1. Terradul

    Tiny Building Order ID work-around (Is there a better way?)

    Since all the tiny building spells use the same order ID they can't be used on the same unit. I've found a work-around by making each spell contained in its own spellbook, but the extra steps make it really jank. Is there a way to make it so once the spellbook dummy ability is activated for it...
  2. Version 1.2 - 03.png

    Version 1.2 - 03.png

    Now you can use special spellbook for camera control. Icon is temporary.
  3. HerlySQR

    Question about spellbook

    If I have an item with the spellbook and some of its spell remove that item, can cause crashes or desync cast that spell?, I ask this because with my map after 2 players used that spellbook they just leave and I'm not sure if that is the reason.
  4. Cheshire

    [Spell] mana costing buildings

    hey, I am trying to create an ability that allows the hero to build (without having to stay there while it is built) a few ability-specific buildings only using mana and cooldown (not gold or lumber). The initial way I tried doing that was with a spell book and abilities based off of the...
  5. ravellani

    [Solved] Temporary Damage Boost

    I have an Item called Mutant blood that has a dummy spell on it. The idea is when it is used, it causes the user to do 10 more damage for 60 seconds. What is the best way to do this? The way I have it now is this trigger. Disable Mutant Blood Events Map initialization...
  6. Eikonium

    Multiple Toggle Abilities in Spellbook

    Hi guys, I have created multiple custom toggle abilities (with turn on/off) that are based on the ability Manashield (I chose Manashield as a basis, because the ability should not interrupt the units current order). I want to use them on the same unit within a spellbook, but get two problems...
  7. Ricola3D

    [Solved] Dummy question : spellbook + permanent abilities

    Hello, I have read many tutorials about spellbooks, but I am still unsure about something. If a made a disabled spellbook to hide a passive ability to a unit, and some of the units may morph. To make the hidden ability permanent, i.e. not lost when morphing, do I have to ? 1. Make both the...
  8. Swatosj

    [Solved] Spellbook and multiple buildings

    Hi & long live to the Hive!:infl_thumbs_up: I've ran into a weird problem when I was trying to make an alternate building menu. I created a custom spellbook ability and some custom building abilities based on the "Build X Tiny" (one different per building to get different order IDs:fp::xxd:)...
  9. Michael Jerrick

    [Spell] Disabling a Spell Inside a Spellbook

    Hello, I'm trying to disable a spell for the player using SetPlayerAbilityAvailable. The spell in question is inside of a spellbook and it is still available for casting. Has anyone else tried doing something like this, and is there a way to do this without having dummy spellbooks for every...
  10. Gallean


    Hi! Sure, I'm not a fallen god of nature and life, but I like the Pc-Game where this guy appears. I'm at least an advanced mapmaker, but I've often no ideas for maps, so a friend of me told me about the Hiveworkshop... And now I am here... and I like it! But I'm sure, that the most...
  11. Shiroaisu

    [Creating] Spell Book(s)

    Hi everyone This is driving me to the insanity Can someone PLS tell me how do i create spell books? P.S.: I used search before... EVEN IN GOOGLE PLS HEELP ME :cry:
  12. ShadowHunter291

    Moody Spellbook (only a few spells appear on the list)

    So I used to have my map award players with "dominances", or super powered items, for achieving a goal in game. However, I wanted to add more dominances than there were inventory spots, so I decided to make a spellbook to hold the dominances for me. It worked better than I had expected it...
  13. Marshmalo

    Can't find the Spellbook?

    Hey I have 2 questions I need help with please: 1: Im reading the tutorial on adding spellbooks but it dosnt say where I actualy find the spellbook ability? All it says is it's an item ability, anyone know where I can find it? The Mysteries of the Spellbook Tutorial 2: Completely...
  14. Thunderhorn

    Spellbook + Upgrades

    Hello hiveworkshop users, I was a little active on www.wc3sear.ch but haven't been to these forums after it went down, but now I would like to ask you all something. I was experimenting with a spellbook and thought that maybe you can put unit abilities in a spellbook and have a unit in the...
  15. Mun'ki

    Adding Spells to Spell Books

    Please, Forgive me if I've posted this before, I have a crap memory. Anyhow For my RPG Map i'm currently working on (and hopefully will finish) each class has a spell book, containing their powers. I was wondering if you could add spells to aformentioned spell books that weren't in the spell...
  16. creyzi4zb12

    Spellbook Text

    Hello, it's me again! This time I have a problem with a unit ability. I give a unit the ability "spellbook", and now I have a problem because there isn't any "text-tooltip" for the spellbook ability since it's an ability taken from "inventory". Does anybody have any better alternatives to this?
  17. jareph

    Add spell to spell book [by trigger]

    Is that possible Add spell to spell book by trigger? Can any1 give me the script?
  18. siDeKicK

    Adding spells into the Spellbook

    How do i make a spell book, and add a spell INTO the spell book?!
  19. StasMaN

    Two spellbooks present the same spells

    Hey people . In my map NecroMania I am using 2 spellbooks . Today I created 1 more spellbook and gave it to hero . And dunno why , but it has the same abilitys like the 1st spellbook . I have set the spell number in the 3rd spellbook to 0 tho and it doesn't include any abilities in it
  20. StasMaN

    Multiple pages for a spellbook ?

    Hey everyone . I am pretty sure that every one of you knows the ''spellbook'' ability . So I was wondering , is it possible to have multiple pages in a spellbook ? I badly need it for my map
  21. DKG

    Spellbook - 1 minimum spell, 8 maximum, only 2 abilities show up

    I have made a spellbook. It has 5 abilities added to it. The 5 abilities are custom, but all use different base abilities. The min spells setting of the book is 1, and the max is 8 Ingame in the book, only 2 abilities show up. Any ideas what causes this/how to fix? Could it...
  22. warlord_illidan

    how to make a spell book an ability

    hey im sort of a noob not a full noob i got decent experience with the world editor but im wondering how do u make a spell book and then make the spell book a ability not a item