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Custom Hero Arena Unlimited Beta

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Level 7
May 15, 2009
Name: Custom Hero Arena Unlimited Beta
Current Editor: Glorn2
Past Editors: Labmonkey123, SlayerDragon
As the title invokes this map is a Beta!

Summary: (The Juicy Stuff) My edit is based off the supreme B map made by Labmonkey. A lot of the bugs from his edit have been fixed, and some haven't. red picks from a handful of modes, then each player can pick from 1 of 36 heroes, they each have a different base ability, then they select an offensive, defensive, misc, and ultimate skill. As with any arena, you kill creeps, level, duel, gank, and buy items.

For anyone who played the older edits, I have added over 80 items, 15 heroes, new bosses, 20 levels onto heroes (max used to be 20, or 25, depending the edit you play) and possibly the most important thing, is that I actually balanced all of the skills. As an avid player of the game, I was upset with how the game had 2 viable builds, now it has dozens.

*edit* ohh right, sorry, I assume most people have played CHA because of how old it is, I will give a rundown on what it is for people who haven't encountered it.

The Game:

Starting: Red starts off picking modes, there are a handful of them, fast leveling, slow leveling, extra creeps, random mode, dark mode (fog of war) and many others. Assuming random mode wasn't picked, every player then gets to pick a hero who has a base ability already, then they pick an offensive skill, a defensive skill, a misc. skill, and an ultimate.

Playing: As with any hero arena, you run around with your team killing creeps that spawn at various locations until you gradually level up. There are many items to pick from to allow for faster leveling. With all the items and skills you can specialize in a number of things, or just be a "general" hero who is decent at everything. There are full team duels every 6 minutes, and there is a kill limit.

Quests: Because a game of farming and killing isnt always fun for very long, there are a number of quests leading up to big boss fights that you dont have to do, but really should. Around mid game you should be strong enough to do the quests alone, although they are intended to be a group effort. You need to kill 3 archons, of whom you can also farm if you are really good (but usually arent worth it) then you are allowed to enter an area leading to the ruler of the arena, with a sub-boss before him. After him are 2 more bosses for fun, that in quest mode, you dont have to beat. All bosses drop unique items, so they are worth killing. there are 2 quest modes, 1 to race to see which team can beat the ruler of the arena first, or a mode to combine forces, and race against the clock.

Additional pvp info: A 2nd arena has been added to the map, you get gold for spending time in there, and there is a special boss and treasure chest that give ample gold. you also get 2X gold from killing other players in there. In normal modes, there is a kill limit, 10 lives per player on each team, -5 if a player leaves mid game.


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