minute to recharge
- Spells now do 70% damage to Heroes from 100%
- Ins Trans does not work for the afterlife anymore
The following changes are from Beta to Beta 2

- Updated terrain again
- Small update to Gohan's Father Son Kamehameha
- New single player test mode, press ESC to boost your characters level/reset cooldowns and energy
- Babidi's Invade Vegeta's Mind now level 40 from 50
- Saga Boss power levels added to board
- Fixed creeps respawn bug
- Fixed ticket bug
- Fixed Bebi/Gotenks tournament bug
The following changes are from V9.3 to V10 beta. Please note that this is only a fraction of the changes, there were too many to mention

- The multiboard now shows everyone's power levels to compare yourself to others (no more asking others for their stats).
- The board also shows the game mode, the saga you are on and the saga bosses current power level.
- Your stat multiplier and fusion timer have been moved top right, the fusion timer now also tells you when you can fuse again.
- There's a larger diversity of creeps to fight now.
- The afterlife, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and the Dragon ball wishes have all been greatly altered.
- In the beginning the creeps drop random items to help you out at the start.
- You can no longer farm, meaning you can't cheat with Piccolo/Bebi/Cell etc, if you want the stats your summons/clones must be within 1.5 screen lengths!
- Stat multipliers fixed for partial numbers (No more rounding off of stats if you are on 125% stat multiplier as an example).
- Saga Bosses can now use spells, including several beams attacks, healing and other abilties depending on the boss, they are also smarter in chasing but less agressive and less insane on stats
- Terrain updated to match the series
- More than 70 models and 50 skins added
- Battling with other heroes give live xp/stats
- All chars have a sense button meaning you can track down nearby bosses or enemies, but only within 3.5 screen lengths
- Several abilties added/altered/replaced (eg Sprit Bomb, Final Destruction)
- The visual effects have been buffed up, the abilities look closer to the series now, also visuals such as making a wish have been updated to look closer to the series as well
- The User Interface now has a custom Shenron UI replacing the old Human User Interface.

Gotenkz Made DBZ Tribute Ultra V1-V10, Icons, UI, Several Models/Skins
Womplord The original creator of DBZ Tribute finishing @ DBZ Tribute V3.5
FiendishDevil Continued DBZ Tribute to 4.0c, which DBZTU is based from
Ikcilapmada Made DBZ Tribute Elite, copied a few triggers to this version
unimatrixzer0 For managing/paying for the original forums
Cetra, Wivot and Zarmat For managing the new forums and community
Orgrim Korin, Gogeta, Vegito, Oozaru Bebi, Cell, Gohan
Bron33 King Yama
Robot-dude Pterodactyl
Final Tyrant Janemba skin
Flare Cell first form
Jigrael Bulma base model
JetFangInferno and Will the almighty Explosion effects
Thrikodius Moon
EdwardSwolenToe Cliff spire
Hellblazer-14 Green hedges
Callahan Orbital Strike model
Gottfrei Pine Tree
Tranquil Lightning effect
D.O.G. Meat and Bananas
SiegeRedwolf, Soulrailer, Henryz and Lelia The 4 character paintings

TDB @ USEast(Azeroth)
/join clan TDB @ USEast
/join DBZ @ any server

dbz, dragon, dbzgt, dbztu, dbz tribute, anime, manga, naruto, goku

DBZ Tribute Ultra V10b10 (Map)



    Jul 9, 2013
    Hi I just download the map and I can't play it because the game says it's too big, Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Darklycan51


    Jan 12, 2011
    Great map and never got updated... if you still have the map can i update it?
  3. TheLordOfChaos201


    Jul 2, 2011
    I believe I've worked with your earlier versions of this game.

    I made an AI to drive all the units that you do not place a human behind the controls.

    It's works for all the characters, only buu had some problems but that was fixed too, I could provide you with a link to the map(your map) with the AI added...

    if you want to add them, just send me a reply
  4. TheLordOfChaos201


    Jul 2, 2011
    Try changing the name of the game

    This is a common problem, the name of the game file is often too long for the warcraft game to read... it just says the game is too big, but really it's the name.

    also odd characters can cause the same hiccup
  5. TheLordOfChaos201


    Jul 2, 2011
    Hi I just download the map and I can't play it because the game says it's too big, Am I doing something wrong?

  6. TheLordOfChaos201


    Jul 2, 2011
    This is the worst DBZ version I have ever played.

    the Graphics get in the way of game play and the actual game play is annoying.

    it's actually frustrating to play... WHY!

    you must have spent so long on making this game, but damn it sucks
  7. Kaynes


    Aug 7, 2015
    Anyone wanna play with me ? Even 2v2 would be extremly great ! But no pros cause i played it only once or two times. If you want tell me in private or add skype : kiritov123 , i play on garena guys :)
  8. Inconnou


    Oct 26, 2015
    this version is less competitive than the dbz tribute elite but it's more funky, and funnier
  9. Inconnou


    Oct 26, 2015
    If one day, you can fix the tournament bug with stats (on saiyans), and maybe Gohan is even more affected by this (dunno why). They eat the trophy in revert, and then they are imba (*4 stats) while evil players only have *1
  10. franc.08


    Oct 5, 2017
    Can I make Kid Buu if I play single player? Can I make him by just absorbing humans and creeps, or do I need to absorb a strong Z-fighter in oredr to become Kid Buu ? Help please ! :)