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[Model] Horizontal Continuous Beam Projectile

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Level 3
Aug 29, 2004
Hello friends, I am very well into the development of a space map, however, while there are a multitude of laser models out there, I am looking for a practical projectile model I can use for a continuous beam attack (think Freespace 2).


I realize that there are ways to create an artificial beam attack in WE, however none of these work perfectly and most, if not all of them look very strange (and also lower my framerate). I also realize the odds are against space map makers such as myself as far as resources are concerned.

In actual practice, this projectile needs to work like the beam attack of the protoss colossus in Starcraft 2 (sort of like the flamethrower projectile that the chaos space orc has, except longer range): http://www.starcraft2.com/features/protoss/colossus.xml

To be more specific, I am looking for someone to rotate this type of beam (in this case made by IllidanX) 180 degrees to be usable as a continuous primary attack of an ion frigate (a flying unit).


Beam/Ion cannons are usually instant hit attacks that continuously fire a beam at a target for several seconds. Visual impact damage where the beam hits is not as important as the beam itself.

Well, I have done best to describe my request. My thanks to anyone who can help me out, I'm sure the community would also appreciate a standard beam model such as this (considering there are none out there that are actually horizontal & suit the purposes of a continuous attack).
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