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[Spell] Form Switch(metamorphosis) - Help

Level 7
Oct 6, 2022
Hello guys, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening i would like to know how to make the hero do the metamorphosis like this.

Normally, user is melee and can cast the 1st & 2nd skill normally.
But if the user cast the 3rd skill(User gets a buff) then cast either the 1st or 2nd skill, it'll cancel the clicked skill and hides 1st and 2nd skill and forms a metamorphosis becomes range attacker.
After the metamorphosis, the user returns to normal form. As long as the user doesn't use the 3rd skill then cast the either the 1st or 2nd skill, the user wouldn't form a metamorphosis.

In extra request if it's okay to you guys, i would like to make the user when it forms a metamorphosis. Whenever it's attacking, its attack moves towards at the maximum of 800 range(This would be a "create dummy that moves towards a location whenever the user attacks").

hope you guys could understand it/help me with it, thanks in advance.
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