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  • had to make a new account for this site. as i no longer have access to the old account and email it was with.
    Hey, I'm curious of how you converted the War3 model into SC2, do you have a guide by any chance? ;o

    I'm thinking about trying it out with my own models.
    Hey there, I noticed you've converted a couple of Fingolfin's Star Wars models. Just wanted to remind you that he's uploaded more on here.
    cool, keep at it :) we do need more sc2 modding people in here

    oh and, do go to 'view conversation' link, if you wish to reply to someone's message, writing on your profile won't really notify the other that you answered :)
    Welcome to THW!

    Introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum or stop by the chatroom in a couple days when your account has been verified.

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