1. DatnessX

    [Arena] Bladefury

    Bladefury is an project where Heroes playing against each other. Every hero has 5 skills to use. Maximum skill level is 20. Maximum hero level is 60. Heroes getting gold from creeps and from other killed heroes. Players need to reach 4000 gold to win. There is 2 teams. Map is created for...
  2. posthumousturbo

    [General] Which passive attack modifiers works with missile (splash)?

    Which passive attack modifiers works with missile (splash) attack? Please write me all abilities which works with missile (splash). Which type of passive ability will be good for infernal machine?
  3. posthumousturbo

    How make custom exp required?

    This is possible to make to not? Exp based on number of killing units. 2 Exp per unit, 2 players (1 EXP PER PLAYER) RPG map. if it's impossible, how to calculate the experience gained on the map so that the hero neither becomes too powerful too quickly, nor does he gain experience too slowly. Do...
  4. posthumousturbo

    Incinerate based skill don't work

    I want use skill based on incinerate for archer hero Deadly Focus! (ULTIMATE) (LEVEL 1-8)-bonus dmg (no explosion) 25/40/55/70/85/100/115/125. Attacks it is not increased (not arrow model of skill) per attack (but monster have negative effect). It is hard coded or something. I test it dmg it is...
  5. bruunk

    [Trigger] Need help inverting Backstab Trigger

    Hi, I want to make a skill like Rikis Backstab from dota 2, but instead of the back it would do the effect if the attacking unit is striking from the front. What I know so far is to have a damage detection trigger, condition "if unit has buff", then I have this Then - Actions Set...
  6. posthumousturbo

    Problem with 3 skills

    The three of skills of heroes on my map don't work. This is no hard coded, but bashes with crits work on monsters (but no on heroes) Critical Load (chance to stun enemies and x2 crit but crit don't work) Strong Bumper (chance to stun enemies x1,25 crit but crit don't work) Space Robes...
  7. posthumousturbo

    AoE Roots Don't Work

    On This is Skill this is not work, but on four other skills this work. This is don't work, dummy don't use skill. RootsUltimateAoE Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Oplątające Korzenie Actions Set...
  8. Thiiago

    [GUI] Ranged and Meele by Trigger in Actual Version

    I need a system to switch via Trigger my hero a Shaman to be a Ranged or a Meele. Ranged Stance: - Damage Type: Magic - Weapon Type: Missile - Attack Range: 800 - Missile Speed: 1000 - Weapon Sound: None - Missile Art: Lightning Orb / Shaman missile Meele Stance: - Damage Type: Normal -...
  9. Henry_AC

    Help import JASS skill

    Hello everyone, someone who can help me on how to import this skill to my map is that it is very different from the others, I think it is because of this JASS or GUII Divine Halo v2.1
  10. jaspergeli

    [Spell] How to make Mana Shield absorb damage after any damage reduction takes place?

    I want to make Mana Shield an armor-based ability so my hero is stronger in later parts of the game where he got high levels and many strong items. Because my always problem is that when the armor of my hero is too high, the mana to health cost ratio is not proportionate when the damage is...
  11. Sawwy

    [Trigger] AOE Polymorph, at end of duration

    Hello guys. I've been trying to create a spell which is based on polymorph. But I want it to be "spread" to another enemy within a certain aoe (300) around the target at the end of the duration. But everything I try fails miserably. Probably because I've been trying it wrong. Any ideas on how I...
  12. LazyKnight

    [SOLVED] How to track the source unit of a buff (a unit who use the buff to attack)?

    Hi. I'm currently designing a passive ability: A attack B, then B will get a Buff until it died, and unit C will be born from B. Imagine "Zombie" killed human, then the human becomes a zombie. But the question is if there are multiple "zombie" players, how do I know the latest buff come from...
  13. firstblood1510

    Frost Arrows with Frost Nova

    I have been working on a spell based on Frost Arrows. I want to make the caster use Frost Nova whenever it casts Frost Arrow. I tried this: But the unit instantly casts Frost Nova, instead of landing a hit on the target before casting the skill. I tried using the (A unit finishes casting an...
  14. BalanceDruid7

    Lets talk about PvP

    PvP in Action games. Competitiveness, skill, challenge, the potential to outplay your opponent in fast-paced combat, action (mostly Hero Arenas). I'm not talking about strategy type like Castle Fight, Legion TD, Azeroth Wars (whatever today's kidz play) that isn't in the action category. Famous...
  15. Kronoz

    AoE Parasite?

    Howdy guys! First of all, I'm new here so I wanted to say hello. Well, here's the thing. I'm trying to make an AoE spell that deals damage over time and, if the affected unit dies, summons another unit from it's body. I based it on parasite but the AoE didn't work so I'm trying to base it on...
  16. Saito

    [Solved] One time lag upon ability cast.

    So, I am creating an ability that works just like Frenzy in Homm3[1]. It works just fine, at least for now, except for one annoying bug. It freezes the game for 3-5 seconds upon first cast(And first cast only! Each cast after the first one works well.). It doesn't matter if the skill is used at...
  17. folfol322

    [Spell] Drunken Haze (AOE)

    Hi! I need help for Drunken Haze Ability. How can I use this ability into a specific area? It has to do damage. Then I will use Breath of Fire.
  18. TonyKuwabara

    [HELP] Editing a skill

    Hi guys, I really dont know anything about map development so I just wanna ask a, perhaps, simple help. I found this map, Pokemon Legacy, thats its currently not being updated and playing with a friend we found that Tackle crashes the game. So I just wanna take that skill out or transform it...
  19. magicforrest

    WC3 ISD (Item & Skill Designer) - Need help

    Hey, i just released version 0.5 of my litte tool "WC3 Item & Skill Designer" (Or "WC3 ISD" for short) There are not many new features, but there is a Name Gen included, and some minor changes to last release. Since i dont have wc3 anymore (since years) i cant finish the import w3x feature...