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Last Activity:
Feb 19, 2016
Jan 21, 2006

Awarded Medals 1



Berb was last seen:
Feb 19, 2016
    1. Aliguyon
      hello, do you know this scenario

      i opened an .mdx model in mdlvis,
      tried to rotate its arm,
      and i notice the vertices connecting the arm to the body moves just slighty,
      and as you rotate the arm 360 degrees, those vertices seems to be closing (i mean those vertices moves closely to each other until they hit each other)..

      is that vertex weights???
    2. Aliguyon
      do you know how to put vertex weights on an .mdl manually??
      or if you know a tutorial or thread pls make me know where it is.. :)
    3. Aliguyon
      do you know how do some different models here in hive have identical or same animations??
    4. Aliguyon
      what do you mean use lightning type and family actions?
    5. Aliguyon
      Why is it when i make the projectile art of a unit lightinig attack(the projectile missile of thunder lizard if im not mistaken), so i can make it attack with a chain lightning effect(like razor of dota), no lightning appears???
      Is there something that i have to do with that unit's property???

      another i tried to make ursa warrior's fury swipes skill, i used the skill of firelord, the incinerate if im not mistaken.. but it seems not to work because i put 100damage for every attack but it doesnt add up to the next damage... am i missing something???
    6. Dat-C3
      You were xombie? Never knew that, hi.
    7. Aliguyon
      is there an event llike "when a unit auto-casts..."for skills like searing arrows, frost arrows...
      so the trigger will always do the actions as long as the skill is in auto-cast mode..
      another, is there a way that i can manipulate the damages of those skills,like the damage is based on the strength of the hero, im planning to do skills like that of obsidian destroyer in dota, his first skill if im not mistaken..
    8. Aliguyon
      now i get it.. but i did that but nothing happens... so turn t UMSWE in JNGP1.5d.. it works in that version of JNGP.
    9. Aliguyon
      i tried it but nothing changes.. :((
      but good thing UMSWE's edit tile pathability works already.. i think UMSWE's edit tile pathability is not working in JNGP1.5e, but in JNGP1.5d
    10. Aliguyon
      "Vrck 2 1"
      all i understand is the "Vrck" stands for village rock(id)
      but the "2" and "1" i cant understand what are those for...
      and i cant understand that table, i dont know how to refer to that.. can you pls give me a brief explanation???
    11. Aliguyon
      i read a forum where you said how to make Vrck unwalkable...

      it works for me, but whenever i make a new map with village tileset.. the Vrck is still unwalkable! and i dont know how to make it walkable again! i just cant understand the explaination about pathmapper in the grimtext folder in jngp...pls help..
      and also, when i open my other map with that tile, the units standing in that tiles were deleted!!
      pls pls pls... how to make it walkable again...
    12. nambo
      Nope. Just wanna greet my new friend. That's all. ^^
    13. nambo
      hey Berb how u doin
    14. NightElf125
      Did you get my last pm? :p I sent you a damage system. If you would prefer another let me know. I can also send you nestharus's damage event system. :)
    15. NightElf125
      Hey Berb! Remember me? :) well I have an issue with the display player damage code you gave me, I've updated some systems that rely on it and I'm not sure if that's the issue, but the damage is no longer registering. It stays at 0. I'm going to go ahead and give you a pm.
    16. Troll-Brain
      Same for me, even if sometimes i use boolean, but i've only use the "parent" types so far, i wasn't aware about it.
      Even if i'm not directly concerned about it, it's still good to know.
    17. Troll-Brain
      Did you know it ?! (read all the posts)
    18. woogie
      hey wanna try to make this model? its a big challange to do it so if you want to try i would be grateful. i know i'm all new but even a newbe can do research. and i have found that there are many people looking for this model. i know it might take alot of time but this is a model that is so worth it.

      here is a link to a pic of the model



    19. Troll-Brain
      I don't get the joke
    20. Magtheridon96
      But I can abuse you all I want right? =3
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