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Last Activity:
May 16, 2010
Sep 23, 2004



gotenkz was last seen:
May 16, 2010
    1. Darklycan51
      Can i get the map to update it? i'll give all the credits needed i just want to see that great map properly updated...
    2. dudnx
      how do I play with other characters in dbzt? :D
    3. Kailyou
      Hey I got an idea for your dbz map.

      Every time my friends and me playing we dont like if the game is over cuz all players are death. For example if u are just 2 players on the map (1 good and 1 evil) it can be a very short game.

      Could you add another way to win? perhaps 100 herokills for winning or something like that. Just that there would be a way to just relax on the map!

      hope for an answer,

    4. Cpt.ZnacK
      Love your Map!!!
    5. arphax214
      hey gotenks personaly like your new map pls use models for other characters there is already many good models of dbz check @@
      i know it may increase mapfile size but it will make game more realistic i think...there is many more models for dbz...i think you know the site already..
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    DBZTU V10
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    Night Elf
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