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  • Sounds rough but its good that you finally have time for your hobby and wish you the best result in your exams. For me, its actually rainy season on my country right now and commuting is a real pain but I'll live. I'll check the latest version of Through Snow and Ice as soon as I can but that's probably a week from now as I'll get a whole week off then and will finally have time to catch-up to a lot of stuffs.
    Its a long due reply but hey, how are you man? I decided to drop by a couple of days ago.
    Pics when i release the map.Though now its realy realy big.

    Its going good and i am ready for christmass XD.
    Nah Quited editing it.If someone wants to continue making it he can i realy lost all interest in it.During summer vecation i mostlikely droped about 20 to 30 projects.So cant continue working on it because i need to bring something fresh and new out of the pit and something that players will like.So wish me luck.
    hehe, I do not have job .... yet.
    But I did try to get job at local MCDonalds. They were full already. What about your job?
    you realy didnt had to work on my map if you didnt had time.Anyway thanks for what you ve done i will try continuing the uploading of it now asked rufus what i need for it to beign accepted and published and i think it will soon be published if i have time to do what i need.
    Oh, holiday hehe. I do not know if I will have money, so I do not know.
    Are you going there alone or with friends, girlfriend?
    The latest version is the one you sended me when you worked on it.Just take that one and work on it.
    Listen i am done with The Battle of Quel'Thalas.After what ive discovered today the map is broken that much that its beyond my repairing and that i am done.Tried to host it on game ranger only 5 players were able to join map ingame the rest couldnt.So the only thing i see is either i fuckt up something or you did.But whatever happened it seems that i can find it and repair it.You work on it if you want.
    I will tell you all about the project soon enough i need time.Lore,models,skins,icons,AI and many more things.
    Well my new project is complicated then the last one i uploaded.Also i am currently trying to find a good ressources for the campaing i am creating.Also the map i am creating stil needs a lot bug fixing terrain fixing and model changing.Not to mention the soundtracks that i am planing to put aswell as custom spells that needs finishing.So the beta version maybe comes out in about month or two maybe longer.As for campaing project i need to work on well thats a litle more shity so if i finish it it will meybe come out on summer vecation because i will have most time then or maybe on the new year maybe sooner but nothing is guaranted.I am already planing on making forum for it but i think its too soon.
    Oh, no worries!
    I'm glad you are playing it at all! :D

    Yeah the tutorial should be correct now :)
    i am working on it litle by litle also i need to finish another project as soon as i figure out how to add custom texture.
    Thanks Mqeterno but for now i only need help with someone playing it and telling me what is bugged and needs fixing.Can you hale me with that?
    That's right! I forgot to add that picture. The numbers might make sense when the picture is there. :)

    I haven't yet, but now I soon have time for it! :)
    pending section is now only one page... :D

    If you get close to an obelisk, it starts glowing. Make all glow at the same time to open side gates where there are more puzzles /obstacles for opining the double door in the middle.

    The obelisks has different duration times though, so you need to activate them in the right order. :)

    Really glad you liked it!
    Make sure to tell me when you finish the map. :)
    No problem!
    I totally understand, it is a lot of fun having feedback on your map.
    Know this. I will try it out sometime, and in the meantime I don't mind you reminding me. You could wait a week though, as I need some time to fix the pending section. :)

    Well, you might have had an older version of Warden, or the new patch cause you problem (I had reinstall warcraft yesterdday because of that... :/ ), but I uploadedd a new version which I tried and it worked fine, if you wanted to try it. :)
    Unfortunately I have not.
    I have been very busy in the pending section. VERY.

    We have been able to clean up three out of 5 pages in a few days. :)

    About the triggers I thought about making the Soul Stone like that.
    Hmm. Not quite sure what you mean? :)

    The problem with Solen's Sanctuary is just me being sloppy. I need to update it in a special way in order to make it work. I'll get to it when I have a free moment.
    How to I make triggers for them?
    I'm not sure what you mean? :)

    But, sorry, I could not open the first Side quest map, the Solen's Sanctuary.
    Hmm when did you download it?
    There was an issue with too big filesize, but I solved quite some time ago...
    Someone else told me about this issue aswell, and a third party said it worked fine, so this is a nasty bug I have to figure out how to make work...
    EDIT: I know what's wrong. As I updated the map, the big files remain in the imported section. I just need to replace them and it will be fine. :)

    In the meantime, It has a separate download that should be working fine, here:

    In the icemap, go close to the gate. When it says "The gate is listening", type "Kozu" as a chat message.

    The door guarded by a statue: You need to push the statue off the platform and onto another one. :)

    It is a really cool campaign, I had a lot of fun.
    Glad to hear it! :)

    Also, would you try out and review my map, too? :D You can find it in my resources section.
    Sure! Give me a few days. I have a big desiscion to make...
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