Control Points!?!?

Level 4
Oct 24, 2005
I'm trying to apply control points into my map. These control points give Gold & lumber, and produce 10 units when a certain player controls them. I need help setting it up where if a player that has more units than that of the player who has the control point near the control point and kills all of red's units within the area, to change control to that player. I hope I wrote this down so people may understand and help. This is a really big part of my map, not sure if I can continue without this. Thanks!

(Example: Player Red has control over a control point with 15 units in the area around the control point, Player Blue comes in with 20 and kills all of red's players. Blue then has now gained control over this point.)
Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
ok maybe i can help u out, and with the other things u aksed in other posts ^.^maybe i could be ur partner by helping to make ur map.. i dont want some credits if u dont want it.. i just liked to help u so tell me when u need/want my help... if u want it u can sent the map to me and i will add the control point system to it ...