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Blood and High elf Shandris Up Right

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
This is the beta model for shandris (which is 100% times better then the original) using the dark ranger bow
I deleted the extra geosets and animations and repaired her face for all cinematic animations.

Thank you to Thuj for the redoing the texture for the blood elf version
Thank you Retera for the beta model: Shandris Upright (Reforged Beta)
Thank you to votava for the textures: Shandris_Bloodelf
Thank you to Ardenaso for repairing the bad textures for both the High Elf and Blood Elf versions

For Icons:
Check out my other work here:
  • Armor and animation fixes (the armor and weapon were colliding with the body and it was easy to spot)
  • Added cinematic walk animation with footprints
  • Added shandris with high elf (blue eyes variant)
  • Update to blood elf shandris
  • Updated both models with the textures repairs from Ardenaso
Hope you like it!
Any feedback is welcomed.

Blood Elf Shandris (Model)

Blood Elf Shandris Portrait (Model)

High Elf Shandris (Model)

High Elf Shandris Portrait (Model)

Level 35
Mar 11, 2017
I just have a good question...
Can you use this model with the original one or can just use Shandris Feathermoon Re-Ranger Version and this is great by the way...
I am in the process of reviewing all my models. So I will see what I can do.
I checked that model before and discussed with @liptonite about some updates for it. Still it will take me a while because of so many things that need to be done
Level 18
Oct 25, 2006
please don't spam our notifications
I mean I would love not to.
But the site is prompting me to review assets I've downloaded, and I would gladly / want to do so.
But it requires me to send a message.
Can I send one without notifying?
Can I review without sending a message?
What would be better? Not rate at all? Asking from your perspective.
Sorry for the spam, it's just that I downloaded over 200 assets in the past two days.