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  1. Totila

    [General] Custom AI researching Upgrades that aren't in their Build Priorities' list

    Hello there! The title pretty much sums it up. Here are more details that I can share: I'm using the AI editor; I can tell the issue is with a specific AI, as I have 3 different functioning custom AIs, but only one of them seems to fall victim to this issue; The upgrade in question is a...
  2. Silvernus

    [Solved] Prevent upgrade from increasing unit's current mana?

    This topic has come up once before, but got no clear answer. And on my own research, I'm finding it particularly difficult to resolve. The goal here is simple - I want a building that has an arbitrary amount of mana to be able to upgrade into one with a higher maximum mana, but without changing...
  3. darkravenbest

    Get upgrade cost

    Hello! I need to find a way to get upgrade(research) gold/wood cost. I know that there are exists: BlzGetUnitGoldCost, which works for unit only and GetAbilityLevelIntegerField. The latter can be set to get "gold cost" of ability. As i know functions like GetAbilityToolTip are used with units...
  4. Blahblah_Blagar

    Entangle Goldmine upgrade to shorten the building time?

    Any ideas how to do this, considering the Entangle Goldmine ability glitches a lot in the editor? Making a trigger hiding this ability and replacing it with a better one doesn't work as this ability cannot be hidden. Making it a 2 level ability doesn't work, as it doesn't acknowledge the...
  5. SauceTown

    East way to combine models into a single model?

    Is there a way to combine models? Say a level one tower has 1 unit but then i want a level 2 tower to have 2 of the same units together acting as a single unit. I've messed around with it in War3 but the duplicated part doesn't actually show in game and it messes up the model. Has anyone had...
  6. Warvarcus

    Set Upgrade Range

    Hi. I was wondering if there was an easy* way to make upgrades only purchasable from a certain range, much how like how items behave. I'm making a unit that's a "trainer" for the hero and I'd like it if you could only get upgrades if you go visit him. Note: I am not learning abilities from him...
  7. Evilhog

    Dual-channel RAM, Reforged, SC2 and other RTS games.

    So, I've read on other forums that dual-channel RAM is pretty much standard these days and I'm missing much with my PC only having a single stick. It's also running at 1333 Mhz (DDR3), while my CPU and mobo support frequency up to 1600 Mhz, so I'm thinking about upgrading from 1x8GB to 2x8Gb...
  8. footman102

    Help with upgrade enabling ability

    Hello, I am trying to give footmen "Elune's grace" (passive that reduces piercing damage and spell damage). But in order to enable the ability, you first need to research "defend" upgrade from barracks. Without the upgrade the ability is "greyed out" as if it's not active. But the unit is...
  9. Innubis


    This undead character is a tough one...
  10. The Road To The Capital

    The Road To The Capital

    In snowy weather...
  11. Chapter Three Gameplay Screenshot 01

    Chapter Three Gameplay Screenshot 01

    Celebrating 5 years of the campaign...
  12. P3in

    Default spell leveled up

    Hi guys, i am new in WE, i want to make a trigger that level's up default skill of all heroes that are used in the map for example: Default upg Events Unit - A unit Gains a level Conditions Actions Unit - Set level of Warglaive of Azzinoth[Default] for (Leveling...
  13. u wot m8_

    [Solved] How do i make an upgrade change a unit's creation speed?

    I have tried to find a way to make an upgrade change a unit's creation speed for a while now. Even checked the trigger editor for such option. Couldn't find anything that has to do with the unit's creation speed though. I might've not looked close enough, but does anybody know how to make an...
  14. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Enhancing Upgrade or Spell

    Hello guys does anyone know how to combine the Hardened skin and Resistant skin upgrade? Meaning i just want them to be on one upgrade i don't want them to separate. Can someone pls help?
  15. ravellani

    Upgrading with percents

    Quick Question: If I make an upgrade that effects units with a 25% health increase, each level will it increase by 25% of the current health or of the starting health? What happens of I trigger the upgrade 3 levels at a time? Will it do each upgrade individually so 25% then 25% then 25% or will...
  16. Tigrick

    Hide Priest Upgrade Level in UI

    Hello everyone! When priests/sorceresses/etc... are upgraded to unlock more spells, their "rank" is displayed in the UI, next to an icon. The problem is the small number next to the icon. I want it gone. I want to use the "rank" UI-Icon as a display of an accuracy value. P.S.: Also, where...
  17. Yours Truly

    Check if building is currently researching an upgrade?

    Hey. Is there any way to check if a building is researching an upgrade? No, I'm not asking for these: Events Unit - A unit Begins research Unit - A unit Cancels research Unit - A unit Finishes research I'm looking for something like this: Condition - Is Unit Researching {Upgrade}...
  18. Nanaki772

    Unit spawn trigger

    Hello, so I'm making a 1v1 TD kind of map and I'm trying to make it so units upgrade when a player researches an upgrade! So basically I have a trigger which spawns 2 Grunts and 2 Headhunters, and there is an upgrade that upgrades the amount of Headhunters spawned to 4. Now here comes the...
  19. Rhevo


    Hi guys, with this post I would like to ask you for help about creating a tavern-like unit that allows you to buy units, but in proportion to the progress of the game. The Ideal would be a tavern that allows you to sell 12 different units, but that these are only available as you proceed in the...
  20. HerrDave

    Upgrade Animations being used at random

    I've hit a wall. My tank models (Panzer & Sherman) have a model-breaking problem which I cannot pin down. For some reason, the Upgrade animations will play at random while attacking - for example, a Panzer III will sprout extra armour and a longer gun for the duration of the attack, but then go...
  21. Prot

    Looking for a way to start a map with upgrade researched

    Hi. In Chapter Seven of Orc Campaign (Oracle) units Witch Doctor and Shaman start with Master tier upgrades. I am trying to create something similar but can't find a right trigger / action to achieve that. Could use some help. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Never mind. I managed to find what I was...
  22. CuriousJacque

    [Trigger] Removing and Adding Item From Building

    I was working on a system where when a Hero acquires level 1 item, the shop will remove the item acquired from its list of items being sold, and replace it with a higher level of the item acquired. Upgrade Item Paladin Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions...
  23. Jeff91

    [General] Remove Minimum Range

    Is there an upgrade that can be researched to remove minimum range on units?
  24. Barorque

    [General] Attack Bounce Upgrade

    Hi all, A simple question here: I have a unit that normaly (without an upgrade) has Missile Bounce but only 1 target (so it hits only 1...), with an upgrade I want that unit to bounce 3 targets. This does not work! The Upgrade only works if the unit already attacks at least 2 targets. Why is...
  25. DarkRanger2

    [Spell] Upgrade for Ability, How ?

    Hello guys. I've been working on am ability for my campaign, and this question might sound noobish. I made the ability and the Upgrade, but for some reason, the Upgrade doesn't appear in the Upgrade selection for the requirement. So here are some images, I hope having a quick answer. Thank you !!
  26. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Crypt Fiend edit - Please

    Could/would somebody either create something similar to this or make a portrait for the current one? CryptFiend @Alok, @MatiS, @-Grendel, @Callahan, @Tarrasque, who wants/can? Thanks.
  27. blancostarz

    [vJASS] Combo system level based. Need help with efficiency

    Hi guys, I'm messing around with a combo system to learn JASS. Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party haha. So, I currently have a script that makes a combo with Q and W skills. More skills will be added as finishers and things like that but basically when you use Q or W, you get the next skills in...
  28. Rykon-V73

    A way to improve gameplay

    In the Melee Initialization trigger, there's the code that makes the CPU play as a custom race. I'm wondering if there's a way to improve it, by making the CPU train the new 4 units I made of the Human, Orc and Night Elf races and 5 for the Undead race and then use them to attack me or the...
  29. jalu2k

    [Solved] Immunity Tech not working on units

    Hello, I am trying to add a tech for the human race in which to be investigated will grant magical immunity to the peasants, but for some reason does not work. I created a new tech and in the tab of "effect" I selected "Immunity to magic" and added it to the "Tech used" tab of the peasant. I...
  30. Łapin Viktus

    How to put armor through stats?

    I would like to increase the armor of my hero through 2 different stats which are variables (integer), already created on my map: 1 stamina gives me 0.35 armor and 1 resistance gives me 0.5 armor. From these two variables (integer) can we increase the armor of my hero in relation to the ratio...
  31. Captain Bacon

    [Trigger] Non-Linear Health per level trigger.

    Hello everyone! I am currently making sort of a PvP RPG (can't really classify it) and I've run into a problem: I need certain units to level up with the hero, so I gave them a "Level Progression" upgrade, which raises a damage and a health ability level for those units. The damage increase...
  32. AquaFire

    Setting Research Level Crashes Game?

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a trigger that involves upgrading a unit when it dies then resurrecting it. The function itself states: ("Setting the Current Research Level of 'X' = Current Research Level of 'X' + 1"). It works!!! but only for the first two times the unit dies. At the third...
  33. UmbraUnda

    [Solved] Questions about Upgrading Units with Ability Attachments

    I'm working on a series of tiered units using ability attachments. Better + more gear with each tier. I want to have each unit upgrade like a building. Problem is its really tedious to have a unit for each tier, when there's 3-5 tiers per unit type + Heroes revert to level 1 after the...
  34. Giraffe123

    [General] Giving a full transport the ability to upgrade

    How would I go about giving a unit the ability to upgrade to another ONLY when its cargo capacity is full of units? What I'm trying to do basically is create a building that when full gains the ability to upgrade into a powerful combat unit. Thank you in advance.