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Anduin Lothar

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
Sir Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth.

Took a bit longer than expected, but here he is. This is probably my best work so far, especially texture and animation wise, and I'm quite pleased with the overall result.

The filesize is a tad bigger than usual, but this guy also has more animations than my other models and I already pushed the texture quality as low as I'm comfortable with.

Please remember to test ingame before criticizing, as some things look better ingame than in any of the viewers.

Non-optimized texture.

Give credits if you use and enjoy ;)

UPDATE: Fixed a small bug in Stand Channel animation.

UPDATE 2: Optimized the filesize a bit by linearizing animations. Please report any animations issues you run into.

  • Fixed all severe warnings in the sanity checks and greatly reduced number of unused tracks
  • Tweaked his eyes a bit to look less beady and derpy
  • (Finally!) fixed the ribbon so it actually fits the shape of the blade
UPDATE 4: Fixed issue with texture artifacts pointed out by @Voidwalker

Anduin Lothar (Model)

Level 48
Jan 20, 2010
this is just stunning, from the mesh, animations, texture, everything is absolutely great. i'm thinking right now, if blizzard put more effort in making the models, UV, textures and animations, this'll how it will look
Level 12
Mar 6, 2008
I apologize in advance, but... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? Is this for Warcraft III? God damn man, I have no words... You killed it. The smoothness of animations, the way they work, the quality of model itself, the level of details... Dude, words are useless here... *bows before Tauer*
Level 49
Dec 29, 2014
Really great job, as always. I like the most spell animations, shield bash is very well made. The walk animations indeed looks like paladin's one from in game, that's a plus for me. :)

@Tauer: I hope that you don't mind but I've made a small tweak to this model and renamed Lothar's "Attack - 5" Animation to "Attack Slam"
I think "Attack - 4" is far better for spells.
Level 8
Aug 7, 2011
It can be created with 100% in-game textures, because the filesize is so excessive bro.
Also, you could put it animations of Warcraft's models.
Anyway, the modeling is awesome.
Level 1
Sep 29, 2014
whoa... awesome work, good job !
perhaps OutsiderXE can update Lothar's model in The Last Guardian
Level 5
Sep 1, 2014
My favourite Warcraft character of all time.

This does justice to the Lion of Azeroth.

You should be proud of yourself, Tauer.


Edit: I especially love Stand 3 - great nod to his Warcraft 2 portrait.

The dissipate animation, where his shield-arm falls from his chest to his side, wrenches my gut.

Anduin was one of my childhood heroes - a true knight.

For those who grew up with WC3 rather than WC2, here's the portrait I mean: BTNLothar.
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Level 2
May 16, 2018
Impressive model, great job!
Can u make a black skin version of him?
I'm searching for an afroman model, but there is no one im Hive.
It's for a map mod of a Brazilian scenario called Tormenta.
Level 4
Aug 14, 2016
From silly grunts(compared to these ones) you ended up making such high quality and amazing models.I remember in past I had good memories with your Ner'zhul model as I was a Ner'zhul fan and when I downloaded your model I was like "OMG FINALLY A MODEL OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER"
Thank you for sharing these amazing stuffs.
I was wandering in site and I saw this so I thought after all this time its time to show my respect to your models
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