[Aeon of Strife] Legends of the Secret War - Beta

Legends of the Secret War
0.93 beta

What is Legends of the Secret War?
Legends of the Secret War is an Aeon of Strife-styled map using the game rules of Conquest.
I didn't click on the link, what is Conquest?
It's basically a game mode where you go around the map, either killing Heroes or capturing control points to reduce the opponent team's reinforcement tickets. You win when the opponent's tickets reach 0.
What does the map feature?
We are now at 0.93 beta! It is getting very close to the original vision I had for it, so I feel like it can be uploaded to gain players' feedback and improve. The map currently features:
- Up to 8v8 players
- 24 Heroes
- A full-fledged item system: Over 40 combination items
- Neutral creeps (they respawn about 60-120 secs after being killed)
- Gold Coins spawn on the map every 4 minutes, each granting 250 bonus gold​
- Finish some heroes' background stories
- Design some artwork
How do I gain gold?
There are several ways to gain gold:
- You always gain 1 gold every 1.5 seconds by default
- You gain 1 extra gold for every control point your team has, and 40 gold upon capturing a point
- Picking up Gold Coins that spawn every 4 minutes
- Killing a Computer/neutral creep
- Killing an enemy Hero gives you gold based on the victim's level (min 54g, max 384g)
- Being in 1200 range of an enemy Hero's death caused by an ally human-controlled player (min 5g, max 126g)
- Being in 1200 range of an enemy Hero's death caused by your Computer ally (min 24g, max 284g)
I'm still not sold. Give me some screenshots.






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