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  1. Art of War - Forsaken Army

    Art of War - Forsaken Army

  2. Art of War - Forsaken Techtree

    Art of War - Forsaken Techtree

  3. Art of War - Bronzebeard Clan Techtree

    Art of War - Bronzebeard Clan Techtree

  4. Art of War - Races

    Art of War - Races

  5. Art of War - Blood Elf Army

    Art of War - Blood Elf Army

  6. R_Reaper

    Custom races applied for all maps (modding)

    I play with the thought to finalize the custom races which are half done by Blizzard and never implemented fully because of balance reasons, so they appear only in the campaigns/ in certain custom maps. So the goal is to implement (make playable) the following races to all maps (melee...
  7. Grish

    [SD/Modeling] Looking For Unarmed Character Models (Male & Female)

    I'm looking for a number of unarmed character models for RPG purposes, a variety of races, male and female. I found a bundle of player models ported from WoW that have the idea I'm looking for, but some of their file sizes are large, and it doesn't include any female characters. I've only been...
  8. Dwarven Race For "Age Of Warcraft"

    Dwarven Race For "Age Of Warcraft"

    A unit roster for our project "Age of Warcraft". This is just a sample. We will upload detailed unit roster when we create the page of our project in hive.
  9. Kreuzschlitz

    Ability racial classification or similar filter

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a condition that checks whether a spell being cast is in the undead category or night elf category in the editor and to create different floating text depending on which race it is. I could not find any such conditions when playing around in the editor. The...
  10. Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Some icons. The centaur icon is actually used for an Ogre unit that has a similar face and helmet. The top left & top right icons are made by me. Bottom left is an edit of Dionesiist's 'BTNButcher'. 2nd icon 2nd row by Scias, bottom right by takakenji. WIP of Ogre Faction for "First War Memorium".
  11. Rykon-V73

    Nerubian race/faction picture

    You know there are other custom race/faction pictures that can be used. Well, I want something like this, but only for the Nerubian race. Thanks.
  12. CheeseEtc

    Why don't the 4 playable races have the same number of trainable units?

    Excluding workers and heroes, humans and orcs have 11 trainable units, night elves have 10, scourge has only 9. Same for buildings. Humans and Undead both have an extra building with no equivalent in other races (lumbermill and sacrificial pit). Is there a balance/gameplay reason for this? I...
  13. Basileus

    Ideas about unusual races

    Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions about making balanced custom melee race, but before that I would like to ask you: which are most unusual races you've ever seen? By "unusual" I mean with non-standart tech tree, with non-standart unit production or interesting resources managemant. I...
  14. CrazyDwarfRace v1.30

    CrazyDwarfRace v1.30

    song - Ethan Meixsell (Battleground, Angel of Mercy.)
  15. SoooK

    [Solved] Detect random race?

    Is it possible to detect, if a player has choosen random race before game started?
  16. BrazilEmperor

    Ideas for my race thematic

    i'm making a map that each race is based on some culture. EX: Dwarfs equals to Vikings Humans equals to Holy Roman Empire,etc. for my Elf race, what theme is better? Celtic/British/Highland culture or Chinese/Asian/Oriental culture?
  17. Michael Peppers

    [Altered Melee] Some race ideas

    Mostly harvesting ideas, just throwing them out there, feedback is appreciated. Kobolds: Hall = Mine, the mine is already harvested by itself (+10/15 a pop), either like an Entangled gold mine or without units, but still costing some upkeep (let's keep it fair). No wood costs, pretty hefty...
  18. GrevinGadal

    [Campaign] Night Elf-Worgen Custom Race (Brainstorming)

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking about the Hive Workshop for years. I've loved the work of your assets creators and map makers and, now that I'm dipping my toes back into map creation, I decided to get a bit more interactive. Perhaps at some point I'll even be able to give something back. For...
  19. M

    What makes a custom race fun to play?

    What makes a custom race fun to play? Is it balance, originality (in gameplay), large amount of spells? Should it use it's own mechanics or be simmilar to Blizzard's races?
  20. necro-mage14

    Need a Someone good in english

    Hello guys, I need some one know english and warcraft lore because I need him to give me a good and unique names for some custom units and heroes I will create for my project for now this the list of my custom Units: CUSTOM UNITS[/COLOR]"] more will come soon....
  21. Althavis

    Quilboar Race just a simple one

    The Quilboar Tribes Created by foje tit "Don't hope too much, well just play" Dowload Here : The Quilboar Tribes Version 1.3 The map is a modified Blasted Lands map from Blizzard Entertainment Tilesets and some texture are relplace Change Creep Camps 14 Red Camps 12 Orange Camps 8 Green...
  22. Madison

    If you could only choose one class per race and faction as representant

    Hello. I'm kind of investigating a bit and would like to know what would be the representant in each race/class combo, if applicable. This is not about class efficiency (i.e. which tank is better or so), it's merely for lore purposes. The rule is simple: only one race per class; two counting...
  23. Spellbound

    Techtree Contest #12 - Theme Discussion

    The last techtree contest was a while back and I figured it could be time for a new one. We had an advanced techtree contest, which was chiefly about finishing an existing race but those require... existing material. So, let's make new material! Some ideas to what theme this latest contest...
  24. Zephyrius2412

    Eversong Woods Texture Ripping

    Hi ! I'm making a Blood Elf race and I want to create a melee map with it so I wanted to create the Eversong Woods (in WoW). I need some texture for that, so someone can rip the Eversong Woods textures (tree, terrain, etc...) for me please ? Because I absolutely don't know how to do that and I...
  25. S

    [Discussion] Keromaj War

    I decided to start this thread to get feedback and advice on this project. Keromaj War is a Mac exclusive RTS game that I wanted to make for a not awhile ago. It's a cartoony styled unclassifiable game. (Unclassifiable because it contains new elements(Or something)) I've made some art work of...
  26. S

    New Xillu

    (I will not ask for approval to show these now so i'm going to be smart and show them anyway) Hello there! Not a small time since my last post right? You remember the Xillus? The unfinished lore series? I've remade the race into something different. The shape is the same but their style and...
  27. NetherDragon

    [General] Need help for custom races, also AI

    So here is the problem: i created "custom" races for the ai to control, i used the ai editor for this. They worked almost flawlessly, but that was because i used default stuff, slightly modified. So the races that did manage to work were: high elves, chaos orcs and corrupt elves. But then i...
  28. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Trigger] Multiple Races for Players & Computers

    Greetings friends, i have made a trigger (multiple in fact) that can do special things: -Also you will see that this is in german so be aware of that. -Also there is a lack of an Victory/Defeat trigger, which should behave like normal gameplay would. I hope you can help me with that. This is...
  29. sarumanthecursed

    [Solved] Race setup

    Hi all >:D Hope your mothers had a good mother's day weekend. I'm trying to set up a system where if any player is human their townhall and peasants are replaced by my custom ones. Here's what i've got: Free Peoples Race Setup Events Map initialization Conditions Actions...
  30. Grimhollow

    LIST of UNCREATED models

    Hello I have bunch of thoughts and concepts of simple or semi-complex units that modellers can make and I managed to list them out here. So if ideas are needed, they can check this list out to base their models here. GNOLLS - Gnoll with Club - Armored Gnoll - Gnoll Pikeman - Gnoll with Big...
  31. Replicator

    [JASS] Hello all! - Help would be appreciated

    Hello there; I'm "Replicator". I am new to this website (First post actually.) and to the Editor itself (Never really getting into map-making in the past). I would like some assistance with Triggers; most prominently Custom Races. Yes; I have seen a few posts whilst scrolling about for help...
  32. Replicator

    Hello all! - Help would be appreciated.

    Hello there; I'm "Replicator". I am new to this website (First post actually.) and to the Editor itself (Never really getting into map-making in the past). I would like some assistance with Triggers; most prominently Custom Races. Yes; I have seen a few posts whilst scrolling about for help...
  33. Lurker99

    Factions Selection System

    I'm am looking for a trigger that will allow the selection of a sub-faction of a race ie if human is selected you get to pick different factions when the game starts but only human factions same thing for orc, night, undead, ect. My intention is to also have computer AI work for a melee game im...
  34. JesterOfDestiny

    Custom race, that the computer can use.

    So I was making an altered melee map, with four custom races, replacing all four races, with my own ones. I already sort of figured out how to replace the starting unit. Mostly. Because I still have problems with that. But that's not important right now. What is important though, is how could...
  35. Alok

    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics

    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics Making video games is like a science. Everything needs to be planned and well thought-out in order for the game to be fun and challenging, and the mechanics behind a seemingly simple game can actually be very complex and thouroughly thought-out. This...
  36. S

    THE Xillu

    (I post this here because this is something we would have fun with and draw art of) I finally can make the Xillu! And i got the designs ready. I still need to make the rest of the classes and write they'r history. But have a-little information about them. The Xillu are a curious and peaceful...
  37. Flux

    [vJASS] GetUnitIdRace

    library GetUnitIdRace /****************************************************************** GetUnitIdRace v1.00 by Flux Allows you to get the race of a unit based on the rawcode...