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  • Hey bro, I need some models from BattleStadiumDON, like Six-tailed Kyuubi, Gedo Mazou, and some more. I promise you I will not disappoint you if you supply me with them.
    No srry... I have pretty much in school to do. I will create it as fast as i can after the other stuffs i supposed to do for other peoples ^^.
    Hey there. I wonder why you ain't answering my PM. Please do that. I'm now finished with the spell "Body Flicker Technique".
    Also, I'm at work from 09:00 to 18:00 until friday (Time here now is 20:00 and it's Wednessday. I live in Sweden xD) So i can just create you'r spells from like 18:00 to 23:00. 5 hours time to create you'r spells but I'm pretty fast ^^.
    Well i did just recognise explosion note but what is an kunai? And permutation? Well tell me more in a VM or PM. As fast as you can ^^.
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    (Post) [highlight](-1)[/highlight] Do not create two threads to ask the same question.
    Both looked approved to me.... So I do not really understand what you want.

    Anyway the linked spell was reopened so people can now comment.
    currently my map is under making, my friend is making the terrain while im making more spell!! & for don i dont know they are slow and lazy might take lot time

    well you can upload to other forum, but only JNGPS files are mine. JNGP Core is not thous you will need external link. i think its best u point it here coz of updates (if i apply any) and all that... however if you really want u can upload it to other forum.

    atm DON 1.4c can be played with patch 1.21, my new map is Naruto Tribute World and it wont be compatible with previous patch becuz i use Hashtable in it! but if its very popular i will make a version for lower wc3 patch ^^
    Nice ty for ur map update ehhee
    and wat is the title of ur new map?
    and ur map can play patch 1.21 of FZ?
    cuz i got only patch 1.21
    and for DON it will play 1.21 too?

    Actually DON is still in making, since in only the advitiser i cannot really do something on it!!

    my new aoe with Devil NARUTO vs DBZ is in making will probly be release lot time before DON, 60% of map was complete as soon i got a date i will release it evrywhere ^^

    my naruto tribute still in making atm
    Hi vegeta do u have a new update for DON???
    cuz its too long i never hear a new DON ver. this map was now dead???
    and to ur new anime aoe map its now release???
    valk working on 1.5 i forgot to ask where he was int he process but for now i can tell, he worked on it but he didnt test it on bnet wit new patch to know if optimizer and locker worked good :/ but w/e me and my making team started to make an Anime aos, since we are highly skilled in coding this new aos will tore appart any other anime aos ^^ but the fact is i wont be able to get all cool effect of don cuz , valk making is own model and things >.> i dont really have time to start modeling o_O way 2 long
    ohhh its ok ehehe.do u have a new update for DON?and can u tell valk tht can he add some sound effect if its ok.eehhe TY!!!!
    yeah sorry valkemiere is slow, he got lot thing to do >.> he prefer working on 1.5 .....sigh......... he just had to change and update vexorian but w/e... im making my own aos,
    hey M vegeta the battlestaduim DON is dead???!!!and valk is he ok is he working the 1.5 ver.???
    dbz is dead thats why i give up dbz tribute for Naruto!!!
    Might make map naruto vs bleach after this 1 lol
    Lew seriously I will start reporting you if continue this, all your doing is constantly troll Adam and Sean.
    Seriously, the one who needs a life is YOU. And please, stop think that you're a better map maker then ikcilapmada or Sean_D. You're not even near to a 1 day experienced map maker.
    This guy here, is the probably the worst map maker ever in the history. I still remember playing your version a.k.a DBZ Tribute ESW, and when I played it, I couldn't open my mouth. There were so much unbalanced stuffs such as anyone (Yes, including the Evil) were allowed to go inside to the HBTC (Hyperbolic TimeChamber). Oh did I mentioned that this guy has the worst manners + worst english? Quote from LgendFusionLEW: "YO FIRST ig et new car tommorrow, sec ill probly go to strip club 2night and third someday ull got own!!! evry1 got own 1 day XD " Further details: DBZ-Tribute :: View topic - GET A LIFE
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    (Post) i agree but maybe you should think about asking other people who make skins for help in exchange for credit in some way on the map

    im new here. i have already made some maps.
    now i want to create a DBZ map.
    I saw your map with all the great models and spells

    but i need some fantastic models like there are in this map.

    i would be very pleased if you could tell me where i can find some models of Cell, Vegeta, Freeza, Goku, .....

    I cant find them here...

    greetings and thanks for help
    John Sinclair
    I just wanted to say, asking a question on Wolverabid's profile page isn't going to get you anywhere. Especially since he hasn't logged in since June.

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