starcraft 2

  1. Hec-Thor

    Azeroth Reborn

    What do you think about this: A W3 SC2
  2. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Shadow Fury ability of the dark templar in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

    Hello I wanna create the Shadow Fury ability of the dark templar in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, if you don't what it is, here is an example: My main problem is I'm not sure about how to determine where the caster should be positioned during the casting, because I never played it, but saw...
  3. W

    What do you think of the difference between SC2 and WC3R?

    In terms of everything ^ title
  4. ValenPLAY

    [Defense / Survival] Arena of Ancient - Warcraft III Edition

    About Arena of Ancient is a recreation of StarCraft 2 map with the same name made by totemhokem. The main idea of the map is to pick a hero and defend yourself against hordes of infested enemies while upgrading your hero the way you find most fitting. Warcraft 3 version of the map is pretty...
  5. Venombite

    Favorite StarCraft II Campaign?

    When Reforged was announced, back at Blizzcon 2018, I was so excited. It renewed my interest in the game. You know the rest of the story with Reforged, but at least it renewed my interest in the RTS as a whole. So I've felt like replaying Starcraft 2. I enjoyed it very much, and also got sad...
  6. LordHatchet95

    [Altered Melee] SC2 Char Style Melee Map in WC3

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I have some doubts about some issues around my map. First of all, the tech-three: I used an improvised SC1-2 terran tech tree with the basics: Now, the lava Short version, the issues I have is lack of models, lack of proper tech tree making...
  7. JohnnyKrosis

    Starcraft 2

    hi im trying to publish a extension mod and everything goes good but it wont show up in my published list in game am i doing something wrong or what please help!
  8. babied

    How can i unlock "document test" or anyway to test my map?

    Hello! I just tried abit to overlooking to Galaxy editor: I seen a notify that said "I must purchase any content of S2 to use document test". Then i buy a co-op, but it still haven't unlock. So, my question on the title! Pls :) Sorry for my English :D
  9. BrothForMyPeople

    Spirit of Vengeance, changing textures to HD Watcher

    Is it possible to change black-transparent texture of Spirit of Vengeance to HD Watcher? I basically want to obtain WC3 Sentry unit with remastered textures. I'm uploading images to illustrate my intention.
  10. FeruEnzeruJKun

    I think the SC and WH40k Fandom's starting to go good and better (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE THIS THREAD)

    PLEASE READ THIS: When i was watching a battle video of 1.000 Zealots (aka. the Gods) vs 3.600 Zerglings (aka. the Aliens). Looks like i'm starting to like SC and WH40k sci-fi fandom better than XCOM fandom (Well, no more XCOM fandom's for me because it's starting to get terrible for me because...
  11. LordDz

    Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Coop

    Features: Three Player cooperative gameplay across 26 missions Four Different difficulties (Casual, Normal, Hard, Brutal) Extended bases (No shared control of units) Research system from campaign where Zerg and Protoss research goes over across the maps Mercenaries can be bought and each player...
  12. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Guess what SC2 character or VA who does the best voice fitting for stuff (DO NOT DELETE/REMOVE)

    Vote who this is first, reply here and then i'll answer you. EDIT: Since nobody voted and replied... it is Alexei Stukov (Victor Brandt) i believe (Very fitting voice for Vampire and Undead Russian characters i suppose).
  13. LordHatchet95

    [WC3] Starcraft 2 Volcanic Planet Environment Showcase (Opinions + Tutorial + Poll)

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here, and I want to show you a few stuff about this small terraining map I've been doing: If you have anything to share/add about the map, make sure tu let me know. I gave credits about the models I've used on this map, which are few being used. Thank you for...
  14. The Dark Angel

    Need Terran/Zerg models

    Need Terran and Zerg units for completion of my map it is needed that the models will look good
  15. Generalaring

    [Solved] Custom Unit Animation Problem

    Hello all! I created a custom unit from scratch and the one problem i'm having is the walk animation for my unit. In the actor for my unit, i used GenericStandardUnit as the parent. The unit is a ghost and i applied the ghost.anims in the model category. I also cannot figure out how to...
  16. Lothar1994

    Starcraft 2 Model Request

    Its been a while since i made a request on this forum so if this is the wrong page i apologies. Normaly I would go to sc2mapster for help but all i got told was to follow a tutorial. Well I did and and horribly failed. I have screenshots off some models called "Augustgrad Gate" and "Augustgrad...
  17. birollo

    [Altered Melee] A Starcraft-like map (title in development)

    A STARCRAFT-LIKE MAP (TITLE IN DEVELOPMENT) tl;dr It's Warcraft 3 in space. Map is in progress, stay tuned! Hey again guys, after my previuos map [ [Altered Melee] - Altered Melee with non-playable campaign races of Wc3 ] I want to show you what I am currently working on these days. The...
  18. Shar Dundred

    Nova Covert Ops - Release of Mission Pack Two

    Nova Covert Ops - Release of Mission Pack Two Today, Mission Pack Two to of the Nova Covert Ops has been released on along with the 3.5.0 patch of StarCraft II! What is Nova Covert Ops? The "Nova Covert Ops Mission Packs" contain a new campaign for the StarCraft II story. As the...
  19. Shar Dundred

    Galaxy Terraining Contest #1 - World Wonders

    WORLD WONDERS Participants are to create a map with (a) great monument/s and wonderful creations of all kind. Whether or not the origin of said monument is human or otherwise is for the participant to decide. The name of the contest does not imply that you have to create a "real" world...
  20. Krakenn99

    The most amazing model... with missing textures

    Hello everyone. I have found an amazing model, it's ''Viking'' from Starcraft2. The thing is I exported the model and the textures I found for it from a map, but some of the textures are missing. My question is if I can somehow replace them ,remake them or just use the model without them? For...
  21. Shar Dundred

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Poll

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 I've picked the suggestions from the suggestion thread. Now, time to vote!
  22. Shar Dundred

    StarCraft II Terraining Contest #1 Theme Discussion

    In order to get a few things rolling in our little StarCraft Section, it has been decided to launch a series of StarCraft II contests - starting with a terraining contest. Therefore, we're opening this thread to discuss about a fitting theme. Please share your ideas with us! :) Ideas so far...