1. AngelCraft

    [JASS/AI] An Unit Immune to Stuns and certain effects, using PauseUnit.

    Previously, from what I knew in previous versions of War 3, before Blizzard gave the BlzPauseUnitEx feature, units could be immune to certain stuns using morph, mainly this is demonstrated in Dota 1 with the hero Alchemist and his transformation. But was there really just that way to make a unit...
  2. Liomsi

    [Solved] Murlocs / Mur'gul

    These are models of Murlocs and one white Margola from Reign of Chaos with animation of spells and swimming on water. I didn't make these models, this person did it - - - - - >https://www.hiveworkshop.com/members/hermit.229531/
  3. N00b-Morti

    Swapping weapons - Transformation abilty may be the solution?

    Yesterday I tried to something that I thought i could make in seconds. But i was wrong: make a unit swapping weapons, from sword... to bow and arrow. First thing first i created two versions of the same unit, with two different attachments and way they fight. But then, when i tried to add the...
  4. I

    [Solved] Unit collisions

    [SOLVED] solution= Ghost (visible) ability worked fine. introduktion to the subject. Unit collision, i have looked up for the past hour on how to fix a problem with this and i cant find any forum post that has the solution. Problem. my problem is that i am doing a maze tower defence map...
  5. tytarjunior20

    [General] Unit as a Destructible missing texture

    Hey all. Forgive me if this is a simple question. I'm randomly generating destructables as in game resources across my entire map. Unfortunately, building a trigger for drops only accounts for the first 64 destructables in the map. I tried several recommendations referring to each...
  6. Bloodheaven_

    Trying to convert Tree doodad to Unit

    Hi folks, I'm messing with the Retera Model Studio and I am trying to recreate the Tree Planter doodad from Reforged to Classic. I managed to get it well done, however I imported the model from the Cityscape - Summer Tree (classic) to my edited Model so it would look like Classic. Everything...
  7. xyzier_24

    Unit Cost Calculation for Melee Maps

    I don't know if this is the right Forum to ask this but: - I am looking for a formula for calculating the unit cost of the first trainable non-worker unit (or the basic one, to be exact) in a standard melee. Well, just a reference based on the gold cost for Footman and Grunt. Doesn't have to...
  8. TheDoener

    [Solved] The Trigger removes the unit in the wrong UnitGroup

    Hey all, i have a problem with my following triggers: The global variables are already created. function Trig_SetExplorationReward_Filter4() return GetOwningPlayer(GetFilterUnit()) == GetOwningPlayer(FlagUnit) and UnitAlive(GetFilterUnit()) == true and IsUnitType(GetFilterUnit()...
  9. HerlySQR

    [General] Unit being removed event

    How can I action a trigger when a unit its removed? I tried with "Unit leaves Playable Map Area" and "Entire map" and it didn't work, Maybe you will tell me that I can detect using "Units in region" but it doesn't detect hidden units, the other functions of unit group limit the conditions, can...
  10. Zaffar

    Zaffar's Ported Resources

    The loading contents are ready to be uploaded, i just need to fix some content or animation, so soon they will be available. My goal is to post at least 1 model every 2 days. hope i can do it :thumbs_up: Racial Models Pack RACEHEROWORKERMELEERANGEDCASTERSPECIALRIDERSIEGEALTAR Arakkoa -Loading...
  11. Dispatcher

    Problematic WoW Dragon Animation. In Need Of Your Assistance!

    Hello guys Dispatcher here, Can anyone pls help me make animations for these WoW Dragons. I have compressed my problematic WoW Dragons in a .rar zip file inside is a total of eight dragons, each of them having different animation problems. I will be making this thread more DETAILED so ya'll...
  12. im pinned

    [Solved] Custom Unit Sound Set~

    Before posting this, ive search and seen the same way in the forum, and so is google what i did: >sound editor >replace internal sound >is wav file >double checked by playing it and it works >testing in-game, the unit is mute, doesnt work, didnt create any sound... why is that? is trigger a...
  13. L

    My Warcraft Map seems a bit broken, unit doesn't collide

    My Warcraft 3 Map Units Wont Collide with the buildings and units in order to attack, they attack from afar instead close range any fix? The range seems a bit off don't you think?
  14. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Removing phantom units from a unit group

    Hi. Probably sounds like a hot topic that comes up every now and then. I tried searching for a good answer, but, unfortunately, found nothing that could work in my situation. Anyway, to explain what I'm talking about. Simply put: removed units. A bit more precisely, units which get removed...
  15. Dispatcher

    Adding special effects when an upgrade is finished

    Hello guys can anyone make me a trigger of how to add a permanent special effect of a unit once a specific upgrade is finished. For example i want the my footman to have the special effect of bloodlust when the "Defend" upgrade is finished.
  16. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Checking for any new unit

    Hey. To get it out of the way right at the start, you can hit me with JASS scripts too, I understand and use them just fine. Looking for a way to detect any freshly spawned unit, including trained units, trigger-spawned units, summoned units. Basically everything. This is the reason I feel the...
  17. Dispatcher

    Build Animation Bug on Forsaken Building

    Hello guys just a random question that's fit enough to be asked in this forum. Can anyone tell me why the Royal Laboratory model's build animation is bugged?
  18. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Changing Spells While in Metamorphosis

    Hello everyone i need for someone to make me a trigger on how to replace the spell of a hero that is in Metamorphosis Form and Returning the default spells of the hero once the Metamorphosis spell has ended. To be a little more clear about what i'm saying i have made a passive Metamorphosis...
  19. Dispatcher

    Problem With Attack Waves

    Hey guys i have created an AI which sends attacks to the player there are 4 attack waves the first one is just a starting wave, the second wave is a moderate type of wave, the 3rd wave is a wave where the enemy hero joins up and the 4th wave is the same as the 3rd wave but a little bit harder...
  20. Dispatcher

    Simple icon Request!

    Hellooo can someone send me an icon of the dark ranger the one of "Curse of the Forsaken" and the icon of the Peryton the Large Blue nightelven Wolf Crow creature (sorry i don't know how else to describe that creature)
  21. U

    How do i make an aura that affects a specific unit type/s?

    Let's say i want an aura that only affects troll headhunters and grunts, but doesn't affect any other unit type near it. Is it possible to do that? if so, then i'd like to know how. Thanks in advance.
  22. U

    How do i stop a unit from being pushed around by flying units?

    I've made a land unit based on the frost wyrm and cancelled everything i could find that has made it an air unit. But i can't seem to figure out which one of it's properties decides whether or not the unit gets pushed around by flying units. Which property should i change? Or is there something...
  23. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Adding special effects when using abilities

    Can somebody send me a trigger when a hero cast a spell like Healing Wave,Chain Lightning,Spirit Link,Stormbolt,Blizzard those kind of spells i can put more than 1 special effects ON THE CASTER And the second trigger request is i want more than one special effects on the target unit of ability...
  24. Dispatcher

    Help with Modelling this Model

    Hello Hievers! I just finished my worgen and forsaken map which i will be uploading as soon as i finish making some custom spells and i diverted into making back my Draenei map the Exodar Ones and i have this Draenei Rangari made by Ganondorf as you can see in my screenshots here: The cape as...
  25. Dispatcher

    Custom Hero Learning Spell

    Apologies if i have double posted this but does anyone know how to trigger a hero to use the heroes unlearned skillpoints to learn it for his/her spells the spells are not exactly custom made they are just based of the default abilities inside the world editor so does anyone know how to trigger it?
  26. Ricola3D

    Avoid memory leak - what dead units are to be removed ?

    Hello, I'm developing a Hero Defense map. Since it's the concept, many ennemy units & heroes die during the game. I want to be sure to avoid memory leakage when the game time passes, so can you please help me figuring out what units are automatically removed by the WarcraftIII engine, and...
  27. Dispatcher

    Where can i download this skin?

    i'm sorry guys i know this isn't the right forum to be asking these kind of questions but do you guys know where i can download this skin of lady vasjh? it is made by 67chrome but there is no download file in it.
  28. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Problem

    hello guys i have made a simple recolor of the phoeniex to be blue but there seems to be a problem with it and i have noticed that the problem is that the skin doesn't have that white color just like the Normal phoeniex's have so can someone help me fix this skin?
  29. Dispatcher

    Hero Minimum and Maximum level

    Hello guys do any of you guys know how to limit the level of a specific hero? Like i want my ai hero to have a maximum level of 15 but at the same time my actual heroe's maximum level is level 10 do you know how to do this guys?
  30. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Recolor Request

    Can somebody pls kindly Recolor the skin of this unit the faerei dragon i want a Violet one and a Yellow one skin of it. Thanks!
  31. Ender Wiggins

    [General] picked unit loop inside picked unit loop

    hello there, If I nest a "pick every unit in unit group" loop inside a "pick every unit in unit group" loop - which unit will be treated as picked unit? will something like this work, or will it refer back to the first picked unit again? Carried periodic Events Time - Every...
  32. Dispatcher

    Building Particle Emitter not showing up in game

    Hello guys i have created a build animation of a building that has no build animation and i have created it a Particle Emitter 2 and used the yellow star dim Texture and it shows up completely fine in the Magos editor but the only problem is that it does not show up in game which is quiet wierd...
  33. Dispatcher

    Enhancing Anti Magic Shell spell

    Hey guys do any of you know how to make the anti magic shell have a bonus life regeration and plus armor? Of course when casted on a unit.
  34. Dispatcher

    [Spell] Enhancing Upgrade or Spell

    Hello guys does anyone know how to combine the Hardened skin and Resistant skin upgrade? Meaning i just want them to be on one upgrade i don't want them to separate. Can someone pls help?
  35. Ender Wiggins

    [General] change sight radius to unit default

    hey, is there a way to change the sight radius of a unit to the default sight radius of a different unit so it will take into account day vision and night vision? thanks!
  36. N

    How to fix this

    Warcraft 3 Reforged
  37. Ender Wiggins

    blank animation

    Hi there, I have 0 knowledge of modeling, and am only asking this here bc it seems like it should be something super simple that even I should be able to do without getting deep into modeling. I have a unit model that I want to turn into a missile. all I want to do is add 1 animation sequence...
  38. Dispatcher

    Unit and Hero Talk through Subtitles or Dialogues

    Hello guys can anyone tell me how to make a unit or hero a dialogue or subtitle where they are talking in the actual game? Like for example when the hero Archmage dies he would say something or when my allies base is under attack the unit or hero in that team tries to call for help meaning...
  39. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Team Color Request

    Can someone who knows how to model or edit models pls give this skin BloodElf-SpellThief a Team Color because when i put it in the WE in player 1 which is red color the skin is red of course but when i put it in player 2 which is blue the skin still has the red team color can someone pls fix this?
  40. Dispatcher

    Unit Skin Edit Request

    Hello guys this model BloodElf-SpellThief Has a problem as you can see it doesn't use a team color its only red how can i make this skin use team color?
  41. Dispatcher

    Adding Periodic resources in my ai

    Just a quick question how do i add periodic resources on my ai like when the ai has 100 gold and lumber it resets to 1000 gold and lumber?
  42. Dispatcher

    Passive ability on Units

    Hey guys do you know how to activate or make a passive ability work on a unit? I'm speaking of course the "Elunes Grace" and "Hardened Skin" Abilities how do i know if they are actually working on the unit i have applied them? (This has been bothering me for quiet some time now)
  43. Dispatcher

    Triggering a spell

    Can somebody tell me how to trigger a hero to siphon mana a unit or a hero when its mana pool is below 400?
  44. Dispatcher

    Blood Elf Unit Request

    Hello guys can someone pls send me a model of a Blood Knight unit The female one just like in rise of the blodelves,Hawkstrider Knight i think thats what its called,And a Ballista a bloodelf one of course. Thanks In Advance!
  45. Dispatcher

    [Solved] Help With Bloodlust Spell

    Hello guys i have a very small problem with the bloodlust spell and in need of your help how can add an effect on bloodlust? Unexpectedly when i add an effect in the Art - Effect tab on bloodlust it won't show up even if i added the attachment points of it. I wanted bloodlust to have extra...
  46. Dispatcher

    Portrait.....Map Please Help

    Hey guys i have a very very wierd problem in my World Editor right now as you see i have created a portrait of a unit and when i tested it it works but i noticed that it has no background color or team color background so i made one and tested it to my test map and it works it has a background...
  47. Dispatcher

    Unit Talk Portrait

    How do i make a talk animation on a unit portrait when the unit talks?
  48. Dispatcher

    Faerie Dragon Skin

    Hey guys do you know how how to import and use these faerie dragon skins https://www.hiveworkshop.com/attachments/faerie-dragon-zip.144530/ I do not know the importh paths are:cry::cry::cry::huh::huh::huh:
  49. Dispatcher

    Assigning Geosets Of A Unit

    Hello guys I'm having a very messy problem in my mind right now and it's making me crazy!!!! Can anyone tell me how to assign a units geoset as you see i have downloaded a Draenei archer from Ganondorf and it tells me to delete the units geosets and so i did because the game crashes if you don't...
  50. Dispatcher

    Unit Spell Problem

    Hi guys i just created a custom ability of silence and i noticed that there is a miss chance data in the silence spell so i assume that it is like an area of effect curse so i remove the silence data of disabling spells and created the miss chance i put it to 25%miss chance but when i cast it on...