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  • hello, do you know this scenario

    i opened an .mdx model in mdlvis,
    tried to rotate its arm,
    and i notice the vertices connecting the arm to the body moves just slighty,
    and as you rotate the arm 360 degrees, those vertices seems to be closing (i mean those vertices moves closely to each other until they hit each other)..

    is that vertex weights???
    do you know how to put vertex weights on an .mdl manually??
    or if you know a tutorial or thread pls make me know where it is.. :)
    do you know how do some different models here in hive have identical or same animations??
    Why is it when i make the projectile art of a unit lightinig attack(the projectile missile of thunder lizard if im not mistaken), so i can make it attack with a chain lightning effect(like razor of dota), no lightning appears???
    Is there something that i have to do with that unit's property???

    another i tried to make ursa warrior's fury swipes skill, i used the skill of firelord, the incinerate if im not mistaken.. but it seems not to work because i put 100damage for every attack but it doesnt add up to the next damage... am i missing something???
    is there an event llike "when a unit auto-casts..."for skills like searing arrows, frost arrows...
    so the trigger will always do the actions as long as the skill is in auto-cast mode..
    another, is there a way that i can manipulate the damages of those skills,like the damage is based on the strength of the hero, im planning to do skills like that of obsidian destroyer in dota, his first skill if im not mistaken..
    now i get it.. but i did that but nothing happens... so turn t UMSWE in JNGP1.5d.. it works in that version of JNGP.
    i tried it but nothing changes.. :((
    but good thing UMSWE's edit tile pathability works already.. i think UMSWE's edit tile pathability is not working in JNGP1.5e, but in JNGP1.5d
    "Vrck 2 1"
    all i understand is the "Vrck" stands for village rock(id)
    but the "2" and "1" i cant understand what are those for...
    and i cant understand that table, i dont know how to refer to that.. can you pls give me a brief explanation???
    i read a forum where you said how to make Vrck unwalkable...

    it works for me, but whenever i make a new map with village tileset.. the Vrck is still unwalkable! and i dont know how to make it walkable again! i just cant understand the explaination about pathmapper in the grimtext folder in jngp...pls help..
    and also, when i open my other map with that tile, the units standing in that tiles were deleted!!
    pls pls pls... how to make it walkable again...
    Did you get my last pm? :p I sent you a damage system. If you would prefer another let me know. I can also send you nestharus's damage event system. :)
    Hey Berb! Remember me? :) well I have an issue with the display player damage code you gave me, I've updated some systems that rely on it and I'm not sure if that's the issue, but the damage is no longer registering. It stays at 0. I'm going to go ahead and give you a pm.
    Same for me, even if sometimes i use boolean, but i've only use the "parent" types so far, i wasn't aware about it.
    Even if i'm not directly concerned about it, it's still good to know.
    You know what, i'm also getting sicked of these struct extends array and module abuses used everywhere and anywhere.
    I've lost the fun with vJass, it's definitely finished for me.

    Now, i will still play around jass, like making a jass parser (which will for the worst and the best accept all stuff accepted by jass).
    But with some warnings, like when you use some native function in a global variable definition (such as GetLocalPlayer which crash wc3).

    And also probably my own fugly jass preprocessor.
    What i meant, is that i had never the need of such organisation. (i don't abuse modules)
    But well, that's probably because i hardly finish a map ...
    I won't try to argue more about it, but i honestly think that OOP doesn't fit that much in (v)Jass.
    Now, i obviously use some part of it, but most of time, if not always, i use triggers instead of function interfaces (when it makes sense for me).
    And so far i had almost no use of struct extends, neither interfaces.
    I suppose it's mostly a matter of taste.
    Btw i'm not only talking about how the jass code is generated, there also bugs.
    I can't tell you about them, as i don't use OOP that much in vJass, but it was with interfaces i think.
    Now if you care about it, i could still ask more with one friend of mine, even if he is not in the wc3 modding business actually.
    I understand your point of view.
    Though, to be honest OOP was not really well implanted in vJass, even Vexorian said it.

    Now, i'm agree that these struct array, module,... abuses are fugly, but i can understand that in some cases you use a trigger and conditions instead of .evaluate as an example.
    Not real a good reason to add more siliness, but jass itself is quite crazy.

    I personnaly don't use silly scripts, but yeah starters don't really have a choice.
    But that's the main problem with a community of amateurs instead of professionals (don't take me wrong i'm an amateur as almost the whole community), you don't have a real standard.
    That is also my feelings, but i guess we have also a part of childish, else this whole discussion would be made with pm (but i'm the guilty).

    Well, at least i learn new words when i'm reading Nestharus, as english is not my native language :p

    Btw, just for the sake of accuracy, Nestharus said me that he didn't knew i already made a player trade detection, that is possible since i requested to be graveyard on, and it was never accepted on (i like more Jesus4Lyf, but neither that much, anyway that is a really different story).

    So if you're reading this Nestharus, i just wish you will improve yourself.
    That's all the bad i'm wishing for you.
    Also even Nestharus is not that bad, he sometimes has good ideas, it's just the way how he expresses them which is bad.
    I personnaly don't like the guy by itself, but i don't consider him as the devil.
    Now, i'm not sure if his influence is better or worse than if he was not here (mass speedfreaks and such).
    Hmm, i'm not sure we can compare Bribe and Nestharus.
    Personnaly i have no use of the new Table, since if i need a 2d array, i simply use an hashtable, and for the rest i eventually edit my own custom Table for other Tables (boolean, real, whatever).
    Now, general members attitude sometimes get me in nerves, for example Anitarf know there is a known bug with SpellEvent but refuse to handle it, and instead just say "use a different spell based", which is pretty bad, because reduces the possibilities.
    It's also really hard to make them improving their resource (maybe related to pride), take TimerUtils as an example.
    So i can understand why these "improved" stuff pop out.

    Now i recognize that Bribe made an error by calling his library also Table, but he said later that he was wrong.
    Nestharus had a bad influence with him, but Bribe is not that bad.
    I agree with you, i've myself had the experience with the player trade detection, i'm quite sure he knew that i've already made it.
    I don't care that much, but that's just an example.
    He is never ojective with himself, and always bitch others resources and coders in general, while sometimes he do the same mistakes or even worse.
    He will never admit that one of his resource is useless, even if it's the case, unless he decided it himself in the first place.
    Well, i'm just glad that someone has the same feelings, i started to feel that i was the unique one.
    Now, there is no point to continue further, i just had to say it.
    Good to see that finally someone is bothering with Nestharus, i've abandonned to argue with him since a while.
    Okay, Thank you Berb, but why your avatar is not animated today?
    Gave will massage you.
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