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Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2018
Sep 14, 2007



Manoo was last seen:
Jan 23, 2018
    1. Stefan.K
      You're still active? Cool. :)
    2. humangrunt
      Hi Manoo, Genin32/a Void said here that you have the map that was used to test the WC3 Legends mod; i was wondering if you could release that map, it would be interesting to see the coding and the triggers :)
    3. IamFootman061
      Nice project but you just leave it? Damn.
    4. Misha
      I saw.. cool
    5. Misha
      .. you really made this warrior model? O.o
      i'm a lill uncertain if that's true so.. better be honest, a'right?
    6. Sellenisko
      Feel free to send me the L2 half project any time :D iam always looking for new thing to dig to ;) i might even create some models for it...and who knows...maybe finish it..i loved L2 times, back on its time...
    7. Sellenisko
      Hello, what happened with your L2 project fro warcraft ?
    8. HammerFist132
      HEY. Can you please recomend me some internet tutorials?
    9. HammerFist132
      Okey I solved problem about selection, it was locted with space bar
    10. HammerFist132
      Mate I have bad internet, so that's why I cannot follow advanced tutorials over youtube or any other side. I have two questions for start:
      1. When you create human model, do you have his template mesh done allready or for every model you start working from scratch.
      2. I have annoying problem with selecting objects (Q), from time to time selection doesnt work for me and I have to create some object (box, player whatever) to enable selection once again, is there any hotkey for this (pressing q many times do not help).
    11. HammerFist132
      Hello mate, I have seen your model and it is really good. So I was asking if you could be my "teacher" for creating high poly mesh and good uv mapping. I know to work on both, but I am really slow. So if you could from time to time, share with me some tips and trics it would be great.
    12. Bboy Moose
      Bboy Moose
      Your username is pretty hungary-ish tho:d
    13. Bboy Moose
      Bboy Moose
      Anyway, you ain't from Hungary am i right:O
    14. Ralle
      Hey bro, I owe you $200. Do you have paypal?
    15. Ralle
      Hello Manoo,
      What software are you using to make your models? I'm asking from my girlfriend :).
    16. Spoontoobig
      Nu zdarova, senai matytas :D
    17. .VTZ.
      voce é br?
    18. Thyrael
      I wrote an anwser in the Darkwind thread, take a look :)
    19. Thyrael
      it's a combination of both methods. Chest and legsarmour are replaceable textures and head, shoulder, belt, wrist and feet + all kinds of weapons are additionally attached models I made.
    20. MrBimbo
      I'd like to see you make a scary wc3 map.

      (It's impossible because it's an RTS) Go watch a movie or something xD
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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