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Advanced homing projectile

Discussion in 'World Editor Help Zone' started by Ofel, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Ofel


    Mar 29, 2012
    How to make a projectile to properly home-in to a target unit?
    My problem is about the mathematical calculation.

    Currently, I've managed to make the projectile move to a 3D point towards its facing direction with offset by [speed base] plus offset by [turn acceleration] towards the target unit --> on every frame update (32 iteration per second). But sometimes, if the projectile missed the target unit, it will just spin around the target because maybe the [turn acceleration] is too low to turn the projectile towards target.
    If I set [turn acceleration] to a higher value, the projectile would not have a good curve.
    How do I achieve this?

    Code (vJASS):
    set vectorX = .targetX - .posX
    set vectorY = .targetY - .posY
    set vectorZ = .targetZ - .posZ

    set dist = GetDistance2D(vectorX, vectorY)
    set angleZ = AngleZ(vectorX, vectorY)
    set anglePointsZ = AnglePointsZ(dist, vectorZ)

    set .posX = ((.posX + ROCKETS_SPEED_BASE[.node.level] * Cos(.roll) * Cos(.pitch))) + ROCKETS_TURN_ACCELERATION[.node.level] * Cos(angleZ) * Cos(anglePointsZ)
    set .posY = ((.posY + ROCKETS_SPEED_BASE[.node.level] * Sin(.roll) * Cos(.pitch))) + ROCKETS_TURN_ACCELERATION[.node.level] * Sin(angleZ) * Cos(anglePointsZ)
    set .posZ = ((.posZ + ROCKETS_SPEED_BASE[.node.level] * Sin(.pitch))) + ROCKETS_TURN_ACCELERATION[.node.level] * Sin(anglePointsZ)

    set vectorX = .posX - .lastPosX
    set vectorY = .posY - .lastPosY
    set vectorZ = .posZ - .lastPosZ

    call SetEffectOrientation3D(vectorX, vectorY, vectorZ)
    set .pitch = AnglePointsZ(GetDistance2D(vectorX, vectorY), vectorZ)

    Code (vJASS):
    function GetDistance2D takes real x, real y returns real
        return SquareRoot(x * x + y * y)

    function GetDistance3D takes real x, real y, real z returns real
        return SquareRoot(x * x + y * y + z * z)

    function AngleZ takes real x, real y returns real
        return Atan2(y, x)

    function AnglePointsZ takes real distance2D, real z returns real
        return Atan2(z, distance2D)

    function GetTerrainZ takes real x, real y returns real
        call MoveLocation(zLoc, x, y)
        return GetLocationZ(zLoc)

    function GetUnitTerrainZ takes unit targetUnit, real x, real y returns real
        local real height
        set height = GetUnitFlyHeight(targetUnit) + TARGET_CHEST_HEIGHT
        return height + GetTerrainZ(x, y)

    function GetDistanceToUnit3D takes real x, real y, real z, unit targetUnit returns real
        local real targetX = GetUnitX(targetUnit)
        local real targetY = GetUnitY(targetUnit)
        local real targetZ = GetUnitTerrainZ(targetUnit, targetX, targetY)
        return GetDistance3D(targetX-x, targetY-y, targetZ-z)

    function SetEffectOrientation3D takes real x, real y, real z returns nothing
        // by Wareditor
        local real ax
        local real ay
        local real px
        local real py
        if x == 0 and y == 0 then
            if z > 0 then
                set ax = -bj_PI*0.5
                set ax = bj_PI*0.5
        elseif z != 0 then
            set ax = RAbsBJ(x)
            set ay = RAbsBJ(y)
            set px = ax / (ax + ay)
            set py = 1 - px
            if y == 0 then
                set ax = 0
                set ax = Atan(z/y)*py
            if x == 0 then
                set ay = 0
                set ay = -Atan(z/x)*px
        set .pitch = ay
        set .roll = Atan2(y, x)
        call BlzSetSpecialEffectOrientation(.rocket, ax, .lastPitch, .roll)
        call BlzSetSpecialEffectPitch(.rocket, .pitch)
        set .lastPitch = .pitch

    My current idea:
    I might make the [turn acceleration] to have dynamic value, for example, the farther the projectile is from the target unit, [turn acceleration] will accordingly increase. But I have no idea how to achieve this, mathematically.