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Infinity Arena

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Level 6
Oct 22, 2006
Name: Infinity Arena
Creator:Burger_Bling or Bnet name Chef-Nightmare

Summary:An Arena Map with heroes, items, teams, bases,Creeps Spawning and Army Spawning. Objective is to kill your enemy's home base.

-24 heroes to select *(12 Custom, 12 Standard)
-Over 90 spells and each with 10 levels (Standard) and for Ultimate Spells, 3 levels
-Creep Area at bottom of the map where creeps spawn. Every 7 minutes the creeps are upgraded
-Teams each have towers to defend thier Home Base and armys spawn from thier Barracks (Note: The home base's and armys are all at the top of the map)Every 15 minutes the forces are upgraded
- Duels agaisnt teams every 5 minutes
- Over 30 items to use and master and there is item fusing (Like in Heaven vs. Hell)

Terraining- 92%
Units- 80%
Triggers- 75%
Items- 40%

Any people intrested in Testing tell me here
Tester list so far (2 out of 10 slots taken)
-Me (Duh)
-My friend

Thx for all the people who volunteer and give me helpful feedback

I dont know how to take screenshots though but if I did know I would post them. You can tell me if you want
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