Merge object data

Level 1
Nov 3, 2018
Helllllllooooooooooou everyone! first than anything i would like to thank anybody taking their time to awnser my question. and i know mostly will be a ''nope'' but perhaps i'm wrong!
anyway... is there any way to MERGE the object data from 2 maps?
to summarize. i made 2 customs heros (shit tons of triggers) and each one of them has about 30 spells basically i use them for melee maps (mostly) the thing is that i have a modified melee map and i would like to import those heroes WITHOUT actually replacing everything inside.
sometimes i take old maps from 2011 like hero sieges or hero's defense maps and put those heroes into the map for fun (me and my wife play alone on lan , i don't even host those)

now that you know why i want to do it.. is there any way to merge object data without replacing one? also sorry if my post seems like a bloody wall of boring text.