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[Arena] Bladefury

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Bladefury is an project where Heroes playing against each other. Every hero has 5 skills to use. Maximum skill level is 20. Maximum hero level is 60. Heroes getting gold from creeps and from other killed heroes. Players need to reach 4000 gold to win. There is 2 teams. Map is created for multiplayer.
There is a small chance (5%) to drop an item from creep. You can use the item or sell it. Every 6 minutes is special creep spawned. Every three minutes is gold coins spawned on region in the middle of the map.

You can also play with bots (Computers).


  • Bladefury v1.20a.w3m
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Level 15
Feb 2, 2009
This looks like a pretty awesome start to a really cool project. Played a few rounds with friends over discord and the laughter did not really die down for about 5 minutes. After playing for a few rounds I busted it open the editor to take a look.

First off I am super glad that you manage the point leaks, and the fact that windwalk's cd will always be longer than its duration means that windwalk cannot be super abused. I am curious to know more about this project, are you planning on adding more bosses? Or perhaps more abilities? Selectable maps or dangerous terrain?

I am going to be watching this one with interest, the base concept is already pretty neat!
Level 4
Feb 16, 2017
i have some quest , If the one with the most gold wins, that's what gold is for, right? Well, if the shopping in the game will be done with this gold, won't every item bought bring a loss?
NOT:i use google translate , if my text have typo,please tell me
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