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  • Hello... I am.. Flufffy kat i guess... I have a new name on but whatever.. to my point
    I found shadow wars 1.3 thought it was great... ive played 1.4 once or twice... and wouldnt mind testing 1.41 keep in touch I'm on USeast btw "LunarLynx"
    Reputation (+1):
    (Bundle) Original, intuitive, entertaining and well made map. Finally not another RPG or dota/arena ripoff randomly remixed.
    Yea id like if you gave me a heads up when you test it next, And any other maps you want tested.
    I'm sure youll make a epic map soon.
    well, either the map itself (it would be fastest, but I understand if you don't want to) or a notepad copy of your all the triggers (right click them then click copy as text) so I can go through them and remove the leaks, you can also try lowering the collision size or unit size on the models, this will make it so more units can bunch up (which may or may not be a good thing) but will also make it so you can have more units on map without lag or order delay.

    Hey Shadow, Shadow Wars is a pretty good game, and I tried the test for Shadow Wars 2 and it seems to be running smoothly, however both games seem to have some trigger leaks that can cause a build up of lag, if you'd like any assistance on removing leaks or the map in general I'll help you, but either way you should work on removing them to better increase the playability of your maps.

    Great games though, keep up the good work
    Hmm I havent seen you for a LOOONG time, I wanted to say hi, hope you still remember me, I recently made a new account, if you ever come on Bnet, My new account is Un1T3D_D4RKNeSs, (Yeah, yeah, I know its stupid.)
    I'm facinated by your work, ShadowHunter291; and do you think you can help me complete a map that might be as good as yours? I need a tip on how to make a spell that costs hit points not mana. I also want to make the spell's damage parallel to the amount of hp the hero has (and amplify it at higher levels). If you help me make this spell, I will be very grateful.
    dont you remember name on US east is pyropk95...and i remember you when i joined your game? the dreadlords
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