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[SD/Modeling] 3D Models and Textures Request

Level 9
Oct 11, 2021

Well, I don't know how big a request can be, so I hope I don't sound demanding or anything, this request is more of a "If you can, please someone make one of these." Behind the request there is a project that I have already mentioned in the past and the time has come to include Custom content. I would love to do it myself, but apart from my lack of skill, Reforged gives a lot of problems when it comes to making my own content. so there it goes. Before highlighting that this request is for SD models.​

I need heroes for the Draenei, not the Broken Ones, but for the classic Eredar or Draenei:
  1. Vindicator/Paladin
  2. Blademaster/Mele
  3. Archorite/Priest/Range
I also require more specific models for the Draenei:
  1. Farseer Nobundo
  2. Grand Warrior Akama
  3. Vindicator Yrel
I know that there are already models of some in the game, but you have to keep in mind that the models I need are from the early days in Draenor, when the hatred between orcs and Draeneis was just beginning. So what is known today as The Broken Ones did not exist at that time, I think you understand what I mean.

Now let's move on to the Orc Heroes, I think you can already smell what I need.

Kargath Bladefist Mag'har/Corrupted
Kilrogg Deadeye Mag'har/Young
Drek'thar Mag'har/Young
Ner'zhul Mag'har/Corrupted
Gul'dan Mag'har/Young/Corrupted
Zuluhed The Wacked Mag'har/Young/Corrupted
Hurkan Skullsplinter Mag'har/Corrupted
Tagar Spinebreaker Mag'har/Corrupted/Chaos
Kaz the Shrieker Mag'har/Corrupted
Fenris the Hunter/Fenris Wolfbrother Mag'har/Corrupted
Warlord Dharl Mag'har/Corrupted
Krol (Ogre Chief of the Rockfist Clan)
Maim Blackhand Young/Corrupted
Rend Blackhand Young/Mag'har.
Varok Saurfang Mag'har/Young/Corrupted
Broxigar Saurfang Mag'har/Corrupted

Now to finish, let's move on to the units, I will say the respective clans, I think it is understood that I would need 2 versions of each Corrupted/Mag'har unit.

Blackrock Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Frostwolf Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Warsong Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Laughing Skull Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Bonechewer Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Bleeding Hollow Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Dragonmaw Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Burningblade Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Shadowmoon Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Twilight Hammer Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Thunderlord Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Shattered hand Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Whiteclaw Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock
Black Tooth Grin Clan Grunt/Shaman/Raider/Demolisher/Spearthrower/Warlock

I am aware of the existence of many of these models in Hive, but I still need more "Modern" models and also none of the existing ones have their Mag'har version.
I know it's a very big request, but I don't want to spread it over multiple posts either. If you are interested, it is obvious that I am not asking for everything, even if some of the things I require already exist, if you could leave me the link I would appreciate it, you could also just make a Mag'har texturing to help me with the already existing models, and I am referring to the models (Re-clasic and Re-reclasic by @johnwar).
I hope I have explained well what I require and I also hope I have not asked for something incorrectly or that it sounds too much. If you have questions about something you can comment on it. If any moderator sees this and thinks I have explained myself poorly or should not ask like that, things, you can tell me to change and look for a different way.

I hope that these models are not only useful to me, but also to the rest of the community, especially those of us who prefer to work in SD than in Reforged.

I will leave a series of images to be used as a guide.
Normal Grunt
Blackrock Grunt
Warsong Grunt
Frostwolf Grunt
Burning Blade Grunt
Normal Shaman
Spear Raider
Frostwolf Raider
Warsong Raider

Akama (Normal Version)
Vindicator Nobundo
Hurkan Skullsplinter
Kilrogg Deadeye
Kargath Bladefist
View attachment 15732507_675102186002453_2761217265026024839_o.webp
Young Drek'thar
Zuluhed the Whacked
View attachment Warlord_Fenris.webp
View attachment Warlord_Dharl.webpView attachment SaurfangFace02.webp
Broxigar Saurfang

And some extras Grunt ideas from the movie.

View attachment warcraft-movie-review.webp