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Well I'm sorry but you're the only person here who uses blender. And if Donut and Chriz can rig it then so can you.

And if there are some really stupid triangles then you can fix them to your will. I know the model needs work. Hell, at the moment I'm going back and fixing a lot on it; the sides are hardly symmetrical and the unwrap is horrendous.
Okay I cleaned and closed the other thread. As of now, this contest is closed. Once I fix up the model so it is much easier to work with, then we can start over from the beginning.

Here's a WIP of the fixed model. I split it in half because the model before was not symmetrical and very messy, especially on the unwrap.

As you can see I aligned the wing verts nicely and started working on the back leg. The front leg will look the same except it will have a thumb too. (which you can use for animating if you want, especially if you're doing a caster)

Also, I will be adding Pyritie and Lirch up to the models available for animating, as Donut says he can't finish them due to tons of homework.


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Ignore that last one. What about this one?

  • Elenai - looks good
  • DesKaladA - needs less polies
  • Kofi_Banan - fix the unwrap on the head and neck
  • SuPa- - it's okay
  • Mechanical Man - yeah, looks okay, you can animate it
  • Donut3.5 - good that you fixed the wings and feet, just remove the random vertices in the middle of the chest
  • Ghostwolf - too squarish, but don't think it should be very hard to animate


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