1. StangtennisGuru

    [SD/Modeling] Lemon missile model

    I could use a simple missile/projectile model of a lemon intended to be used in Realm of Kings, the Chaos AoS. Here's a picture for reference: Hope somebody is up for the task
  2. Raining Outside

    Question regarding projectiles, and a few other questions

    Hello! I just started experimenting with the editor for the first time in years. It's so exciting to open up the editor again, it confused me when I was a teenager but looking at it now it is incredibly powerful and intuitive. I have a few questions. I was experimenting with making it so that...
  3. NME Ironarrow

    [Spell] Making an Efficient Projectile

    Hello everyone! My problem is a little complicated but hear me out please! I'm currently working on my map which I have there some custom abilities which shoots projectiles, these projectiles suppose to detect if there are enemies near them and trigger something. Since the max speed in wc3 is...
  4. Cheshire

    [Spell] change the target impact point of storm bolt projectile

    Hey there, Is there a way to change the height the storm bolt projectile hits it's target? the ability doesn't have a field for changing the projectile impact target Z value, and has no target attachments specified on default so I don't think that would do it. thanks!
  5. bruunk

    How to make a projectile curve on X & Y axis?

    I want to create a spell that will work like firebolt, but it will also shoot 2 lesser firebolts that will arc towards the target, so 3 projectiles total: Target -->.......O Projectiles ->.( | ) Caster -->.......X These fireballs dont need to do damage themselves it just needs to look...
  6. Cheshire

    what projectile model to use with unit?

    hey all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this (you always know it's gonna be good when it starts like that...) but I would like some advice on what projectile model would look good getting thrown by this troll medium model by @Skipper. (as of now I have it throwing a skull...
  7. lolreported

    Remove attack projectiles chasing a unit

    Is there a way to remove attack projectiles that's chasing a unit (for example if it's moved to another location)? I've tried to hide the unit and then immediately show it, but this doesn't remove the attack projectile, only its effect later on when it hits the unit. Thanks.
  8. ChoBo

    [General] Way to scale missile-art(projectile)

    I want make a giant fireball spell, so I created a dummy and ordered to ground attack. Dummy has missile of archmage Scaling value = 10.0 Scale projectiles = true But the size never changed.. no matter what value of scales or models What is wrong?
  9. Hazop

    Line of Fire

    I've been thinking for a while, is it possible to make it that friendly ranged units could cause friendly fire? For example rifleman attacking an enemy but causing friendly fire due to friendly troops in front of them. Is there a way to make something like this?
  10. Arieegee

    Skill editing help

    Hi i have a question is there a possibility to visualize projectile on non projectile skills, for example soul burn or edit behaviour of the entire skill, for example thunder bolt not being able to stun? Etc...
  11. Projectile Interactions by BlueFlame

    Projectile Interactions by BlueFlame

    Just some projectile interactions I've done a long time ago!
  12. Ofel

    Parabola with fixed max height and velocity

    I'm trying to project a missile to a point vertically higher with fixed max height and velocity of x. Max height should be based on whether initial x or target x, depending which one is higher (above target). Anyone know how to find or operate the velocity of y? Or maybe any other way to draw...
  13. Ofel

    Projectile arc on hill

    I have this missile (special effect), arc-projected to a point on the air. I'll just combine the target location z with the target height. I used this parabola function: function Parabola takes real h, real d, real x returns real return (4.00 * h / d) * (d - x) * (x / d) // 'h' is the...
  14. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Ability projectile won't pass through corpses.

    Hey all. I'm using kawas11's Breath of Fire spell and it seems to be working fine. However, despite being told to only damage Alive units, the spell seems to try and damage dead units as the projectiles won't go pass their corpses. Here's the boolean that specifies it to only damage alive...
  15. cleavinghammer

    [General] Sphere ability and disappearing projectiles

    I used Sphere to create a Villager model attached to the weapon of a catapult, giving the catapult the same villager model as a projectile. But while the villager does appear in the catapult's arm and a villager is launched through the air (dying on impact), the Sphere villager dies while still...
  16. Ofel

    Advanced homing projectile

    How to make a projectile to properly home-in to a target unit? My problem is about the mathematical calculation. Currently, I've managed to make the projectile move to a 3D point towards its facing direction with offset by [speed base] plus offset by [turn acceleration] towards the target unit...
  17. Uncle

    [Solved] Creating a Multishot ability (adjusting arrow angles to match # of arrows fired)

    Hello, I'm terrible at math and wondering if anyone could help me with this trigger. I'm creating a Multishot ability that fires multiple projectiles towards a target point. I want the system to detect how many arrows are to be fired (a variable I want to be able to adjust freely) and then...
  18. Lake

    Wurst Missile System

    Just curious if anyone has created a missile system for Wurst yet, which is open for public use? Otherwise I would attempt to make one, since it seems like a pretty useful tool for quite a few maps. :)
  19. SpiritTauren

    [General] Projectile recycle vs unit expiration timer for dummy.

    Does a dead unit occupy that much memory? Can it be removed from the memory at all? Which method of dealing with the issue is more cost-efficient? By that I mean memory resources spent on reusing/checking conditions/playing sound/hiding/unhiding/relocating etc. the said dummy unit or simply on...
  20. HerrDave

    Three-Bullet Projectile

    HerrDave calls out for aid! I'm trying to make a projectile looks like three bullets flying out and striking the target one by one instead of all at once. The problem I'm having isn't the beginning of the animation, the bullets come out fine - but they strike/vanish strangely - either too...
  21. Tanni

    Archmage Projectile Blue Variant

    Hi, working on something I discovered that my hero was more on the arcane side of things and thought that the Archmage's fiery projectile fit, but looked that it belonged to a pyromancer rather than a master of the arcane. So I'd like a blue variant of the Archmage's projectile for my hero...
  22. Rykon-V73

    A weapon for Birdiepult

    I know there was another model that will fit the mechanized artillery, but I can't seem to find it. It's in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. I thought of using the guard tower arrow as a weapon. Is there another projectile that might fit the Birdiepult? Edit: Link to model: Birdiepult
  23. TheAyalalalalon

    Projectile collisions

    Hi I am searching for a projectile system that can detect collision with units and easy to configure Which one would you recommend to me?
  24. RobertMKD

    [Crash] How to properly make a unit use a projectile model?

    Hi, every time I give a unit the model of a projectile which I edited in a model editor, WE crashes once I select the model in the object manager. The unit uses the model of the projectile with no problems if it's from the MPQ Archive, but when I import a projectile model and try to give it to a...