Catapult Wars v1.3 BETA

Level 2
May 29, 2009
Catapult Wars v1.3 BETA

In this map, you control a Hero, a Gold Miner, and a training center called as the War Factory. You have to train warriors that you will use to attack the enemies' base. These units plays a very big role in the game. The gold miner gives you gold by harvesting in your gold mine. You use the gold to train warriors and to power-up your Hero with items and tomes.

There are 4 types of Heroes ( catapult ):
- Demolisher - Deals heavy damage. Has low HP and armor. Has a nuke Ultimate.
- Ice Pult - Good at slowing enemy units while giving damage.
- War Station - The game's tanker. Have great armor at HP.
- Engineer - Can repair units, builds a robot, fire cluster rockets and control gravity.^^

There are 4 types of trainable units.
- Footman - The basic swordsman. Each train gives 5 units.
- Knight - The more powerful mounted swordsman. Each train gives 3 units.
- Rifleman - Ranged attacker. Gives 3 units per train.
- Armageddon Tank - Siege damage and thick armors.

All Map Resources are downloaded here in hive workshop.

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