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Three-Bullet Projectile

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Level 65
Dec 23, 2013
HerrDave calls out for aid!

I'm trying to make a projectile looks like three bullets flying out and striking the target one by one instead of all at once.

The problem I'm having isn't the beginning of the animation, the bullets come out fine - but they strike/vanish strangely - either too early or too late one by one.

If you have the patience of stone - see if you can get it going smoothly

SMG Burst | HIVE

Video showing off how the projectile should look

Level 41
Feb 27, 2007
I would guess that you want to have the three projectiles striking the target actually be the model's "death" animation, which might get it to play properly once it impacts the target (afaik missiles play their death animation if they exist upon hitting their targets). I didn't check out the .mdx file though, as I'm not a modeler or animator.
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