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object editor

  1. kuilg

    [Spell] Order categories

    Some users are not familiar with triggers, like me, so they use the WE avoinding coding, just creating terrain, placing objects, importing or customizing in the Object Editor (OE). Nonetheless, the OE is not very clear in its reach, since there are many sort of useless fields, if not mysterious...
  2. Omduil

    Proper Art-Animation Parameters for Imported Models

    Hello people of the Hive. I was wondering if there is any easy way to line up the art animation parameters in the object editor (e.g. blend time, backswing, run speed) with an imported model's animations. Do these correspond to something I can view in say.. Magos' Editor? Is it something only...
  3. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    Is there a way to change object order in object editor? If not, is it possible to have different object names in-game than in object editor?

    I have a couple hundred custom units, and right now I have them organized by putting a few identifying letters in front of the name, and then sorting alphabetically. However, these letters also show up in the names in game, which is a problem. Is there a way to re-order objects without using...
  4. Lordliw

    [Spell] Explosion Spell

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a passive spell that when a unit (in this case abomination) dies, they explode and deal damage to enemy units. I saw some triggers for when a specific unit dies they do the kaboom spell, but this is not the case. I want it to be a custom spell and every...
  5. Cheshire

    [Solved] animation tags

    Hey, super noobish question here: I'm trying to get the spell animation for a certain spell for an imported model to be "spell alernate -1". no matter what I put in the line in the object editor, it doesn't seem to want to play it... is it case sensitive? do I need each word on a separate...
  6. DexterFstone

    learn skill

    why I can't learn the last skill in all heroes, What is problem?
  7. DexterFstone

    Item hide

    Is it possible to hide an item on the ground for a Special player And can another see it and pick it?
  8. newtype

    How to fix this

    Warcraft 3 Reforged
  9. Amy_Belms

    Object Editor Error

    I got an error in the object editor and I don't know what to do! Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. IvoryHellflames

    [General] Custom non-hd model no voices in HD mode

    Hello again. I prefer the HD models and playing in hd but, many amazing models are still the good old non-hd (sd?) and several great model editors seem to prefer just working with the old version(s) and I do want to use them too, but in hd mode these models sadly lose their voice. I tried to...
  11. bruunk

    Negative "Art - Pitch angle (Degrees)" field

    I was looking at this great tutorial here about manipulating special effects and I really wanted to implement one of these things into my map. The instructions are simple and I followed them but it simply did nothing. I was wondering if I was missing something or perhaps if this is no longer...
  12. Ricola3D

    Language - Object editor still not in enUS

    Hello, Like everybody who is still playing TFT (not Reforged), I switched from old patch 1.31 to 1.32. With the new way Warcraft III & World Editor launch (from Bnet launcher), it reverted to French on my computer (because this is my OS language). So I tried to change to enUS again, by editing...
  13. zxxzyyz

    Edit all unit's property at once

    is there a way to edit all standard unit's property at once by any chance? I think there could be one. I would like make all units' name, armor type, attack type, etc.. to one specific value. I could not find standard units in war3map.w3u file.
  14. BrothForMyPeople

    Unstable Concoction not resulting in death. Possible?

    Is it possible to edit this ability in the way it doesn't end up with your unit's death? I mean, it just approaches the enemy, deals bonus damage and that's all.
  15. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Adding a special effect to an invisible dummy unit?

    Hi all, I recently read somewhere that it's possible to use the same dummy for all of one's custom abilities. In the past, I've been making a new unit with a different model every time, but this would definitely be preferable, as the former clutters up my unit palette. I'm running into a...
  16. stalkerfox

    Merge object data

    Helllllllooooooooooou everyone! first than anything i would like to thank anybody taking their time to awnser my question. and i know mostly will be a ''nope'' but perhaps i'm wrong! anyway... is there any way to MERGE the object data from 2 maps? to summarize. i made 2 customs heros (shit tons...
  17. IgneousRed

    [General] Need different attack missile for attacking ally

    I am creating a mage that heals allied units by attacking them. I know how to implement it trigger-wise, but is there a way to change the model of the attack missile object editor-wise? Response highly valued :)
  18. Voljin

    Object Editor not working with siege engine

    Hello Hive, I recently downgraded from patch 1.31 because it was just not agreeing with my system. I couldn't import models, access mpq files, or use game cache, and that was a no for me. Recently though, I tried using object editor on an old map and for some reason I cannot modify the siege...
  19. BradPittlord

    Phoenix Fire

    I'm using Phoenix fire as a hero ability; I disabled dummy buttons and triggers for testing. I also have duration set to 0.01 For some reason when I level up the skill the attack cooldown still remains as it was at level 1. Ex. Level 1 Cooldown 10.00 Level 2 Cooldown .25 At level 2 he...
  20. EarthWormJimmy

    [Solved] 2 Questions

    1. Giving a unit the auto attack ability annhilation. Want to give it the lightning attack animation. If I add Lightning attack string to the Lightning Effects art it doesn't work. However when I give the unit itself lightning attack the animation will show. 2. How do I organize custom unit's...
  21. deepstrasz

    [Import] 1.29.2 object editor data on newer patches

    Hey, is there a way to have all my object editor data kept by the manner of exporting and importing it? Say, I'll not use Latest (Melee Patch) but Custom TfT 1.07 (the stable/standard version?) but first export all object data of 1.29.2 and then import it over the 1.07 version (once the map is...
  22. JackAcorda


    I have set my each of my unit's priority as follows: Archer = 15 Soldier = 15 Hero = 5 However, the archer and soldier is attacking the hero first even if the hero is late to enter the battlefield. Am I doing something wrong? Should the priority of the Hero be higher than the others so that the...
  23. necro-mage14

    Need a Someone good in english

    Hello guys, I need some one know english and warcraft lore because I need him to give me a good and unique names for some custom units and heroes I will create for my project for now this the list of my custom Units: CUSTOM UNITS[/COLOR]"] more will come soon....
  24. kirimura123

    [General] how to use <Ahbh,Data1> on description?

    so at object editor, you know some kind of <Ahbh,Data1>, etc. so i tried make an ability and i use that <Ahbh> in the description, its a custom ability based on Bash, however the Description in-game value not like in the world editor, like this for example: you make a bash ability, with a 5%...
  25. Ragnar9

    Object Help

    When I create a custom doodad like an archway or a spell and it gives me the Object ID " D000" for example. what does that mean? do I need to remember it for later use?
  26. Cokemonkey11

    [General] Level-skip requirement screwed up

    Hi, I have a strange situation. My gameplay constants are set correctly to "2" for level-skip requirement. My abilities also are also with standard level-skip requirements. Strangely, the first two levels of abilities seem to have no skip requirements! So I can do level 1: ability A level...
  27. Toby_lRonne

    Substituting values in object data

    Substituting, transposing. There is probably a technical vernacular for what I am describing, but I'm new to the WC3 modding scene. It is done a few times with some abilities. E.g. this from ANav — Avatar (Neutral) Ubertip Activate Avatar to give Lord Garithos <ANav,DataA1> bonus armor...
  28. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Is It normal? (yes it was)

    Hello This is a question about the editor The editor just freezes a moment when changing some entries in the object editor (more specifically the units´ fields) For example changing the [TEXT - NAME] makes the program reload a bit the unit Then it works perfectly My questions are Is it normal...
  29. PrinceOfThaWest

    Object Editor issues

    There seems to be an issue with Object Editor in World Editor where I cannot see custom units (for techtree) and custom upgrades for units to use when I want to add them up. Anyone experiencing this or is it just my Editor playing some random tricks? As you can see on the pictures above...
  30. CAAentertainment

    [Solved] 'Defense Type Change' Upgrade + Damage

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a map update to my most roleplay popular map online on Battle.net. Currently, I'm trying to make an Upgrade/Research to one of the units that applies a Defense Type Change and also an attack damage bonus. I've scoured the net, and there are no answers to...
  31. Adorm

    How do you give a building a multi-attack? (Risk/GREECE Style)

    Hey Guys, Here once again seeking wisdom, I've run into a predicament where as I'm trying to develop my Map (Which is similar in nature to Risk, Greece, Lords Of Europe, and so forth) I'm having difficulties in trying to determine how to allow my buildings, which will need to be captured...
  32. Adorm

    [Solved] Limiting Unit Construction based on Player Color

    Hey Guys, Is there a way to limit unit construction based on player color? Preferably not through triggers but rather through the Object Editor? Similar to how in some Maps such as Greece you have Special Unit upgrades depending on faction, yet are built in the same building. Or is this not...
  33. Dreacon

    Vulcano ability mechanics

    I am trying to make a custom ability based on Firelord's Volcano ability but for some reason, I can't get rid of the original model and its animations. Model and animations are specified in the Buffs/Effects tab of Object Editor, in the Special\Effect folder, in the Volcano (Effect) object, in...
  34. R

    The Destruction of Object Editor

    Hi Guys, This is a freaking serious problem.... What is going on here Wt* Building Reduction -_- OMG DETECTION TYPE .-.