Arthas Menethil - New Body

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Arthas Menethil - Warcraft 3

Arthas Menethil - New Body (Model)

General Frank
Please add a team colour plane to the model during portrait animations.
Level 2
May 24, 2016
To much human model animations from WoW was a good idea but it's to much alike that but still cool.
I do not understand the attack three animaion, It needs something or just to be removed Is that better :)
yeah, definitely understandable now

but just saying that it needs something like a dagger or for the animation to be removed, is not really constructive. animations need a theme to follow and that one in particular could use having one. maybe a holy effect for a punch, or a sound effect for a literal punch. or even animation tweaks for something else entirely. A tweaked, renamed and/or re-purposed animation is better than just deleted one